Altered Light

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By John Anthony

“I have come from the ice because you are The One. I have come because it’s time to embrace Altered Light, to rediscover who you really are.”

With those words Al from the Ice welcomes you to the adventure of self-discovery. He holds out a hand to guide you through personal transformation. Al tells of the perfect world that awaits you as you awaken from the illusion of separateness. Al brings hope and opportunity, defeating death and offering a new way of being. Through Altered Light you will at last recognize your eternal identity, and with it the stunning truth of your destiny. From catastrophic climatic change to the tiniest cell particles of your being and the trials and triumphs of human life, Al from the Ice shows you why the world and humankind are as they are. It is through Altered Light that you may choose, right now, a far better way to be.

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goodlife guide

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