Jun 11


By Mark McKnees

The Metaphor:
A prison where a rich and satisfying life is locked out by 50′ tall barbwire-topped walls, an intricate fail-safe security system, and surrounded by the freezing cold waters of the San Francisco Bay.

The Scriptures declare that we are all prisoners of our brokenness. Everyone is faced with a choice; are you going to serve a life sentence? Or, are you going receive God’s promise of freedom by following Jesus Christ? (Galatians 3:22 )

It’s not easy, but you can…

Swim to win!

All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but you do it for an eternal prize. So, swim with purpose through the water (Heart) with every breath (Soul), navigation (Mind), kick (Strength), and stroke (Loving Others).

Discipline your body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Keep Pressing toward the Goal to claim the prize which Christ Jesus has already won for you. (Philippians 3:12) The prize of a rich and satisfying life. (John 10:10)

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Jun 09

Red Jungle

By Kent Harrington
Published by Diversion Books

“Nobody writes about the heart of darkness like Kent Harrington. A deep growl echoes through Red
Jungle, daring you to turn back while all the time pulling you blindly ahead. It’s Harrington’s best by far, a story about the internal place where the currents of fear and desire lap against the shores of danger.” — Michael Connelly

* * *

Red Jungle is an archetypal noir thriller from Kent Harrington, author of the classic novel Dia de los Muertos. Set in Guatemala, Red Jungle steam-rolls over the tired formulae of good guys versus bad guys. Red Jungle springs full-blown from the author’s intimate knowledge of the miasmal reality that is modern-day Guatemala, with its dark, semi-feudal economic underpinnings — the legacy of a 100-year-and-counting political tyranny. Red Jungle pulls the cover off the Big Lies of neo-liberal economics and makes clear the real reasons for the decades of underdevelopment still plaguing large swathes of Latin America today.

Russell Cruz-Price is the child of an elite Guatemalan family with a hyphenated last name. The circumstances of his birth and upbringing have conspired to give him a hyphenated Life as well. Born of an American father and high-society, Guatemalan mother whose murder, supposedly at the hands of communist insurgents, cheated him out of a normal childhood, Russell has come to view the world as a very hostile place. Rejected by his father, Russell has been raised in U.S. military schools and has attended several U.S. colleges, where he was a brilliant student of economics.

Now working as financial reporter for a famous English newspaper, Russell has recently been sent to cover a politically chaotic and increasingly dangerous Guatemala, where coffee prices are crashing and the neo-liberal policies mandated by Washington and the IMF have failed to keep the country from
splitting apart at the seams.

Russell has become friends with a young German hot-shot archaeologist, Gustav Mahler, who believes that a priceless treasure from Mayan antiquity — the legendarily lost “Red Jaguar” — can be unearthed on a certain failing coffee plantation. The two men pool their resources and enter the jungle in pursuit of fame and fortune.

Russell falls in love with the one woman in Guatemala he should definitely stay away from. Beatrice is an English girl who’s been to Oxford, but she’s also the beautiful young wife of the notorious General Carlos Selva, candidate for the presidency and current head of the nation’s intelligence service. In a country where life is cheap, Russell’s own life just got discounted to zero.

The country, Russell, Beatrice, and her husband General Selva, all head towards disaster as Russell searches for the Red Jaguar. His love affair with Beatrice forces him into the country’s political vortex. Russell will gamble his all in a game where not only his future, but that of the entire country of Guatemala is at stake, as it attempts to throw off the colonial yoke of the past hundred years, and move into the 21st century.

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By Robert McCandless

Ever wonder what it would be like if someone identified you as the person they thought had committed a crime? The process of being arrested, put in jail with a bond you could’nt afford, waiting six months to go to trial? Ever wonder what some of the many who are being exonorated went through before justice was finally served?
This is the story of one victim of the criminal justice system. A story that may never be fully resolved due to the lack of DNA evidence. One of many perpetuated by the infamous Dallas court of Henry Wade.
While many of the cases destroyed lives of those convicted and their families, the story of Robert McCandless is one of hope, promise, and new life.

All proceeds from this book will promote prison ministry.

