Be Careful What You Pray For!

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By Elder William Brooks

A Pastor’s prayer for a supernatural vision, answered by God in a terrifying way. By a visit to Heaven via the final Hell (The Lake of Fire!)
Be Careful What You Pray For! Is not an instructional book on how to pray, but rather a book about the greatness of God the Father, to whom we pray. It is about his loving character and awesome demonstration of power, visible and invisible tat he may show in granting us our desired requests. It is about understanding Satan, the greatest identity thief there is and his attempt to distort God’s original identity and plan for his people through lies and deceit.
This book is about a minister that pastor-ed for 20 years, but who struggled through life with fear and insecurities from childhood. Until one day at the age of 53, by praying a simple sentence prayer found himself in the supernatural realm. This spiritual vision took him form the face of Satan and eternal damnation (lake of fire) into the very presence of god and of the Lord Jesus Christ, in heaven. Where the powerful words of God, Himself claimed his liberation and revived his spirit.

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goodlife guide

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