And Then There Were None

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By Myrna Mutton Morrison

This book takes place in the city of Chicago. Two men working for the mob find two hundred thousand dollars in an old pawn broker’s safe. They are arrested in the morning at the airport, and are sentenced to seven years in jail. The day they are released from prison, two women arrive in Chicago and are given the room where the money is stashed.
Lightening was flickering weakly, noiselessly and sporadically on the horizon as the car hydroplaned around another corner. Jess, suddenly applied the brakes and the two women, stared at the obstruction in front of them. It was twelve feet high and made of steel, a rusted, chain, link-fence, fastened together with an old-fashioned lock. The thing they’d dreaded the most had happened, they were boxed in and the car behind them was closing in fast. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as Jess reversed the car and backed up. Diane, guessing her intention, felt her heart jump in her chest. They were going to run the gate.
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