Authors Give Back Sale Extended to May 31

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By Mark Coker

Readers are rediscovering the joys of ebooks.

We began this special Authors Give Back sale March 20. It was originally scheduled to end this coming Monday, April 20. Based on the positive feedback we’ve received from participating authors, and the continued need of readers to access high-quality, affordably priced ebooks, we’re extending the sale through May 31.

We invite you to join the promotion by enrolling one or more books at

It’s our hope that your books might brighten a reader’s day during these otherwise troubled times.

Books are powerful. They hold the power to entertain, inspire, inform and heal. They offer safe harbor to readers in need of comfort, escape, hope, and a smile. With the calamitous economic impact and job losses associated with Covid-19, indie ebooks are are more appealing than ever to budget-minded readers.

There are three discount levels at which you can enroll a book: 30%-off, 60%-off, and free. As always, there’s a bulk enrollment option if you want to enroll all your books at once.

We invite you to join with thousands of other authors already participating in this sale who are trying to use the power of their written words to lift the spirits of fellow readers around the globe.

If you join the sale, we ask that you do so with heart, compassion and sensitivity. Before promoting your participation or a particular title, ask yourself, “How can my book(s) brighten a reader’s day?” Let that message drive your marketing.

Consider offering readers something special that you’ve never offered before. Maybe it’s a special discount on a book that you’ve never placed on sale before. Or maybe it’s a fantastic discount – or even a title priced at free for a limited time – that makes it easier for readers to say yes to your special offer.

To enroll your books now, visit the Smashwords home page or click to this direct enrollment link.

Please help spread the word with your author friends!

Last chance to register for Smashwords Author Education Day April 18
Writers conferences everywhere are being canceled or postponed. Here at Smashwords, weeks ago we made the decision to cease all physical appearances at conferences until there’s a vaccine.

Yet an indie author’s need for continuing education never ends.

To help new and veteran authors alike who are looking for fresh ideas to take their ebook publishing to the next level, Smashwords is planning a special one-day online author education day for this Saturday, April 18.

If you haven’t yet registered for this free online event, this is your last chance.

We’ll teach proven tips, tricks and strategies to make your books more visible, desirable and enjoyable to readers. We focus on evergreen best practices. These are the foundational best practices upon which you will build long term success as a writer and publisher.

If you’ve never experienced a Smashwords workshop face to face, this is the next best thing.

To view the day’s full schedule and access the registration link, please visit

Registered attendees will have full access to the following four one-hour workshops, presented live by Smashwords marketing director Jim Azevedo. Each presentation will be followed by at least 15 minutes of interactive Q&A and a 15 minute break between sessions.

Smashwords Author Education Day Schedule
April 18, 2020
10:00am Pacific – 4:00pm Pacific
10:00-11:15am – 10 Trends Driving the Future of Publishing (for beginners, intermediates, experts) This presentation identifies the top trends influencing your future as a publisher of indie ebooks. You’ll learn how to navigate these trends to build a successful career as an indie ebook author and publisher.
11:15-11:30am – break
11:30-12:45pm – Introduction to eBook Publishing (beginners to intermediate) If you’re just getting started with ebook publishing, this introductory session will set you on the right path. Learn why there’s never been a better time to publish ebooks. We’ll share a step-by-step checklist of how to quickly publish your ebook with minimal cost or hassle. And then don’t miss the next session, which builds upon this one!
12:45-1:00 pm – break
1:00-2:15pm – The Sixteen Secrets of Ebook Publishing Success (intermediate to advanced) Throughout the years, this has been the perennial favorite of new and experienced authors alike. Jim will share sixteen proven best practices for improving the visibility, desirability and sales of indie ebooks. Learn fresh ideas that you can apply immediately to improve the effectiveness of your book marketing strategy. Learn multiple “set-and-forget” strategies for placing your marketing on autopilot so you can spend more time writing and less time on the nonessentials.
2:15-2:30pm – break
2:30-3:45pm – The Book Launch: Preorders and Presales Learn how to make your next book launch more successful with ebook preorders and presales. Preorders and presales serve different roles, yet each tool is critically important to your long term success. Preorders enable readers to reserve a copy of your upcoming release up to 12 months before release. Learn why books that are released as preorders sell significantly more copies than those that are not, and learn how to put this powerful tool to use. Presales are a new best practice that enable select readers to purchase your new upcoming book earlier than the general public. Presales help turn fans into superfans, and are one of the best kept secrets for growing your private mailing list between releases. Learn effective strategies to put both preorders and presales to use for your next launch!
More information at


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