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192 responses to “praise”

  1. Pat Hindman says:

    My book made the Premuim Catalog of Smashwords and Amazon immediately thanks to Shelley’s skills and help. I appreciated her prompt service.

  2. Shelley,

    You did a beautiful job with “Valentino Speaks.” Thank you so much, also for completing the project ahead of schedule. Looking forward to working with you again in the future. BTW, due to the high quality of your work, I was immediately accepted into Premium status.

    All Best,

    Wayne Hatford

  3. T.C. Carrier says:

    Thank you for converting my first book into a eBook format. I was intimidated by the prospect of self-publishing my book and that carried over to the conversion to an eBook. Shelley made the process quick and painless! She had my book formatted the next day and I posted it on Smashwords that same day! It is now available in all the major eBook formats literally overnight. Will be coming to Shelley to format all my books that I will be writing in the future. Thank you.

  4. Working with Shelley was a complete and utter joy. She is accomplished, knowledgable, professional, quick, proactive and excellent at problem solving and trouble shooting. If you are looking to prepare your book for Smashwords or Amazon, I can honestly convey to you that I enjoyed an excellent experience working with Shelley and I am thrilled with the results.

    Louse Palanker
    Author of Journals: Middle School Love & War

  5. David Snook says:

    Shelley did an amazing job formatting my book. It looks wonderful, was accepted quickly as a premium book at smashwords, and the project came back to me quicker than expected. I will certainly use Shelley for all of my future needs.

  6. Ed Brandwein says:

    Everything went very smoothly. My book was accepted into the premium catalog and I have seen a number of sales already. Thank you for your help.

  7. Shelley, my experience working with you was a pleasure. You helped me a lot and answered my questions which were many because I had never published before on Smashwords – I was a virgin! My autobiography was accepted immediately and made it to premium status in about two weeks with no further corrections needed.

    And I am very happy with Smashwords which has a site that is very friendly for authors and lets up set up promotions and whatever – so far I have had 36 views and even one sale. I knew it would be slow going at first because I also suffer from Van Gogh Syndrome – that means I’m a genius but people have a hard time recognizing my genius in my lifetime (Van Gogh only sold one painting in his lifetime). I will keep writing because I enjoy it – others will want to read someday – I am like slow popping popcorn – eventually all the kernal/readers will pop. I even have fun dreaming up tweets advertising my book – one I enjoyed said – help Jeffee get off the NY Time Unbestseller List.

    In summary a great experience with you Shelley and I look forward to our second “date” I mean book together.

    Sincerely, Jeff “alias Jeffee” Weber

    Author of My Only Crime Was being Born, Vol.1

    I Guarantee You Will Buy Low Sell High and Mkae Money or here Are the Customer’s Yachts

  8. Shelley was great, no-nonsense, and did such a perfect job formatting my novel, it made Premium Catalog immediately. She re-sized my cover, about which I know nothing, and got the whole thing done when she promised she would. I love working with this kind of competent professional. I’m planning to epublish a few more books on Smashwords, and will definitely hire her again!

  9. Just as you had promised, my formatted ebook, The Jew with the Iron Cross, A Record of Survival in WWII Russia, was up and into the premium catalong in short order. It would have happened even sooner but Smashwords was out of free ISBN numbers, so I had to wait until they received those. Many thanks again for your very swift and professional work on my book. I would recommend you in a flash to other authors.
    Phyllis Rauch

  10. Shelley, you did a great job of formatting and designing the cover of my debut novel, entitled Aquatic Grunge. It was accepted into the premium catalogue immediately. I have sent other writers into your direction, including my parents. Thank you so much for helping me start out my e-booking career.

  11. Robert Funston says:

    Good morning Shelly,
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but I have some medical stuff going on and I can’t play on the computer as much as I would like.
    I reviewed the work you did on my book (Stories from the Heart), and it looks great! The formatting is neat, clear and professional and I couldn’t ask for better. After your formatting and review, I was accepted into the Premium section of Smash word, in fact, I resubmitted my book using your format onto My sales haven’t been great yet, I’m not concerned about that, I’m just now getting the word out. To tell the truth, I wasn’t even sure I was going to try and publish when I wrote it.
    Your work and timeline are fantastic, and I have referred my sister to you, she is nearly ready to publish her first and second book. As for me, I’m working on my second book now and hope to complete it by the end of October and will be sending it to you.
    Thank you so much,
    Robert Funston

  12. Robert Funston says:

    You formatted my book “Stories from the Heart”… GREAT JOB, Thank you!!!

  13. Mark McNees says:

    Shelly did a great job on, Immersion: Live the Life God Envisioned for You. It was accepted into the premium catalog and is now being sold all over the internet. Thanks, Mark McNees

  14. Shelley,
    To say we are knocked out by your cover designs would be an understatement. They are fantastic, brilliant, or in the words of our youngest daughter, “awesome.” We love how you have captured both characters, physically and emotionally. On opening up the file, Elsie said that is how she pictured Jennifer in her mind’s eye – not only the color and cut of the hair, and the shape of the face, but even down to the length of the dress, which is very Irish fashion. And, yes, Stuart is perfect. The clothes, the face, the anger, the hand to the chin, stewing. As well, the powerful intent of the story-lines is caught in both scenarios.
    You have a unique style that grabs the reader, and we are just so pleased! We give you 11 out of 10 …
    We can see from the result that you have read both books through – knowing full well that with your busy workload that is not always possible – and certainly appreciate that and are glad that you enjoyed them both.

  15. Richard Puz says:


    I’ve completed the first four short stories and wanted you to know how impressed I am with your suggestions. You’ve greatly clarified my work and the prose seem to shine from your polish. Thank you. You are a great find.

    I’ll be adding to my list of short stories and look forward to working with you again.

  16. Gilbert Johnston says:

    I’m well into the editing you have done. I think you have done a superb job. You can handle all my future writings, any time!

    Thanks for your efforts!

  17. Ben Gunn says:

    Shelley did a great job negotiating over all the bumps and problems of a ‘newbie’ author’s book documents. She offers a grand service delivering well ahead of her promised schedule.

  18. Bert Silva says:

    Hi Shelley… I want to thank you again for all you’ve done to make my manuscript acceptable.


  19. Lynette Jackson says:

    Hi Shelley I have been able to view the files in Kindle, IBooks, Kobo, Stanza and Sony Reader.  The only reader I could not see was nook. Nice job!!!!… Thanks again for all your help!!!!

