Australian Self-Publishing Group Competition

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Unpublished or Self Published manuscript/book Competition.

What we will give as a prize.


  • Royalty Based Industry standard contract.
  • Unique Front Cover design
  • Unique Back Cover Design
  • Typesetting & Layout
  • 2 proof books for legal deposit.
  • eBook PDF internet
  • eBook inDesign convert to ePub
  • Legal Deposit National Library
  • ISBN, CIP & Barcode
  • Author own page on our website
  • 10 free printed books sent to author.

Distribution/ Marketing.

  • Distribution to Major Australian book Store chain
  • Distribution to online book shops
  • Listed on Titlepage and Onix (APA)
  • Global books in print. (worldwide).
  • Submit a local press release
  • Distribution to Google Books and Google eBooks
  • POD distribution Royalty based Internet
  • Distribution to Amazon via
  • Book displayed London Book Fair (seek UK, USA distributor)

Digital Marketing

  • Ezine promotions set up
  • aWeber account set up (auto responders for website)
  • PayPal account set up for royalty payments
  • Clickbank set up (Self help and How to books only).
  • Business Facebook page created
  • Blog wordpress
  • Sales Website built.

Australian Self Publishing Group will accept entries for the 2011 ACT  region, South coast writers region NSW, Wagga Wagga/riverina, Albury and Orange region. The prize is for an unpublished or Self Published Non-fiction and Fiction manuscript of 25,000-100000 words.

The winning manuscript will be published by Australian Self Publishing Group, and the author will receive a publishing prize valued at $11,000 plus $200 cash.

There is a no limit per author but each book must be on a new entry form.

Previous published authors are eligible to enter this competition, if the book is not under contract to another publisher.

There is an entry fee of $40.

The manuscript/ book must be written in English and be an original nonfiction or fiction work intended for an adult readership. No technical or academic works accepted.

All books must be submitted in Digital formats, downloadable from Internet, USB stick, or on Disk. Note: only the first few chapters will be read from each book at the first reading.

Manuscript must be digital or only the first 2 chapters to be sent in printed format, accompanied by a synopsis of the remaining chapters. Authors will be requested to send full manuscript at a later time if needed.

Manuscripts must be up to a high school level of English and basic proofreading done. No book or manuscript should have been previously published or under contract to any other publishing house. Self published books are accepted as long as they are not in bookshop or selling on the Internet by any other company, except the author.

Australian Self Publishing Group reserves the right to not submit to the judging panel any manuscript/ book deemed unsuitable for general publication, and not to award the prize to the judges’ winning entry if the manuscript/ book does not fulfil the eligibility requirements for this competition or if Australian Self Publishing Group deems that publication of the manuscript/ book will expose it to legal risk.

If no manuscript is judged the clear winner, Australian Self Publishing Group may decide not to award the first prize: or may decide to share the prize between two books if they are inseparable and of high quality.

Australian Self Publishing Group will award a second prize and third prize to any book they deem is high quality.

Second prize would be to present the book at the London and Frankfurt book fairs and offered to publishers, distributors and agents for consideration. Plus an evaluation of what needs to be done to the book to make it saleable. Value $1500. Plus $100 gift vouchers

Third Prize: book/manuscript evaluation to publishing standards. Valued $800: Plus $60 Gift vouchers,

Also two gift vouchers from Daltons books and the Co-op bookshop to the second and third place winners.

The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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