Around the world in 80 girls – The epic three year trip of a backpacking Casanova

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By Neil Skywalker

Neil Skywalker traveled around the world for nearly three continuous years to over forty countries. He went from a regular shy guy from Holland to a womanizing heartbreaker ravishing his way through the world. His travels brought him from unknown cities in Russia’s Far East to the sunny beaches in Brazil. From having a beauty contestant begging him to stay longer to girls giving him the death stare. From being held at gunpoint with an AK-47 in Kazakhstan to nearly getting stabbed by a girl in Malaysia. From a heartbreaking romance in Russia to Cambodian prostitutes fist fighting each other to stay with him for FREE. From rice three times a day in the Philippines to saucy steaks in Argentina. From sleeping in the streets to living the life in five star hotels for FREE. From Mount Fuji in Japan to Mount DOOM in New Zealand. From cup A to F and from teenagers to MILFS.

He approached girls with little more than a few dollars in his pockets and a couple of words of the local language and …….succeeded.

Around the world in 80 girls is a unique travel story. The sight seeing, the love and drama, the conquering of approach anxiety, the backpacking and living in horrible conditions, the emotional rollercoastering, the building of life long friendships, the Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, the cultural differences and of course the lying and cheating, heart breaking (including his own) and seduction of dozens of girls of several nationalities.

The story tells hundreds of anecdotes and many tips and tricks on how to travel and survive as a poor backpacker and the book includes over 50 pages of no nonsense tips and tricks on how to find and pick up girls when traveling.

Some examples of advice in the bonus pages.

– How to get strong inner game and to man upâ„¢
– How to conquer approach anxiety in a foreign country.
– How to approach in clubs abroad.
– How to pick up girls 10 to 15 years younger than you.
– How to flirt and tease in a strange culture.
– How to escalate towards the bang.
– How to travel and date cheap.
– How to simply conquer the language barrier.
– Highly effective dating and conversational techniques.

If this book isn’t getting you laid abroad, nothing will.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at

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