Building the Gigabit City

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By Craig Settles

Building the Gigabit City helps rural and urban communities:

1) determine what super-fast broadband can and cannot do to benefit your constituents;
2) do effective needs analysis;
3) select a business and funding model to meet your needs; and
4) plan effective broadband strategy.

This book doesn’t give you all the answers, it helps you ask the right questions so you create the best solution Less

Superfast broadband significantly boosts local economies, transforms education, improves healthcare delivery and increases local government efficiency. Building the Gigabit City helps you ask the right questions so you can do the same for your constituents.

Pulling valuable lessons from many of the 340 communities with successful broadband networks, this multimedia guide overflows with practical advice. Building the Gigabit City, produced in partnership with Gigabit Squared, helps rural and urban communities:

1) ignore the hype surrounding gigabit networks;
2) understand what super-fast access can and cannot do for your community;
3) conduct effective needs assessment; and
4) plan effective broadband strategy.

Success breeds success. Community leaders and project teams running successful broadband projects inform and motivate readers with insights on planning, funding, building, operating and marketing highspeed Internet access and services. U.S. communities from coast to coast are interviewed.

From a multimedia array of interviews, panel discussions, keynote presentations and first-hand experience, readers pick up valuable insights on:

* nine possible community broadband business models;
* six options for funding community broadband;
* building consensus among stakeholders;
* cultivating effective partnerships;
* overcoming or proactively addressing political adversity; and
* creating winning broadband strategies.

Building the Gigabit City is broadband industry analyst Craig Settles’ first e-book. For over 25 years his workshops and consulting services have helped organizations worldwide use technology to cut costs, improve operations and increase revenue. Numerous books, blog and in-depth analysis reports have established Mr. Settles as a prominent thought leader on executing broadband strategies. He currently hosts Gigabit Nation, a weekly Internet radio talk show.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at .

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