Broken Vessels (volume 2 of Jars of Clay)

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By Shellie M. Saunders

Broken Vessels Approaches Tough Topics With Shocking Honesty

Family and friends revere Trinity Porter’s ambition, independence and good reputation. By all outward appearances, twenty-seven-year-old Trinity has everything figured out. In reality, she’s spent years hiding behind a façade. Her guise starts to crumble when she bumps into Tony, a former friend who betrayed her. As Trinity and Tony continue to cross paths, she is forced to face the secret she’s kept from everyone. To make matters worse, Trinity is losing patience with her family’s tendency to ignore its own issues–especially when it comes to her brother’s untimely death. For the first time ever, Trinity is losing control. With her world turned upside down, she questions her faith and must make a decision. Will Trinity get out of God’s way or continue to do things her way?

You’ll Fall in Love With the Characters

Broken Vessels exposes Trinity’s struggle to realize that her past does not define who she is. You will fall in love with Trinity’s sarcastic wit, sensibility and hidden vulnerability. This novel is for anyone who has grappled with betrayal, acceptance or forgiveness.


“Broken Vessels is a work of pure love. Sharing her deep principles about family, personal courage and self-respect, Saunders’ work reveals her understanding of the challenges faced by so many of us. Writing with passion and humor, Saunders takes us on one woman’s journey from betrayal to self-awareness, while reflecting on the importance of family, friendship and faith. You will love this book!”

–Heather Neff, author of Leila: The Weighted Silence of Memory


“Broken Vessels reads with a communal reality that touches the very core of most families. The emotional depth that Saunders displays will have you searching inwardly. Excellent!”

–Dr. Tyrone B. Martin, Pastor/Teacher, Greater Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church

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