A Hometown Named Love

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By Markus Ahonen

My Hometown Named Love is a collection of twenty short stories about love for women seen from the men’s point of view. These universal stories could happen anywhere, but the reader can find their way in Ireland, UK, Finland, Italy, France, United States or on a road trip across Europe.
The warmly melancholic stories come alive as we have all yearned for love we were hoping for, or once had to let go.
Successful rock star tries to conquer his youth love with his money and power (The Concert).
Professional man tries to track down a girl whose eyes he once caught in the train (Girl in the Train).
Middle-aging man drives through Europe just to see a woman with whom he once spent a night with in his youth (Woman in the Magazine Story).
15-year old boy matures with a young painter girl in an Italian seaside town (Palette Dancer).
Family man locks himself in the bathroom after finding a death notice on a Sunday paper of a girl he once went to school with (Girl on Ice).
Man in his mid-thirties goes back to his old university city to walk around, remembering the houses, apartment buildings and corners which bring back memories of the women he once loved (Geography of Loving).
Young widower goes through a grief by getting by with the actions of his deceased wife(Time After Marinela).
A boy and a girl grow up in the same apartment building, then in the same suburbs for decades, successfully avoiding marrying each other (The Curly-haired Girl from Childhood).
A lonely wolf finds a meaning of life in his new hometown with the woman he can’t have (My Hometown Named Love).
And finally the story, which weaves some of the stories together in the same cozy cafe (That Little Cafe Near the Harbor).

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/140677.

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