  20. Joe Hughes says:

    THe book cover looks great.
    Thanks J. Ronald Hughes

  21. Hanz Medina says:


    Thank you so much for everything! You’ll be hearing from me more in the future. 🙂

    Best Regards & Full of Blessings,

    Hanz Moniefiero Medina

  22. John Khoury says:

    Thank you SO much!  I really appreciate it very much!
    John Khoury

  23. A. Proctor says:

    I want to thank you for all the hard work that you have done formatting the book for me. I could not have done this without you. I will be coming to you again in December with my wife’s first book. Thank you for all that you do.
    Mr. Proctor

  24. Tom Marusek says:


    My book, “Ivan” is out there. I want to thank you for all you did to help me and I am working on another book and when I get it done I will be getting a hold of you.
    Thank you,

    Tom M.

  25. Shelley,
    I want to thank you for your hardwork and dedication. You were instrumental in the process of bringing a dream into reality. You are a true professional and a absolute gift to the aspiring author. As a first time author the conversion of my book “There Is Revealtion In Every Situation”, into a eFormat was a bit overwhelming. I thank God that He sent you my way to assist me in this endeavor. I look forward to working with you on my wife’s book entitled “Kingdom Weight Loss Systems” which will be released in December. I know that because you are a giver, God is going to continually give back to you. Continue to be a blessing to others. I highly recommend all Authors to work with Shelly.

    God Bless,
    Anthony Proctor, D.D.

  26. Excellent service! Thank you for making this journey into e-publishing so pleasant.

  27. Dear Shelley,
    Perhaps it was pride, perhaps it was ignorance, but having written my novel, “Lake Brambruck”, and got it into Smashwords, I could not get it formatted well enough to get it accepted for the Smashwords Premium Catalog. Shelley, thank you ever so much for getting my file up to that standard—it now looks great too with its Table of Contents and hyperlinks, but best of all it’s been accepted into Smashwords’ Premium Catalog just as you guaranteed it would. For my next novel (which is being written) I won’t be mucking around, I’ll be going straight to Shelley for that final professional detail.
    With many thanks,

  28. Doug Bradshaw says:

    Shelley did an awesome job getting my book formatted for the Smashwords Premium Catalog. I can’t stand dealing with details, thank God she excels at it.
    Muchas Gracias, Shelley!

  29. Joel Levine says:

    Rarely in this complex world do things go perfectly. With Shelley they did.

    Time and money are valuable to all of us. When I saw how much I’d have to learn to format my book and how much time I’d have to spend doing it, I looked for a formatter. I liked Shelley’s blurb and took a chance. It paid off. Shelley was immediately responsive and turned around my novel “The Corruption of Michael Levitt” [hey, what’s wrong with a little self promotion] in less than a week. That’s right, for $50 everything was perfectly handled and my book uploaded without a hitch. Premium status was granted quickly. So little in life goes so well.

    Recommend Shelley highly. If she was a hotel, I’d give her 6 stars (I know 5 is highest).

    Joel Levine

  30. Donovan Myrie says:

    Poor Shelley had to bust her tail formatting the over 1,000 footnotes in my book! She’s a trooper who never once complained and got it done on-time and without a fuss. Seriously- thanks Shelley for all your help, the great job on formatting, and the free advice!

    Donovan M.

  31. Shelley is easy to work with and, compared to others doing the same services, she is under-priced. (Don’t tell her, though)

  32. Mark Andrews says:

    Shelley, Thanks so much to you and your team for a highly professional job and even faster turnaround than promised. I will surely recommend you to all my eBook-writing colleagues and friends!

    Kind regards,
    Mark Andrews

  33. Charles Bernard Carolan says:

    Dearest Shelly, thank you for all the technical and administrative gymnastics you performed to enable Bertie Bede and the camels to come to life!

    Thank you, ad Infinitum!

    Charles Bernard Carolan

  34. Karen says:

    I used the services through the Good Life Guide, and was pleasantly surprised with the professional demeanor of its members. As a first time author out the gate, and it wasn’t easy getting started, but I have to give kudo’s to Shelley. She was sooooo patient with me and with her help my first book got accepted into the premium catalog with Smashwords publishing, whereby my book can now be found virtually on all ereader devices. Thanks to all who had a hand in getting my project out there. I’m very appreciative!

  35. Jim meaney says:

    Excellent job on the proper formatting of my techinical book which included many charts and tables. Very fast service and book was approved in premioum catalouge and Kindle-ready as promised! Thank you.

  36. Nicole Dobbs says:

    If you are looking at Goodlife Guide, you are close to the final steps of self-publishing. In this stage, you only want the best. Someone who is not only professional but will do what they can to help your book succeed. With confidence I can tell you to look no further than Shelley Shadowsky. Not only was my book delivered with the best possible formatting and before the set date; but I knew that Shelley was interested in earning and protecting her excellent reputation. You can trust her to present the best to your readers.

    Nicole Dobbs

  37. John Wright says:

    Super Shelley –
    Saviour of Ancient Authors by problem solving. A quick and efficient service provided with skill, a conscientious approach, meticulous input and warm-hearted communication.
    Many Thanks.
    John Wright.

  38. Stephen Apaliski says:

    The e-book is FANTASTIC!
    Wow! Your work is meticulous, you delivered earlier than expected, at an outstanding price.
    I have only the highest recommendation to Shelley Schadowsky and goodlifeguide.

  39. Erna Porter says:

    I am TOTALLY impressed with the cover. Whoever did it completely captured my thoughts!
    Worth every penny!
    You are a woman after my own heart! Best news I’ve had in days!
    By the way, I sent a picture of the cover to my to my son in Pennsylvania. He was as impressed as I am!!
    You do great work!
    With all my heart, Thanks!

  40. Ellen E Johnson says:

    Shelley did a beautiful job formatting my novel for publication on smashwords, and designing my book cover. After a small crisis, ( my novel was too long and was at first rejected on smashwords), Shelley suggested we split it into three parts, offering the first part free to hook people, which worked out perfectly. All three parts were immediately accepted on smashwords and within three weeks were accepted into the Premium catalog. I am thrilled to say that within one day I had 50 downloads of Part 1 and now it’s up to 210 downloads and I’ve sold 10 books! Shelley was a joy to work with; she answered all my questions with patience and professionalism. Thank you so much, Shelley! Ellen

  41. Pete Floros says:

    Shelley went the extra mile, above and beyond what was expected to get our formatting accepted by smashwords.
    For whatever reason, we encountered rejections, but that did not stop Shelley, the “Tiger.”
    I’m impressed, and as a retired sheriff, and my wife, a retired USAF Colonel, we will
    have many more novels to write. Rest assured we will turn to Shelley, and refer our fellow writers!

