Children of the Tide

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By Theo Shapiro

Children of the Tide is a short anthology of stories about different creatures of the sea. In each of these stories a unique sea creature faces some daunting task. Some are looking for a way to fit in in its community, some are looking for adventure or a new life, others are looking for a purpose, and some are looking forward to the end. This book shows that even though the ocean is so vast and still one of the greatest mysteries, even the smallest fish can leave a lasting impact on other creatures. The book is inspired by real life sea creatures. Each story contains elements of truth about the nature of these beautiful creatures of the deep.
The stories begin with a mysterious predator that doesn’t have the aggression that others of its kind had. It doesn’t fit in and fears it will never live up to the high standards its father has for it. When an unlikely associate takes this creature on a trip it may find out there is something it has been missing its entire life.
Then a jellyfish wants more than just to float around and finds a unique friend. The jellyfish is sick of the same routine day after day and wants to break its monotonous routine. When the jellyfish goes off in search of adventure it may have taken off on a search that will reveal something the jellyfish never realized. The question is will the jellyfish survive to make live out its realization?
A small puffer fish goes on an adventure hoping to find there’s more inside than just air. Scared of everything this little fish can hardly swim a couple feet without expanding to the size of a balloon. When presented with a chance to impress one of the most popular fish at school the puffer fish volunteers to go explore a wrecked ship. On the adventure the puffer fish will be tested like it never had been before and must quickly find the courage inside that none believe exist.
A strange eel looks for a new challenge and goes to the unknown. The eel does not enjoy the aggressive, stuck up, and grumpy lifestyle of a typical moray eel. Instead this eel has the curiosity of a cat and wishes to find what lies out in the ocean. The eel leaves its family and home to explore the ocean. While exploring the eel meets a young fish that may lead the eel to its greatest adventure.
An octopus spent most of its entire life on its own fending for itself. Then the octopus finds itself in a dangerous situation and must rely on the help of another. Still unwilling to rely on others the octopus continues on its own, but problems and dangers continue to present themselves in its life. As much as the octopus tries to refuse accepting any help, it might have to accept another’s help.
Finally, a man seeks out his greatest passion on a scuba diving trip. He is on his honeymoon in Hawaii and has several dives plan. A problem occurs when the dive trips are forced to be canceled. Unwilling to miss the dive of his dreams the man hires the help of a shady boat captain to take him out on a dive. The man sneaks away from his wife to go on this dive, but there is more than just a typical dive waiting for him on this exploration.
Each story shows a connection between the creatures. Filled with adventure and a thirst for the unknown each creature will find something inside itself that it never knew. The question is if this is something will be something that the sea creature will be happy to learn or will it be something that leads to a fate they never dreamed.

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