Champions are Born Losers are Made PLUS Bonus Section: The Inner Secrets of Leadership

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By John Di Lemme

You were born a Champion, and your birth certificate gives you the absolutely right to live a Champion life! In this book, John Di Lemme reveals how to rip off the label that society put on you and live the Champion life that you deserve. John takes you step by step on how you can regain your Champion mindset and change your life forever.

This is what two of John’s students said about this book:

“This book teaches us that everyone is born a Champion! On our birthday, we begin our path to living a Champion life. Losers are made through negative influences in life that prevent you from achieving your dreams and finding your Why in life. The wisdom inside this book emphasizes the difference between Champions and Losers, and how making the right decisions will determine where you will end up. I am a Champion!” – Doug Weber, Florida

“Champions are Born, Losers are Made is split into two compelling sections. The first speaks about how habits make or break you. Losers have habits just like Champions, but Champion habits are the complete opposite of Losers habits. You will learn which habits ultimately lead to success. The second half of this book outlines the characteristics of a true leader. I have uncovered the Champion leader inside of me and developed habits that catapulted my level of success.” – John Adolfi, New York

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