Bending Towards the Light

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By Rachel and Givandra (Channeled by Ben Gunn)

Extracts of Reviews for Rachel and Givandra’s book
On Eagle’s Wings Vol.2: ‘Their manner is quite often light-hearted and a touch mischievous, however their concerns are always of a serious nature. Peppered throughout their discourses are simple exercises designed to put into practice the concepts brought forth.’

‘I found Bending Towards Light a delightful read and one which I am constantly tempted to return to. It’s the type of book that you can open on any page and start reading.’

Southern Crossings: ‘The contents of Rachel and Givandra’s book are designed to initiate practical basic changes in your life.’

The Planet: ‘A collection of letters that provide interesting and insightful reading.’

Some quotes from Rachel and Givandra:

‘You are on earth for primarily a self-exploration. The earth IS a reflection of you, and you are the earth’s reflection too. We cannot hope to evolve unless we first study this reflection and understand its manifestations

‘The need for love is the need to belong to the whole. So belong to the whole and you will never feel that you are alone.’

‘The old ways are seen to be redundant, and the search is now under way for new tributaries to discover. This writing is one such tributary, as indeed there are many others, but it is your voyage entirely and you should not be concerned about its origins so much, as to how is the work of use to you? Has it a structure which resonates within myself at this point?’
Rachel and Givandra

Ben Gunn has been channelling Rachel and Givandra’s thoughts since 1989.)

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