  42. Always a pleasure to work with Shelley. Goes smooth as silk. Never a worry. Help after the sale. Use her service, you won’t be sorry.
    I Appreciate Your Courtesy,

  43. Philip A. Russell, Ph.D. says:

    Shelley did an exceptional job of formatting my e-book, “Yosemite Memoirs”
    and resolved any issues until my upload was successful.
    Thanks to Shelley, I’m now listed at, on the premium list of e-books

  44. I had a great luck to have Shelley formatting my ebook, collection of short stories ‘My Hometown Named Love’. Her professionalism, thorough guiding, patience and friendliness made it a pleasure to work with her. Thank you so much, Shelley! You are highly recommended!

    Markus Ahonen,
    Malahide, Ireland

  45. Daniel says:

    Hi Shelley,

    Just dropping you a line to say “Thank you Very Much!”
    Everything went through without a hitch … great Job!


  46. Dave Gamboa. says:

    Shelley, Thank You very much for your help and I’m glad I chose Goodlife Guide for formatting my book. I am very pleased to say that I am now on Premium Status.
    And I would recommend your service highly. It looks Great!

  47. Vicki Williams says:

    I used Shelley Schadowsky to format my book, Magic Creek, for Smashwords and Amazon. She was very prompt and her prices are extremely reasonable. I have used other formatters in the past but no one made the entire process as easy from start to finish as Shelley. It was a pleasure to work with her. My book reached Premium status soon after it was published. I would highly recommend Shelley’s services to anyone who needs to have a book formatted.

    Vicki Williams

  48. Blaise says:

    Excellent service and well worth the money. I was in a rush to publish and Shelley and friends took care of me. They were professional and very helpful. With thorough explanations, they made it a snap for me to publish. I highly recommend this service. Great attitude and sense of customer service.

  49. Carole Tweed says:

    I would like to express my deep appreciation for all that you did for me. I’m so very glad that I chose to send my book to you for formatting. Thank you for your patience with this beginner.

  50. Astrid Fiano says:

    My manuscript was submitted and very shortly formatted–my contacts were so nice and helpful and quick to respond to questions. My file was submitted to Smashwords and within a day accepted into the Premium Catalog. This was exactly what I was looking for–great service, terrific results! Thank you all so much!

    –Astrid Fiano

    The Hanged Man

  51. Heather DeOrto says:

    I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that less than 3 days after I uploaded my novel to Smashwords it was accepted for premium distribution. That was amazingly fast. Thank you so much!

    I have included a blurb about your services on my website in addition to featuring a link to your site on my “Resources” list. I will definitely have you format my second novel as soon as I am finished with my re-writes/edits.

    Thank you!

  52. Janice A says:

    Thanks Shelley for your patients. I was so nervous about the whole process of converting my book immortal kiss for Smashwords but you were so professional you did the work in less than 24 hours. I uploaded it to both kindle and it looks wonderful. I’ll send you all my work for conversion. Didn’t have to break the bank either which is important for struggling authors.

  53. Thank you for your promptness, quick turn around and quality work. On behalf of Indie Inklings, thank you so much! Looking forward to collaborating again!



  54. Shelley was with me every step of the way through my self-publishing journey. Extremely professional, responsive, and made the process very easy and efficient. I couldn’t have made it to the end without her help. Thanks very much for everything!

  55. Jeanette Foxstone says:

    I keep looking at “The Forgetful Toothfairy” ebook cover and she is truly beautiful. You did such a beautiful job on my ebook cover for “The Forgetful Tooth Fairy” that everyone is congratulating me. My sister told me that she plans on going to you and no one else when she finishes her book which she is writing now. She says that no one else will do the great job that she has shown that you can do. I am blessed to have found you.

    J. Foxstone

  56. Steve Goodwin says:

    “Shelley and goodlife guide converted my book, Beating Asthma. Seven Simple Principles to e-book format. I am completely pleased with the results. It was delivered sooner than anticipated and has been accepted into the Premium Program at as promised. If you have a book you need converted to e-book format you would be wise to use Shelley and goodlife guide over all others. Any future projects of mine will definitely involve her outstanding services!”

  57. Paul Edmund Lessard says:

    Professional, expedient and patient, Shelley at Goodlife Guide is the one to turn to! I can’t thank Shelley enough for all her good work preparing my novel, Sooty Tern, for the premium catalog at Smashwords.

    P. E. Lessard

  58. G G Collins says:

    I’m glad that formatter “angels” exist. Shelley was a breath of fresh air to work with. At first, my book was refused, but Shelley, good to her word, fixed the problem and I’m now in Smashwords Premium Catalog. I’ve placed her link on my current post about indie publishing at Reluctant Medium at Large.

    G G Collins

  59. Michele Neithercoat says:

    Shelley, Thanks again for all of your hard work in getting my book uploaded and submitted to Smashwords for me. It has been a pleasure working with you. I just went on Smashwords and looked it over and it looks great! About the correction of the pictures that got switched, since the mistake originated with me, please let me know if I owe you anything for going back in to fix it. Thanks also, for all of your kindness and patience. I’m glad we decided to use your services to get this job done, it could have been a nightmare without your help! Best regards, Michele

  60. Kevin Strong says:

    Shelley, Thanks for working on my book, I really appreciate your talent and expertise to do this. I hope to work with you again. Please take care and continue to use life’s opportunity.
    Warm Regards,
    Kevin Strong

  61. I was really impressed by the service I received, Shelly was very patient and helpful not matter how many questions I asked her. The cover designe fitted my story perfectly. Thank you.

  62. Myrna Morrison says:

    I would like to thank you for the wonderful formatting you did on both of my books. Pen Pals and A Trilogy- Rude Awakening- Book One. Both have been accepted and published on Smash Words. I will be sending you another book “Old Bones” the first part off January and after that, Book Two- Rude Awakening. I am very pleased with your formatting, thank you again. I look forward to working with you.
    Myrna Morrison

  63. Richard Sarraille says:

    I’d like to extend my gratitude through this e-mail to Mark Coker. I used one of the formatters on your list I am a happy to report, Shelley Schadowsky did an excellent job on my book and also put up with my many decision changes. I chose to have her do everything, cover, format, pay pal account, etc.. since I am new at this and became completely overwhelmed by the complexity of the process. I would recommend Shelley to everyone who isn’t sure about any of these processes, She held my hand and walked me through so many things. Congratulations Shelley Schadowsky, Thankfully yours Richard (Mickey) Sarraille

  64. Fred Gale says:

    Shelley Schadowsky’s service was excellent. Fast, efficient and as far as I can tell flawless.

