Bloom Girl Bloom

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By Jan Miesse

jan miesse is an acclaimed speaker, mentor, and now, author, with her new breakout book, bloom girl bloom. in writing bloom girl bloom, jan has conversed with women around the world about their aspirations, their hopes and dreams and how they are influenced by life choices and experiences. follow Jan’s easy to learn concepts and you will pick yourself up from the ordinary, become extraordinary, and bloom girl bloom.
jan is an astute businesswoman, having owned several businesses and has served on leadership boards of numerous organizations.
“author, Jan Miesse’ marvelous new book for women, bloom girl bloom, is one read you don’t want to miss. jan’s straight forward writing style provides an excellent roadmap on how you can get the most out of life and bloom girl bloom.” Richard Sand, author and speaker.
“i read jan miesse’ bloom girl bloom in one sitting. inspirational, uplifting and motivational were a few words that came to mind. but, the book is much more than that. it helps the reader to deal with life’s ups and downs and become a more productive, confident woman.” rowena sheers, singer


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