Casanova Cowboy

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By Lisa Loomis

A contemporary romance novel. When Morgan Mallory steals her boyfriends car and crashes it into a telephone pole she comes to the realization that somethings got to change. This decision puts her on a path where she meets Ryan Walker, a local urban cowboy. Their relationship is filled with twists and turns and self-discovery.
Morgan Mallory’s choices haven’t always been good ones. The day she steals her boyfriend’s car, in an act of revenge, turns out to be one of her worst. The event sets in motion her realization that something big has got to change. Despite her strength and sassiness she’s at a crossroads, struggling to understand herself, her relationships, and the meaning of love.

Ryan, a local mild mannered urban cowboy type, befriends her. As he deals with finding his own way in life an unconventional friendship develops. The twisting, turning path they go down together will forever change Morgan’s life.

This is not a western romance novel but a contemporary modern day romance which includes the untidiness of the human condition.

Standalone or sequel to “BOY IN A BAND”, Prequel “RACING THROUGH CORNFIELDS”

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goodlife guide

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