    The only trouble with the entire process was with my undersized jpeg image. Once I re-saved that to meet Smashword’s 1400 pixel requirements, the book qualified for Premium listing.

    Many thanks Shelley Schadowsky!

    Fred Gale

  65. I am very happy that I listened to my gut and went with Shelley. The glyph was the final clincher for me because I like “pretty” and I got to use my own. Her service was great! My book has a ton of bullet points and she did a wonderful job. I purchased a eBook from an author who did his own bullet work and it is horrible. Do not do it yourself, let Shelley do the work instead.
    Pamela Cummins – Psychic Wisdom On Love And Relationships

  66. Michele Hudon Neithercoat says:

    Shelley did a wonderful job with my book and got me into the premium catalog. I’m so glad I went with her company. We were at a loss most of the time, but Shelley very patiently addressed each of our concerns. She made the process quick and easy. Don’t know what we would have done without her! Thanks Shelley to you and your wonderful staff. You really know how to keep the customer in customer service. MIchele and BIll Neithercoat

  67. Myrna Morrison says:

    I just published Old Bones yesterday, it went through without a hitch. Thank you for the excellent service you provide. When I was looking for a formatter I chose your company above the others.You do not place restrictions on the genre of the books you receive.This means a lot to an author. I will be sending you A Trilogy Rude Awakening Book Two the first of February and after that another book. Looking forward to working with you.
    Thanks again,

  68. Shelley,

    I haven’t time until now to thank you for doing an awesome job on my book. I was approved right away on Smashwords and now proudly see my book available on I-tunes and other sites.

    I’ve said to many people (just not you) that the money I spent on your effort was the smartest thing I’ve done in a while!

    Thanks again!

    Be Amazing!
    Steve Edwards

  69. Bohdan Kosovych says:

    Thank you very much, Shelley, for all your work and help on this.


  70. Keith Chessell says:

    “Congratulations! There were no AutoVetter errors!”
    That sentence from Smashwords email says it all. Thanks Shelly.

  71. Dear, Shelly,

    I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your patience and professionalism during this process.

    Your services helped me more than I can say and I just learned that I made it into Smashwords Premium Catalog!

    I’ve added you to my list and will continue to use Goodlife Guide for my publishing needs.

    Marguerite Ashton

  72. Thank you ever so much for your prompt attention to giving the final touch to my novel, Golton Island. It was accepted instantly into Smashwords and in no time at all was also accepted into their Premium catalogue. I am so thrilled with the result, and look forward—in the fullness of time—to letting you handle my third novel too. Your skills are great asset to me and ought to be considered by other indie writers…I fully recommend your services.
    With many thanks,
    Douglas Gellatly

  73. Scott Pfeiffer says:

    To Shelley Glasow Schadowsky,
    Thank you for your professional and prompt service. Also, thank you for tolerating my incessant emails. I had 100 questions and you answered them all. The publishing process is time consuming and difficult, but you made it simple for me. I would recommend you to any new authors trying to reach the e-book markets.

  74. Shelley did an excellent job at formatting my e-book (Your Kid Said This!). I had the proof within a few days after sending her my manuscript. She had put the illustrations together in a very creative way and answered all my e-mails quickly and reassuringly. I would definitely recommend her and use her again.

    Thanks, Shelley!

  75. Myrna Morrison says:

    Shelley; Thanks again for a marvelous job, well done. My Novel, And Then There Were None has been accepted by Smashwords. As I have said before you are the only one I will trust with my manuscripts. I will be sending you another book at the end of the month. Love doing business with you. Myrna Morrison

  76. Myrna Morrison says:

    Just a note to thank you for the great job you did on my books. I do not know what I would do if I did not have you to format my novels. You are always so prompt and always willing to help me. I am so thankful that I chose you. I will be in touch next month with another book. Thanks again. Myrna Morrison

  77. Sheryl Lee says:

    I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on my book.
    It was published on Smashwords immediately, and accepted into the
    Premium catalogue in less than 1 week. The turnaround for you was very
    prompt also. I was thrilled with the ease of the transaction, and I
    will be back to you for future books.
    Sheryl Lee

  78. Thanks Shelley, My book was accepted into Premium Catalog in just 24hrs. Thanks for your prompt response to my questions.
    Edward Ikeomu

  79. Arnold Marsh says:

    Thank you for a job well done. I’ve checked with Smashwords and Amazon and everything looks fine.


  80. Craig Settles says:

    Thank you very, very much for your assistance and a whole lot of patience…

    You will be tops on my list when I’m handing out praise for the success of the book 🙂 I hope I can send some work your way.


  81. L. Shepard says:

    Thank you. You are wonderful and the only real company I have found … If I need to put something up again I will contact you.

  82. Raju Vashishta says:

    This is an excellant service. They did a wonderful job. All kinds of information is provided to people, like myself, who don’t know much about eBooks. Very Very reasonable price for decent work.
    Raju Vashishta
    Author/ Publisher
    Magical Riddles Book One: Shaking Palace

  83. R. Calderon says:

    Excellent professional service at a very reasonable price. My document was returned within days. They provided all the information needed to successfully upload my file. I will definitely use their service again in the future.

  84. Ryan J Alls says:

    Thank you so much for all of the hard work on my e-book. I reviewed the epub and mobi files (but made sure not to open the original .doc file) and I am more than pleased with the finished product. After reviewing, I immediately uploaded it to the Smashwords website, and I am currently awaiting confirmation that it has been accepted into the premium catalog (I have no doubt that it will pass with ease).

    I appreciate the speedy delivery and smooth process.

    I will definitely recommend your services as well as well as leave a praise/review on your website.

    I know I have a few other books that will be coming out in the near future, and I will definitely be contacting you in regards to formatting those as well.

    Again thanks again.


