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By Amber Grady

Discover a new and empowered way of living. Create a brilliant life filled with passion and purpose, a life that flows with an ease and serenity you never thought possible.

Author Amber Grady, professional spiritual teacher and healer, has guided thousands of clients in transformational journeys to exhilarating lives of joy and authenticity. Now she shares her secrets of a breakthrough that is both profound and freeing. For Grady gives you the tools to unleash the infinite power of your authentic core.

What is our authentic core?

It is our true self. It is the essential wisdom that we each carry deep within us that will illuminate the path to a brilliant life if we only learn to tap into it.

You have probably experienced flashes of your own authentic core. When you feel worried or second-guess yourself, isn’t there often, somewhere deep inside, a soft voice telling you that you know the right thing to do? When you disregard this internal calling you distance yourself from truly realizing the fullness of a life lived authentically.

Over a lifetime, you have likely developed protective mechanisms to deal with situations you weren’t equipped to deal with. These defenses that once took care of you may have developed into habits that no longer serve your best interests. When this is the case, you block your authentic core, and the radiance of who you are begins to fade. But when you learn to let go of your old ways and access your authentic core, you tap into an energy that will propel you to realize your every life goal.

In her book, “Brilliance: Unleash the Power of Your Authentic Core,” Grady shares both inspirational and practical wisdom that will empower you to:

Discover and access your own authentic core

Master life skills practiced by all authentic core individuals; and

Take conscious responsibility for your ultimate destiny

Channel its energy to create a brilliant life

With Grady you will master a wealth of original tools for turning insights into action. You will learn:

To recognize critical choice points in your life

The role of spirals and how to drive them

The transformational power of honest self-assessment

The difference between self-care and selfishness

What you are—and are not—responsible for

To respond rather than react

To recognize and navigate triangles, hot potatoes, secrets, and family patterns

The power to say no, be assertive, set boundaries and draw the line

Grady’s approachable style and up-lifting tone reflect her genuine passion to inspire millions to a better life. She motivates with true-life stories, many her own, that illustrate the truth and potency of the authentic core process. Her book is filled with practical advice and step-by-step directions so that you can begin your journey this very day.

It’s time to be the source of your own true brilliance and learn to live through the clarity of your own authentic core. Amber Grady leads the way.

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