Communion at One O’Clock

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by D’vorah Elias

The Institute of Living was founded in 1823 and since that time, thousands of patients have sought healing there. D’vorah Elias was one of those patients. She entered the hospital in the summer of 1989 and spent a year there under the care and nurturing of Dr. William Joughin, a psychiatrist who specialized in patients with her diagnosis: Borderline Personality Disorder.
At that time, BPD was considered by the vast majority of psychiatrists as being incurable. It was certainly seen as being extremely difficult to treat. But, during the course of a year-long treatment regimen, Dr. Joughin and D’vorah began to unravel the secrets of her deep-seated pscyhological problems. The year was itself fraught with great drama but, in the end, both patient and doctor emerged much better off for it.

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