Afraid of the Dark

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By Chris Hechtl

When a rogue comet exploded mankind was awed by the fireworks in space. But the awe turned to fear and terror as the comet’s contents rained down across the globe. Billions of pods scattered across the planet, shattering civilization overnight.
Earth was changed overnight as the planet was twisted and terraformed in a terrifying way. Shane and his family were determined to stay alive, to keep as many people alive as possible. They were willing to fight, to learn, and to adapt. But an alien species always has the upper hand against a native one who has no means of defense. Normally, that would be true, but they are determined to prove that wrong.
They’ll fight, and cling to what civilization they can as they try to rebuild. But they have a lot to deal with. And good reason to be…
Afraid of the Dark.

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goodlife guide

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