Body Sobriety: Liberate Yourself From Addiction

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By Lori Miller

“Body Sobriety” delivers an eye-opening approach to overcoming addiction. This book is an excellent resource for any type of addiction and allows addicts to start their recovery at home by teaching readers how to free themselves from a stress posture and eliminate their body’s destructive patterns. This re-education process leads to a calm, clear mind which enables readers to achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Readers are taken on a journey through the body and its connection to the mind. With its hopeful and upbeat tone and straightforward and clear approach, the book provides a step-by-step program that lays the foundation for well-being. The author educates the reader about addictive physiology, healing, physical exercise, breath work and nutrition and gives readers the tools for a healthier, happier, sober lifestyle. The exercise chapter is filled with helpful pictures and easy-to-read instructions for the 33-minute recovery routine.

The author, Dr. Lori D. Miller, has worked with the body for the past two decades and has uncovered the link between the body and addiction which led to the development of the Body Sobriety Program.

Also, “Body Sobriety” includes a collection of personal stories that breathe life into the book, demonstrate the effectiveness of the program and encourages readers to take action.
The author’s enthusiasm for the topic is obvious, and she gives readers a sense that she understands them and that she can lead them out of the chaos of addiction.

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