By Eric Mayes

After several tours in Vietnam, Lieutenant Jason Harper returns to San Francisco to face the hardest case of his career, chasing the infamous, “Hatchet Killer”. It is not a day that goes by that Detective Harper does not feel guilty about the untimely death of his wife. As he fills the position of his successor Chris Holmes, Jason Harper struggles to clean up the police department’s internal issues. Harper discovers that the blood trail runs much deeper then he thought. An old buddy, (David Heart also known as Tank) from the Marine Corps appears on the scene, just as the Hatchet Killer starts his clever killing spree. At the same time he struggles to train a hot headed know it all rookie by the name of Dan Burger. There’s one question that still remains, can Detective Jason Harper catch his killer before he enjoys the sweet life of retirement.

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By Bianca Heinstein
Published by the Trashy Novel Corp.

Bianca. Smart and sociable, yet sometimes naïve. Curious and adventurous. A listener, a barker, a thinker, eager to learn, and in denial of her slight language barrier. With a penchant for punk rock and Motown, and a temperament and loyalty as sweet as Chaucer’s Griselda, Bianca’s curiosity to discover her roots sends her to Italy, where she relives her life as a young pup, all while confronting her fears, and learning about intuition, love, life, death, and the pursuit of the unknown.
“The quicker you go to bed, the quicker tomorrow comes!”

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By Edward Brandwein

The work is an illustrated guide for collectors of Russian watches. The books consists of a series of reviews of a variety of Russian wristwatches and pocketwatches. Each review is accompanied with illustrations of the watch being discussed along with objective and subjective evaluations.

An additional illustrated section discussing Russian watch movements is included.

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By Joe Herzanek

This award-winning book covers critical topics: – Why a person does not have to hit rock-bottom – When helping is actually hurting – How to deal with a relapse – Why effective intervention doesn’t have to be a surprise attack Achieve the peace of mind that comes from knowing what works, what doesn’t and why. Why Don’t They JUST QUIT? provides the answers you so desperately seek.

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By Julie Creaglske

This is the only book you will ever need to start your own in home Child Care Business.
You don’t have to waste a bunch of money trying to find what works and what does not. I have put it all in this fast read, highly condensed book. I have included what does not work, what will waste your time, and most important, what makes you profitable and keeps you there!

I’m the Author and Registered Child Care Provider. Discover my tips and strategies I’ve learned from over 30 years as a child care specialist.

“In Home Child Care Business, A Quick Start Guide” will jump start your child care business and get those families coming through your door for care! These are the strategies I use in my home daycare.

Most people start a child care business because they want to make money and stay at home. That is exactly what I concentrate on in the book. You see MOST new providers make so many mistakes that a couple months into their business they quit. Here is what happens;
They get inconsiderate parents
They get uncontrollable kids
They end up with parents that don’t pay
Illness that they don’t know how to handle
They get stressed out by crying babies
They spend a day in total chaos with loud obnoxious, screaming, yelling, hitting, and biting kids.
They don’t charge enough
They can’t find clients
Their home gets wrecked
Their own family can’t stand to be in the house while they have other kids there
They take on too many kids or babies all at once

This does not have to happen—ever.
That is what this book is about—making you successful, fast and easy.

IF you have been considering a career in Home Day Care and you have asked questions like:
-How to get started?
-What direction to take?
-Who to go to for help?
I know how you feel. I was in your shoes once upon a time and had no idea what to do or who to go to for help. All I knew is that I wanted to be a stay at home mom with my 2 young sons but desperately needed to earn an income. I chose the child care business because of my love for kids and I knew it was something I could do. I had no idea I was so ignorant about the business and what it took to be successful at it.

I also didn’t realize how much money I could have been earning – When I look back today at how much more income I could have made (and desperately needed) I get a pit in my stomach! If only I would have had someone to guide me!
This is exactly why I have written this quick start guide for you. I don’t want you to go through the struggles that I encountered – No one should have to!

Here is what you’ll learn in this book:

-What will work for you.
Helping you decide what ages to accept in your child care home.

-Becoming licensed or registered.
Why this is so important!

-Child care food program.
Why you need to be on it, and what it’s about.

-Help with your policies.
Policies you need to have in place and reasons WHY you need them. Samples included!

-Help with your contract.
As with your policies you need a contract! I’ll explain the differences and provide samples for you to use, or modify to fit your needs!

-Advertising yourself.
How to advertise yourself for free and the best places to do it.