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By Wm. W. Munk

A taut, twisted and twisting tale that takes the reader into a very dark place, seen first person, and leads to a stunning climax. Who knew a backwater town could hold so many secrets?

A movie within a movie, this noir drama mashes together a forlorn yet appealing protagonist, a gritty setting (with flashbacks to the ‘60’s) and three strong female roles. Tangled and deceptive, this story delivers its share of riddles, sex and violence. A building sense of dread drives the plot, along with a few red herrings and plenty of conflict. The two lead characters move from mutual suspicion to animosity, to trust and finally to love. Together, they find the part that’s missing from each of their lives.

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By Douglas Green

Award winning garden author Doug Green shares the three ways that gardening makes you wealthy – financially, physically and spiritually in a light-hearted romp through the research in all of these areas. Discover how much a great landscape adds real value to your home, how gardening is the equivalent of intense cardio-exercise, and what the research and other authors day about the spiritual aspects of working in the soil.

Doug Green has been professionally gardening, running nurseries and writing books for over 30 years from an organic point of view. He publishes a free gardening newsletter at his website (www.douggreensgarden.com) and tries to help gardeners learn the practical things they need to know. Straightforward advice from a pro – delivered with a serious sense of humor.

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Jun 06

So What

By Dange

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By Chris Johnstone

Kelvin has found a place where he belongs; in the ocean. He excels in his vocation as a sea cucumber diver.
When the captain dies, revealing a huge stash of illicit substances, join Kelvin and the remaining crew in their quest to return to Cairns.

Death, drugs, sex, mermaids and the spectre of Robert Palmer all feature in this page scrolling epic.

If Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting and Ben Elton’s High Society were banished to a coral cay in the Great Barrier Reef, their spawn would be Aquatic Grunge.

Aquatic Grunge: A new novel, a new genre.

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by Penny Colman

A fascinating, lively account of toilets, tubs, and sanitation systems with intriguingly catchy chapter titles from “Splish, Splash, the First Bath,” “The Queen’s Toilet,” “Ugh, Gross!” to “Bathrooms Beyond Belief.” Award-winning author, Penny Colman traces the fascinating history of the bathroom, starting thousands of years ago on the Orkney Islands of Scotland where hollowed-out slabs of stone with a crude drain served as the first indoor bathroom, to the ancient Egyptian city of Tel el Amarna where in 1370 B.C. there were limestone toilet seats and stone bathtubs; to the years when people in western Europe didn’t pay any attention to sewage disposal or bathing; to the International Space Station where a water regeneration system distills, filters, ionizes and oxidizes wastewater, including urine, into freshwater for drinking. A list of “Ten Facts About Toilets, Bathtubs, Sinks, and Sewers” includes the fact that Albert Einstein once said that if he had it to do all over again, he would become a plumber. The book includes an extensive bibliography and webliography.

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By Eric Mayes

After several tours in Vietnam, Lieutenant Jason Harper returns to San Francisco to face the hardest case of his career, chasing the infamous, “Hatchet Killer”. It is not a day that goes by that Detective Harper does not feel guilty about the untimely death of his wife. As he fills the position of his successor Chris Holmes, Jason Harper struggles to clean up the police department’s internal issues. Harper discovers that the blood trail runs much deeper then he thought. An old buddy, (David Heart also known as Tank) from the Marine Corps appears on the scene, just as the Hatchet Killer starts his clever killing spree. At the same time he struggles to train a hot headed know it all rookie by the name of Dan Burger. There’s one question that still remains, can Detective Jason Harper catch his killer before he enjoys the sweet life of retirement.

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By Bianca Heinstein
Published by the Trashy Novel Corp.

Bianca. Smart and sociable, yet sometimes naïve. Curious and adventurous. A listener, a barker, a thinker, eager to learn, and in denial of her slight language barrier. With a penchant for punk rock and Motown, and a temperament and loyalty as sweet as Chaucer’s Griselda, Bianca’s curiosity to discover her roots sends her to Italy, where she relives her life as a young pup, all while confronting her fears, and learning about intuition, love, life, death, and the pursuit of the unknown.
“The quicker you go to bed, the quicker tomorrow comes!”

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