  85. Ryan J Alls says:

    Thank you so much Shelley for everything. My e-book was accepted into the premium catalog without any problems. The whole process was smooth, professional and expeditious. My e-book was professionally formatted perfectly and returned to me WAY before the projected deadline. Shelley is a joy to work with. I will without a doubt be bringing more projects to her in the near future.


  86. Liz Shepard says:

    Thank you excellent work I will tell everyone to use you!!!!!!

  87. Don Kellin says:

    Today, I will send broadcast E to the members of The Actors Studio on both coasts recommending you and your services. I will also make sure all the writers on my list know how I feel about my experience.. When and if I get reviewed by The New York Review of Books, I will refer to your services.

    You have held this hand of someone who abhors detail, throughout the entire process. You’re a gem.

    My sincere gratitude for your efforts and patience.


  88. Jay Gilbertson says:

    Thank you so very much for converting my novel to a file I could use on Smashwords. And talk about FAST!

    For writer’s like me that have few computer skills beyond using Word, you’re a life-saver.

    I won’t hesitate to call on you for future novel conversions and I hope to have many!

    Have a great rest of your summer and thank you again.


  89. Christopher Sean says:

    (The Cover) is absolutely stunning. Somehow you pictured exactly what I had in mind — including the stars, which I didn’t mention in the email, which makes it all the more amazing. Thank you so much. Wow!!! If I write another book, I’m going straight to you for the cover. Thanks again, and be blessed!

  90. George McLaird says:

    This cover is perfect. A 1000 thanks. I look forward to seeing the booklet after you’ve added your magic.


  91. Mark Krepps says:


    I just wanted to let you know that the download to my computer went smoothly as did the upload to Smashwords. (They said it would likely take up to one week before it was full distributed to their affiliates.)

    I’m so pleased and wanted to give you praise and thanks.

    Also, now that I know what to expect in the process, would you be interested in working together on my next project as well. It should be done by the end of July.


  92. Pete Floros says:

    Thanks Shelly. The cover and all your work is great!
    Thank you. Will tell everyone about you!

  93. Grace St.Clement says:

    You surpass any and all expectations! Thank you so, so much…and I hope you know you just made a returning customer with me!

  94. Elder William N. Brooks says:

    My ebook, “Be Careful What You Pray For! has been received and is awaiting approval from Smashwords for their premium catalog. Indeed, your professionalism, quality of work and turnaround time is to be commended! Thank You!

    Elder Brooks

  95. Ali Simon says:

    Shelly had finished my requested formatting, provided detailed instructions on how to upload files and had my story approved for premium content all within a week. The price was absolutely reasonable and I would recommend her services highly.

  96. Anthony says:

    The turnaround time from submission to completion was very impressive. Very good contact between Shelly and myself. Instructions on how to upload the file was spot on. In fact, I suggest you follow the instructions closely, and not assume you know what you’re doing. I attempted to upload the finished file to an existing archived book version and was met with an epub filecheck error. Referring to the instructions given, I created a NEW book version, and everything went smoothly.

    My only regret is not finding Shelly sooner. I wasted $60 and a month’s time by going with Createspace’s Kindle conversion service. Shelly’s Kindle version trumped theirs by the way.

  97. Brandy says:

    Hi Everyone: I just want to say that Shelley is awesome! She is extremely professional and on task. I enjoyed working with her. The Smashwords recommendation to use her service is on point. She is one of the best for ebook design and formatting. Do not waste your time with other services, go to Shelley.

  98. Kerry Friedmann says:

    Shelley – THANK YOU so much for your smooth efficient service. I’m so thrilled to have found you & your brilliant, swift work ethic. Delighted that I found you on Mark’s Smashword list before going anywhere else. And no doubt I will not be going further than the The Good life guide for all future ebook formatting.

  99. Adam Burns says:

    It’s perfect, just wonderful. I don’t know how to thank you, I’m so relieved and so grateful, it’s been a nightmare for me! It was accepted immediately by the auto-vetter, and I’m sure it will be by the premium vetter. I hope it will finally get into the iBookstore!

    Thank you for an awesome job done so quickly too. I’ll be coming back with my 2 novels and the one I’m writing now!

  100. Joseph Carter says:

    You are golden!
    Your incredible skills, integrity and expeditious production are incomparable and appreciated.
    -Joseph H. Carter Sr.

  101. Thank you so much for all of your help formatting my e book and creating a beautiful cover.
    This is my first book and I am so grateful for your services. You made this so easy to do both with your creative book cover, formatting and easy to follow instructions.

  102. K Jameson says:

    I was very pleased with the quick turnaround and formatting of my book! Thank you.

  103. Anthony says:

    Thanks for your help and for prompt and efficient service. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

  104. Atty Eve says:

    I cannot say enough about the wonderful service you have done. Fast and easy and very understandable when I send in corrections after the fact. Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service!

  105. Carol Phipps says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work on our behalf.
    We will no doubt be using your excellent services again next year after we have completed the final book in this series…and many more times in the future, too.
    Best always,
    Carol & Tom

  106. Aline Strong says:

    Shelley, thank you so much for the beautiful book cover on Live Well Within Your Means. We have gotten so many compliments on it. My ebook and print book were included on Amazon , Createspace and Smashwords with no problem. Lots of work for you, but easy for me! Your patience and fund of knowledge are remarkable. For my next book, Is This A Dagger I See Before Me, a murder mystery, I’ll be using your fantastic services again.

  107. Susan Waterwyk says:

    Thank you for the excellent professional service. Once again, you finished the task before the estimated due date. Lantamyra is now on Smashwords. Your instructions were clear, precise, and guided me through the procedure without one single problem. I know that’s hard to believe, I’m astonished, too. You were able to help this cyberly-handicapped granny through several pages of potential problems.
    Once again I say that I will be happy to recommend your quality professional services to other indie authors.
    Sincerely, Susan

  108. A.P. Parker says:

    Thank you for the very quick professional service. You even made some extra corrections- for free.

    We certainly will be using your excellent services again for our next e-book.

  109. One hour before I first contacted you I had never so much as heard of ePubChecker or the industry standards attached. What I learned has come from the evolution of our collaborations and it was you who helped me to understand what was appropriate for you to do your job. I have now been able to publish my lifetime’s work in End-Time Church Mysteries and Revelations. I thank Shelley.

  110. Jude Burger says:

    Thank you for completing the work promptly and being open to discussion on the design of the cover. I absolutely love the cover of the ebook we came up with and I have had many compliments on that – thank you so much.

