Come Home To Your Body

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By Pam Free



The changes in the world are speeding up.

Are you feeling as if your life is out of control?

Have you lost the connection between your body, mind, and Spirit along life’s busy path?

If we attempt to go through the huge planetary transformation that is happening right now from the space of the mind, we may lose our precarious balance, and drop some of the balls we are keeping in the air. Connecting to our body and Spirit is the only way we can navigate the changes ahead with peace and joy.

As you moved into your middle years, you may have begun searching for a way to heal the imbalance you feel in your life. But perhaps you don’t know what that process involves—or even how to get started.

Come Home to Your Body – Revised for Women Over 50 is a workbook that will guide you through the process of raising your body awareness and reconnecting with your Spirit—through simple movements that you can do anywhere without any equipment.

You will learn easy, yet profound, exercises that will help you:

Feel the vibrant dance of energy running through you at every moment.
Stay centered in inner peace and power, even during stressful, hectic times.
Release blocks to your energy flow and prevent chronic pain by becoming aware of your body’s changing comfort levels.
Move freely your entire life, whatever your age.
Regain your birthright of an organic connection with your Spirit and inner wisdom.
Make good choices from an integration of body, mind and Spirit.
Move into healing and self-love and create your life from this space.

This will work better than any anti-aging pill or elixir on the market. You can move into the new future we have ahead in a body/mind/Spirit that are all working together. You can discover potentials that we have never yet explored in a human body. It is a time of transformation.

Women over 50 are moving into the space of wisdom and it will take the unique skills and talents of every one of us to turn this world in a more positive direction. The collective inspiration of the feminine is necessary now and it is time to step forward to share our knowledge on how to connect and how to heal. For that we must first heal ourselves by restoring our connection to our own body, Inner Wisdom and Spirit.

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