Blue Hours

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By Lillian Ann Slugoki

“Is this the way the world ends?”
Once passionate lovers, their relationship launched on the buoyant tide of youth, sex, and endless possibility, Eva and her husband have entered a strange and barren country. A decade later, as the marriage has turned cold and her husband begins an affair with a beautiful younger woman, Eva embarks on a series of passionate one-night stands of her own, both mystified and exhilarated by her reckless behavior. As the days grow shorter, she and her husband come together and grow apart, until her mother’s illness draws her home, to the place where her youthful sexuality first burgeoned, wild and threatening. As she reflects on the mysterious ways that love and sex are intertwined, meditations composed during the strange and languid hours of early morning, she comes to understand the sources of her passion and possibly to imagine a way forward, as neither wife nor daughter but a woman confident in her own desires.
By turns witty, explicit, and elegiac, The Blue Hours gives voice to hidden currents of female desire that readers will recognize as deeply felt but often unspoken.

From the reviews of the author’s last book, The Erotica Project by Lillian Ann Slugocki and Erin Cressida Wilson

“Poised between a pornographic pajama party and The Vagina Monologues….celebrates female sexuality in a series of guilt-free, exuberant fantasies.”– Time Out London

“Excellent…sexual…a titillation.” – The New York Times
“The theatrical equivalent of conference phone sex…the latest and boldest in the take-charge age of female sexuality.” – New York Newsday

“Anyone who thought Sex and the City was upfront will blush at these stories …Tough-minded and impressively supple.” – The Sunday Times (London)
“Belongs somewhere between the red-light district and Broadway.” – Time Out New York

“Not only on target, it redefines the target….Slugocki-Wilson & Co are determined to empower female heterosexual desire, making up for centuries of silence.” – Art in America

“In an age when desire is in danger of becoming just another source of anxiety, it’s nice to sit back with a friend and listen to the old-fashioned sounds of hushed pleas and wicked groans.” – The Village Voice

About the Author
Lillian Ann Slugocki has created an award-winning body of work on women and sexuality, including fiction, non-fiction, plays, and monologues that have appeared Off-Broadway, on NPR and WBAI radio, and online at,, and Her work has been reviewed in The New York Times, The Village Voice, The New Yorker, The Daily News, The New York Post, Time Out, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, and The Sunday Times of London and her short erotic fiction has been widely anthologized. Her award-winning anthology, The Erotica Project, written in collaboration with Erin Cressida Wilson, was produced Off-Broadway at Joe’s Pub/The New York Shakespeare Festival, and later staged in San Francisco, Seattle, Charlottesville, and London.

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