  111. Heather Young says:

    Where to start? From my first inquiring email to the successful acceptance of my manuscript to Smashwords Prime, Shelley was a total pro. She helped me with 3 cases of hyperventilation when I realized my work had typos to be corrected after I submitted it for formatting. I am the first to acknowledge I was a pain-in-the-butt client and Shelley handled me with professionalism and reassurance. I highly recommend her services and intend to use her again for my next project.

  112. John Anthony says:

    Great to get published thanks to Shelley’s excellent work formatting my book Altered Light. She is efficient communicates clearly and is very professional. What more could I ask? I know where to come when I’v written the next one.

  113. Tom Henighan says:

    Thanks very much for another fine, efficient job in getting one of my books on line. Don’t know how it could be faster or better done!
    I look forward to future connections.

    best wishes

    Tom Henighan

  114. Printice Bazile says:

    Everything is great. I checked and I was given premium status today. Thank you for a great job!

    Rachel E.

  115. Wayne Hatford says:

    I want to again express my gratitude for your work. Am thrilled with the formatting and the new, full cover of my book.
    Wayne Hatford

  116. Yamina Gruebel says:

    Shelley, you did a great job! I am very pleased with your services and I will definitely contact you again in the future.
    Thank you so much for your help! I won’t forget you!

  117. Dianne Bennett says:

    Hi Shelley – just thought I’d let you know the uploading of our cover (and the insides) of our book into LSI’s templates went great. I will send you a copy of the book when we receive some. Your work on the cover was superb.
    Thanks, Dianne

  118. Aline Strong says:

    Shelley is so good, I gave her credit on the acknowledgements page of my book. She was endlessly patient and good-humoured during the multiple changes. She figured out how to do techie things other uploaders shied away from. And her cover is simply fabulous. Lucky me to have found her!

  119. Sarah Wilson says:

    Shelley is thorough, professional and skilled. She answered all my (many) questions promptly, made excellent suggestions and gave me a product beyond my expectations.

    I will use her services again and am delighted that I chose the Integral Publishing Campaign.

    Worth every penny!

    Sarah Wilson
    My Smart Puppy Guide: How to Train Your Dog to Come

  120. Susan Waterwyk says:

    Thank you, once again, Shelley, for the prompt, professional service. This was the third time I used your services. I followed your clear concise instructions and published my book without a single problem. Your patience and professionalism is appreciated by this cyberly-handicapped granny. I will always recommend your services to indie authors.

    Blessings of life,
    Susan Waterwyk

  121. Ken Malovos says:

    Shelley, you were extremely fast in formatting my first ebook and I really appreciate your professional approach to this whole process. Keep up the good work. I will recommend you to anyone.

  122. Gary A. Ferrarro says:

    I finally got everything proofed and it appears that the book is starting to show up on the different marketing sites.

    As you know this project has been an educational process for me and I appreciate your patience with all of my questions.

    I also want to thank you for the excellent work on the entire book project to include the cover design, interior layout, formatting, etc.

    I look forward to working with you again on my next book project.

    Thank you,

  123. Amanda Ford says:

    Thank you! It was a pleasure working with such a professional.

    Mandy Ford

  124. […] our illustrator, to make a great cover and some inside graphics. Finally I paid an epub designer to clean up the copy and put it into mobi and epub format. I found the designer, Shelley Glasow Schadowsky, on Smashwords where I originally thought about […]

  125. Shelly has formatted all of our books so far and we certainly plan to have her continue to do so. She is not only reasonably priced, but she goes out of her way to be certain that her customers are 100% satisfied with her services. When we had a few “issues” she quickly and expertly corrected them…even though the fault was ours, not hers. What more could you ask for?

  126. Tara Sorensen says:

    I am very impressed with your customer service!

  127. Myrna Morrison says:

    Thank you again for a fantastic job. As you know I would not send my books to anyone but you. You are so reliable and caring about your customers. Looking forward to working with you again.

  128. Arnold Mountcastle de Wees says:

    My wholehearted admiration and gratitude to Rea’s editing skill and to Shelley for her professional and patient command of eBook publishing embellished with her congenial manners for a joyful affiliation experience.
    Her intuitive rendition of cover designs for my four-book series, I Can’t Stop Roaming, are bound to catch potential readers’ eyes. I now look forward to working with the staff of Good Life Guide to navigate me through the channels for publishing another book series.

  129. Shelley delivered everything promised ahead of schedule. I was nervous about handing my ‘baby’ over to someone else, but so glad that I did. My book made the Premium Catalog on Smashwords right away and Shelley’s edits to my cover design really make it pop. Next book, I won’t hesitate – I’ll go straight to Shelley!

  130. Ronald Tracy says:

    I must say that I have worked with a few publishers and editors in the past and you are by far the best!

  131. Ronald Tracy says:

    Rea and Shelley are an incredible combination of talent. Rea did a fantastic job with editing and Shelley did a phenominal job putting everything together. The cover design for Flounder Bytes really stands out in every way and I could not be happier with the end result. They exceeded my expectations by far. Thanks Shelley!!!

  132. Shelley really came through for me on this, my first effort at publishing on Smashwords. The text was a cookbook, requiring some real upgrades in formatting for e-readers, and I was amazed at how fast it was ready. We had to do a few changes to the cover page, but once that was finished, the whole process was complete and published in the premium catalog. Amazing results, and so happy. My next book will be in her hands for sure!

  133. Rich DuBose says:

    Shelley does a great job of getting it right. Her patience and attention to detail is noteworthy! I flubbed up and had to repeat the process, but Shelley was right there with me and came through with flying colors. I will certainly use Shelley’s services again.

  134. Diana Sprain says:

    Good Life Guide formatted my book, “In the King’s Shadow” and I can’t be happier with the product. I bought the 2nd tier service and was given multiple file types and my artist’s cover was sized to fit beautifully. There was one minor error but she fixed it overnight.

    People want to complain all the time but I believe in letting folks know when things do well.

    I would recommend using the company to any writer. Thank you Shelley!

  135. John Wood says:

    What a brisk, efficient, helpful experience it was to give my memoir “Saigon Tease” to Shelley for ebook formatting. Everything went through Amazon Kindle today without a hiccup. I highly recommend this firm to any and all writers. You will get white-glove service throughout the process. Thank you, Shelley and your team!

  136. ML Skinner says:

    Good Life Guide has formatted four of my books for Smashwords. They are incredibly fast, very reasonably priced and all four were accepted into the Premium catalog immediately. Thanks!