-Sample advertising.
Some creative ideas I’ve used and you can too.

-Getting ready for the calls.
What questions parents will ask you and HOW to answer them.

-Red flags!
What you need to avoid and be aware of when you are talking to parents!

-Preparing for an interview- you, your home, family and pets.
Getting everything and everyone ready for when the parents come knocking!

-What to do, say and ask at an interview.
My exclusive list included in this book!

-Concluding an interview.

-What families are a good ‘fit” or “opting out”.

I think you’ll be inspired by this guide – and when you begin using these strategies to get your home Child Care business going, you’ll find it’s a great investment in your future.

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By Carol Jackson

“Angel Unawares, a novel” is set in a TV news room in 1983. Crystal, a young woman video tape editor, gets fired. She is blackballed and can’t get a job. She is depressed and has been drinking. She has sunk pretty low. One of the stations in the city has decided to expand the their news operation. They hire Lee, a TV veteran from another part of the country, to manage the ENG (electronic news gathering) department. Lee is an unusual man. He hires Crystal without knowing she was fired from her prior job. Crystal is always very uptight and afraid she will make a mistake. Later, when Lee finds out she was fired, he thinks she does a good job and doesn’t care. He does things through out the rest of the story to encourage her.

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By Brigit Soyka

Audacious and honest with a healthy dose of humor,Birgit’s story is a reminder to live life to the fullest, to persevere no matter what the obstacles, and to always remain true to yourself and your dreams.
To Drink the Wild Air recounts Birgit’s 25-year long journey from her wild motorcycle days in her homeland of Germany to the narrowing noose of career burnout in the United States, which left her with the burning question: Is this all life has to offer? It was also the wakeup call to reclaim the fearless spirit of her youth and to combine it with her sophisticated adult wisdom.

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May 04

That Moment

By C. C. Champagne

“That Moment…” written by C.C. Champagne, is a book containing stories based on actual events in my life, as well as that of friends and family. They span over one hundred years extending to present day, and they occur around the world.
With each story, it becomes clear that an explanation for how the events have come about and how they conclude cannot be passed off as being luck, coincidence, or any other generalized terminology we may use. It makes no difference what your culture, religion, or beliefs are. It doesn’t matter what you call it. You can’t help but feel, and think there was something else involved in guiding the situation for a reason. Some may call it chance, karma, or they may shrug their shoulders and think, “That was weird!” On the other hand, most would call it God, Angels, or a Guide. The point is not really what you label it, but more that you recognize that a higher power was involved in the outcome of what you experienced. Life is a blessing, and each one of us is a unique individual whose path through life is guided. It is our decision as to what we do in that moment, which then determines how the events play out. This is not a book that will tell you what you should do, or how you should act and feel. It is just a few individuals who made a conscience decision, be it planned or not, to get involved. They realize later that the choices they made at that moment altered the events in a profoundly positive way. They impacted the lives of those around them, and they knew they had been guided there for a reason.

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May 03


By Ole Carson

More Time, More Money, More Life!

Many aspire to have more in their lives, but what is more? More is relative. One person’s mountainous goal may be just a slight rise on the horizon for another. Lofty aspirations for one might be the bare minimum for another. More seems to depend upon the perception of the seeker.

We all allow our internal filters to prevent us from getting what we really want out of both our professional and personal lives. Ole Carlson will help you break that restrictive pattern through a inspiring plan for achieving more—more time, more money, more life.

In Aspire, Carlson dissects the success-creation process and lays out simple methods to help you overcome your self-made limitations. You will learn how to live the life you desire—and deserve. By applying the law of attraction and the manifestation trilogy, a three-step transformative process of personal growth, you can apply the laws of the universe to work in your favor. And Carlson can show you how.

Based largely on anecdotes from the author’s own extraordinary life and inspired by teachers ranging from the Buddha to Tony Robbins, Aspire will guide you in your quest for more.

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By Eddie LeMoine

“Bring About What You Think About” is a practical guide to attracting the life you desire!

• Do you want better relationships?
• Wealth and abundance in your life?
• A good balance between health, wealth and family?

In this step-by-step guide, Eddie shows you how to unleash the power of your mind.

This book is a practical, hands-on guide to help you harness the power of positive thinking. It is full of real life examples of people, just like you, who have studied the process and been able to see their every dream come true.

Eddie LeMoine will show you too how to Bring About What You Think About – all you need is the willingness to learn.

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