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By Heather Fleener

In the beginning…there were Vampire

Man’s fall from grace sparked the birth of the Dark creatures from the
underworld. To counter the explicit threat to mankind, divinely-created
immortals were brought forth. The Witch encompassed seven Castes of power;
their magic was most effective against the nefarious agenda pursued by the evil

She is Chosen

Kaitriana’s gift of magic is unrivaled. A descendant of the most powerful
Ancient in existence, her birth was foretold ages before her time. Destined to
lead the Witch faction, she is betrayed by her own kind, destroying her
birthright and all hope of delivering the Realm from the sinister shadow of the
Ancient Dark.

He is the Key

Lorcan is a mighty warlord in the Vampire species. His animosity towards the
magical immortals is personal – his mother was their Queen. Having long since
severed all ties with his former kin, his existence remains plagued by the
repercussions of her treachery and a secret that threatens to be his downfall.

They are the Prophecy

An arcane prophecy from the time of the Ancients proclaims that only two in all
of creation can bring peace to the Realm. When Kaitriana miraculously appears
seeking his protection, Lorcan must forsake his duty and disregard the dictates
of his breed to shelter the female. Together they must combat the Ancient Dark
and surmount the forces within their own factions that would oppose the
Prophecy. Their fates have always been entwined and only when joined can they triumph
over a blood feud
that has shadowed the Light for millennia.

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