  137. ninajon says:

    Good Life Guide has formatted all my books and has done a great job each time – in some cases going well beyond the call of duty.
    They also did a fantastic job designing the covers for the Magpie Murders.
    A very efficient and very reasonably priced service.

  138. Shelley did a wonderful job formatting the cover and Smashwords submission file for my novel – The Acheron Deception. I’ll definitely be looking for her help with my next project.

  139. A.Maria says:

    I never expected this experience to be sooooooooo easy! My cook book was accepted into the Premium catalog immediately and without a single issue. This has been the best customer service experience I have had in a long time. Thank you so much for help me realize my dream of becoming a self-published author!

  140. My latest book was the 7th that Shelley has formatted for me and everything as gone perfect each and every time. Your book is returned quickly, her prices are reasonable and they slide through the Amazon and Smashwords process without a hitch. All of my books have been immediately accepted into the Smashwords Premium Catalogue. I wouldn’t consider sending my books to anyone else. Thanks, Shelley, for making it so easy, even for an old, low-tech person like me!

  141. Wayne Hatford says:

    (I) Received the proof today and the book looks great, in fact it’s beyond my expectations.
    Thank you so much for both your work, and artistic eye!
    All Best,

  142. Jack Erickson says:

    Amazing! Shelley, you’re brilliant! I’ve had anxiety about all this, formatting has been challenging in the past. I’ll hire you again.

    And you added Chapters and hyperlinks! I’ve never had those; and also the ‘sneak peak’ of “Thirteen Days.”

    Both Amazon and Smashwords are slick, clean, no hiccups. I’m so impressed with your service.

    I’ll promote your services, just let me know how. I’ll email Mark and tell them how happy I am worth your work. I’ve already emailed Amazon
    tech service about you.

    You’re a lifesaver; now I have to get to marketing. I’ll let you know how my pre-sell works; pub date Dec 14.

    Thanks again, Shelley. Made me a very happy man.
    Jack Erickson

    Web site:
    Twitter: Hoya73

  143. Dave Gamboa says:

    Everything looks “Great!” And Thank You for adding the Chapters.I will definitely call on you in the future.
    Happy Holidays,

  144. Joanna Chumas says:

    Wow, thanks Shelley, that as so quick!!! So appreciated. You saved me a major headache! Will definitely use you again for my future self-published novels.
    Thanks again!!!

  145. Joanna Chumas says:

    Thanks so much Shelley. It was so easy to upload thanks to your instructions.

    I haven’t received confirmation that they’ve approved it but it’s there for sale, so I am guessing if there’s a problem they’ll get back to me.

    Anyway, you were a star and I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future.


  146. Wanting to say again how impressed I am with the service offered by Shelley.
    Having previously had three novels formatted by Shelley, all of which went straight to the Smashwords Premium Catalog (of course), I then put all three together as a single big file. After sending such a large file, she had it back to me inside 48 hours. Great work!
    Now Smashwords have shipped “Mount Zero” out to all their affiliate retailers too.
    Shelley, thank you aver so much.

  147. Gregory Fuller says:

    Ms. Schadowsky, Thank you so much for formatting my book, MY WEEKDAY WORD. Because of your great help my book is now published on Smashwoods with all of its affiliates, as well as Amazon.
    Again, thank you so much for your promptness and work on my book.
    Blessings to you.
    Dr. Gregory Fuller

  148. Shelley,
    Thanks for the quick turnaround on formatting my book. Very impressive. You offer a great service and I would recommend you to anyone. Great Job!

    Best Regards,
    Lacy McDowell

  149. Grigor Fedan says:

    Great work, Shelly. The text is beautiful, professional and pleasing to the eye. And I must say, the cover is much better than I imagined. Thanks.

  150. Adam Burns says:

    I can’t thank you enough Shelley! Not just for formatting my book so well, but for the extra care you took to make sure it was perfect. I’ll make sure to recommend you to other writers I meet.

    Thanks so much,

  151. William Starr says:

    Shelley, thanks so much for your help, not only formatting but helping us to clear things up at the end. Recommend you highly, especially for new writers! All my best, Bill Starr

  152. Geoff Herridge says:

    Shelley, thanks for your very professional and prompt service and providing all the information required to upload my book. I will definitely use your services again.


  153. Thank you so much for all your exceptional effort and hard work on our behalf, Shelly. Honestly, formatting six ebook manuscripts plus a very long manuscript of our complete series for a Boxed Set in less than 2 days is incredible and I can’t heap enough praise upon you for your excellent and incredibly timely work! Also, the interior print formatting you did for us last week was accepted immediately and looks magnificent! You can be certain we will be using your great services again.

  154. Roly Hay says:

    I had been working on my novel ‘The cry of the Kuaka’ for 6 years. Formatting took less than 6 days! The speed at which Shelley communicated and delivered was highly impressive. I was delighted with the result and would recommend your service to anyone. Many thanks.

  155. Andy says:

    Thank you so much for such a quick turnaround you provide an excellent service.
    Cheers and enjoy your weekend.

  156. Ben Ohakim says:

    Shelley, I thank you so much or the extra mile you went to get my book published.
    Benjamin M Ohakim

  157. Danny Saunders says:

    Wow!!! Wonderful conversion… Thank you very much Shelley

  158. George McLaird says:

    Many thanks.
    I’ve received endless compliments about this cover. Awesome work. Thanks.

  159. Sammy Tippit says:

    Thank you for your work. I attempted two times on my own to put my e-book on Smashwords, and it failed both times. However, I submitted your formatting to Smashwords and it went through immediately to the Premium catalog. Thanks for your work.
    Sammy Tippit

  160. Erna Porter says:

    No reply is necessary; however, I just wanted to say thanks for another professional job.
    It still has to be approved for the premium catalog, but on my Kindle, it looks fabulous!
    Erna Porter

  161. Thank you so much, Shelley. I’d wager I’ve been the most challenging client you’ve ever had. Yet you handled every problem seamlessly, promptly, and professionally. You made me feel like I was dealing with a good friend. And the end result is both an awesomely formatted ebook and print book. And the cover art is stunning! You are the best in the business.

  162. Bruce Marcom says:

    Awesome job! Fast too. I will be a repeat customer.

  163. Tanya Vollans says:

    Thank you, Shelley! You were very professional, helpful and super fast in getting my files back to me. My book went straight to the Smashwords Premium Catalog. I would recommend your services to anyone looking at publishing an e-book. I will definitely use your services again. Thank you!

