Alien Courage (Rise of the Empress)

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By Keith Chessel

Earth has been a training ground for elite military aliens for thousands of years.
Earth soldiers in battle are observed and their tactics studied and then used in preparation for combat scenarios on other planets. Occasionally, a soldier is monitored very closely and his actions influenced during combat. Incidents of out of body experiences, super human strength and acts of great courage are reported as a result. Those soldiers, if they survive are unaware of why they did the things they did and generally accept it as a consequence of being in the heat of battle.
A once in a millennium computer error occurs because of an unauthorised nuclear detonation. As a result the stability of the Confederacy of Planets of which Earth is an unknown member is threatened. The Emperor is losing control of the 12 Great Houses of Power and is betrayed by his most trusted source. The Imperial Court is thrown into turmoil and the Empress rises to power. The Trigeals, the master race, once again mobilises to dominate the humanoids.
This saga would make an awesome movie.

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