Autism & the Grandparent Connection

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by Jennifer Krumins

Finally a book for Grandparents! Autism and the Grandparent Connection provides strength, support and stability to families when they need it most. It answers important questions:

> What is Autism and how does it affect my grandchild?

> What role should I play?

> What is Asperger’s Syndrome?

> How do I help without interfering?

> How can I cope with meltdowns?

> How should I play with my grandchild?

> What treatments are available?

> What will the future bring for my grandchild?

For many parents and grandparents a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is a jolt into a new and largely unknown world. One thing is for certain, parents of children with autism need support … a lot of support. The role of grandparents cannot be overstated. As a grandparent, your ability to embrace your grandchild and support his or her parents is perhaps the essential gift you can offer your family. For parents facing the challenges of raising a child with autism, the burden is emotional, physical, financial and social. Parents need family to help them with the responsibility.

Grandparents have the power to make life more manageable for children and grandchildren. Grandparents have the potential to enhance the whole family’s ability to cope and to build a beautiful relationship with a grandchild. Filled with practical information, this book will undoubtedly give you practical, down to earth, and current information about autism spectrum disorder. Packed with tools you need to understand your grandchild’s needs, develop stronger relationships and empower you to be the best grandparent you can be to your grandchild with autism.

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