Cancer – Its Origin, Prevention & Possible Healing

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This is a rare book, practical & full of commonsense, especially on a subject that bewilders even the experts.

Have we seriously asked why the body produces “scary” symptoms in the very first place? The author believes that we have not.

Diagnosed with a dangerous condition 50 years ago, Ray Kent has suffered through all the ignorance and unraveled the mystery of disease. From a veteran to a highly flyer in Toronto, Ray turns into an accidental health educator as he helped himself reverse his dying condition. He founded Our Place International over 50 years ago, and has since helped thousands of people all over the world become independently healthy.

What he has to say is so simple yet so profound. And he reminds us that what he says is not new, we instinctively knew it already. There is indeed nothing new under the sun, and we need not go to medical school to reclaim our health.

This book is an absolute must read in our pursuit to true health.

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