Bank of Terror

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By Jack Gresham

How can one walk away from a culture ingrained with a single objective over hundreds of years and settle in a new land, to be conformed to a way of life that is foreign and intolerant of beliefs that are held dear and sacred? Muslim Afghan refugees come to America as young children and grow up conforming to societal demands until one day, early middle age, they respond to the call to jihad. Less
Book One, Bank of Terror, is framed in our present time line that ventures into a fictional future. In 1980, half way around the world from each other, Mohammed, Marsha Phillips, and Michael Finnerty begin life in unusual circumstances. They will be mixed in an international terrorist plot in 2013.
Mohammed’s followers steadily grow during the early years of his international promotion of a peaceful jihad. Many who follow him do so out of convictions similar to his own, but there are those who come along for the ride with the hope of someday converting him to a war of terror for the cause of jihad.
Such were the aspirations of an American terrorist cell who sent him the funds robbed from the New York Federal Reserve Bank under threat of a nuclear bomb planted in Washington D.C. Mohammed strives to find a way to return the stolen funds without betraying the trust of his Muslim brothers.

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