  164. David Cudlip says:

    Shazam! It worked just fine.
    Sure, I’d recommend you…

  165. Ruth says:

    Great service.
    Got exactly what I needed with prompt responses and clear communication.
    Would definitely use again.

  166. Joshua Samuel Brown says:

    I just realized I totally forgot to tell you how happy I was with the job you did on my book!
    It was perfect – please accept my belated compliments on your work.
    Joshua Samuel Brown

  167. Ron Foster says:

    Outstanding! Quick professional no hassle service that makes it through the autovetter the first time around! Thanks so much. Will highly recommend and use again. Amazingly quick.
    Ron Foster

  168. Mary Anne Berry says:

    Shelley answered all my questions in advance of purchasing her service. When I submitted my files, she caught a detail I missed (an illustration that didn’t upload the first time) and returned my files with detailed instructions on how to upload to Smashwords and Amazon. I highly recommended her services!!

  169. Tom Lambery says:

    The turn around time was less than 48 hours. Shelley’s assistance was worth so much more than the fee I paid. I had a problem with my file and she worked on it through the evening to fix it promptly.

    I could not be more satisfied with the quality of services I received. I will use her services again and again. Go no further for ebook services.

  170. Michael Kaplan MD says:

    Shelley did a great job, perfectly, quickly and I could not be more pleased. Highly recommend, 5 out of 5 stars.

  171. Thanks so much for putting up with my lack of understanding on some issues! You were helpful and patient!

  172. So fast! Thanks to Shelley’s speedy assistance I was able to upload my “The Five Tibetans: Anti-Aging Secrets of the Five Tibetan Rites” book onto Smashwords without any complications at all. I really like the way she didn’t just attach the epub/mobi formats etc, but gave a step-by-step process to upload them as well. Very helpful and I was so surprised that within a few seconds of my book being published I had my first sale!

  173. Yes, I had the same good experience with the publication of Journey to Ninas Twei, Book One of the Earth Woman Tree Woman Quartet, and am still referring back to her great instructions! I will be back with my next three books (already nearly done!)

  174. Arnold Mountcastle de Wees says:

    I was most fortunate to have chosen Goodlife Guide in 2014 as my counselor and prime mover for helping me with e-book publishing of my four-book true-adventure series entitled I Can’t Stop Roaming that easily became a feature on the Premium page of Smashwords, Amazon, and other e-book distributors.
    Now in April 2016, Goodlife Guide has again come to my aid in publishing my e-book novel, Scars from the Forgotten Korean War, which has also been selected for Premium catalog. My praise to Shelley Glasow for the digital formatting and cover design and Rea Meyers for her egle-eyed editing skill in cleaning up errors, mainly my overlooked typographical mistakes. I am astoundingly pleased with Shelley’s cover design that is an outstanding rendition which vividly coordinate with the novel’s main theme.
    Shelley is an undisputed professional in this upcoming field of Indie publishing. She has gone well beyong her professional obligatuons to guide and enlighten me with many matters of e-book publishing.
    My sincer thanks to Shelley and Rea not only for their professional dedication but for their congenial associations as my valued consultants.

    Arnold Mountcastle de Wees

  175. Shelly did a great job in formatting my book for publication. I had tried to submit to smashwords at least three times and got denied. Definately will be using her services for my next book!

  176. Dr. Ira May says:

    Great. Thanks. You’re good. As soon as I finish my next book, Blood Born, I will send it to you to format.

  177. Philippa Bower says:

    Kiya and the God of Chaos has been accepted onto Smashwords Premium catalogue. Many thanks for all your help and advice

  178. Adam Burns says:

    THANK YOU! Stunning, absolutely stunning, to get this thorough and precise step by step process. You rock.

  179. I am based in Cape Town South Africa and entrusted my first book, Dynamic Vehicle Combative’s, into Shelly’s hands. Although our currency is very weak against the US dollar I can say that the investment I made into Goodlife Guide services has only proved to be a very positive experience. Thank you so much for the excellent work and assistance beyond what I paid for. My second book will be coming to you for formatting as well

  180. Gerald Bailey says:

    Thank you very much for the exceptional service.

  181. Good work on my new novel, Custer and Crockett. I’ve done several books with Shelly and never have any problems.

  182. Connie Tyler says:

    Thanks so much! As usual everything went up on Smashwords and Kindle with great ease! You’re the best!

  183. Gary Schnabel says:

    Thank you Shelly! Thanks for all your help with this process. I never would have made it by myself. I would have given up. I purchased my copy on Amazon this morning and downloaded to my Kindle just to prove to myself it is actually available.

    Best wishes for a wonderful Holiday season . . . Gary

  184. Shelley,
    I want to thank you for your hand-holding on my first eBook and for helping me get it published in the premium catalog. Your professionalism shows in your kind and concise communications and your expertise in the finished product. I’ll be returning to goodlife guide whenever any future eBooks need formatting or dressing up! Again, many thanks. Wrangler

  185. GREG VILLANUEVA says:

    Shelley, thanks for formatting “Heirs of Free Will”, you are a Godsend.

  186. JW Patrick says:

    All went just as smoothly as promised. Much appreciated!

  187. meredith says:

    Fabulous Work! A special “thank you” to Shelly and her team for their work on The Churning Waters Series!

    Meredith T. Taylor

  188. I am very pleased with Shelley’s formatting services and would use her again. My publisher found no errors in the electronic file she provided, so they were able to distribute it immediately. Shelley also responded to my question on a holiday, which speaks to me of her dedication to clients. Her service was completed before the date she had promised, and her rates were some of the best I found.

  189. I’ve worked with Shelly several times and never been disappointed.

  190. M. R. Neer says:

    What I thought would take a week or two, Shelley had done in a few days perfectly formatted, even with my last-minute corrections. Truly amazing service! You saved me lots of time and hassle. To top it off, I got my book posted on Kindle and Smashwords in less than an hour after you send me the formatted editions. Super!

  191. Connie Tyler says:

    I made a mistake and Smashwords wasn’t going to put me in the premium catalog unless it was fixed. Shelley fixed it and didn’t charge me! It was my mistake, not hers! She’s the best!

  192. H.M. Hudson says:

    Thank you, Shelley! Prompt and great service once again, in formatting my Badass Single Mom’s Survival Guide for me. Very much appreciated!

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