Jun 28

I Am Diving

By Joseph Valentinetti

The story is a fiction based on fact. My protagonist, Jack York, is an ex-sailor. He suffers from Fugue, a distinctive dissociative disorder characterized by geographical displacement and amnesia for the episodes. The misunderstanding of his condition is the reason for his dishonorable discharge from the Navy. The story concerns the events that lead Jack York to be in Dallas on November 23, 1963. The premise of the story is the Dallas tragedy was carried out by two men who had no prior knowledge of each other and different targets in mind.

`There exists a type of phenomenon…which has puzzled man. The seemingly accidental meeting of two unrelated causal chains in a coincidental event which appears both highly improbable and highly significant.’
Arthur Koestler

The significant factor motivating Jack York is the loss of the Atomic Submarine Thresher with one hundred twenty-nine men aboard. The premise is based on letters, part of one is excerpted here. Please note the date.

Letter date: August 12, 1963. Notarized and mailed/receipted August 12, 1963
To: Hon. John Connally, Governor of Texas.
From: Field Engineer on Thresher.
Dear Governor;
A plot is underway to assassinate you. As former Secretary of the Navy you are well aware of the Submarine Thresher disaster, and how Bendix used fraudulent pressure/depth curves on equipment designed and built by Bendix for submarines of the Thresher class.
An organization…Justice For The Crew Of The Thresher is being formed.
Sir, I beg you, if you do visit Dallas and ride in an open car, please do not allow your loved ones to ride in an open car with you. If a sniper’s bullet, meant for you, was fired from a high powered rifle by one of these disgruntled former service men…

The letter’s author was questioned in August 1963 by Naval Intelligence, The FBI and postal authorities. The FBI and the other investigative agencies, failed to file a report concerning this and later failed to inform the Warren Commission.

The letter, sent three months before the Dallas event, named the three salient factors of the crime: disgruntled ex-serviceman, high powered rifle, open car.

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By Roger Herst
Published by Diversion Books

Rabbi Gabrielle succeeds the senior rabbi a Congregation Ohav Shalom and in this new role must perform a funeral for her favorite Bar Mitzvah boy, now a young man recently murdered in a remote Washington DC park. This death brings her to a ghetto high school where the victim coached its struggling tennis team. An avid tennis player herself, Gabrielle attempts to keep the tennis team going and, because the police are unable to apprehend the murderer, investigates the crime. This brings her into conflict with Washington’s thriving gun trade. Pursuit of the killer thrusts Gabrielle into the nation’s spotlight, exactly where she doesn’t want to be.

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By Roger Herst
Published by Diversion Books

Rabbi Gabrielle, a young female rabbi in Washington DC, is called upon to defend an accused rapist in court, imperiling her career. She must negotiate a hostile climate both in her synagogue and in the community, while attempting to live a normal life as an attractive, unmarried woman. Here is a chance to have an internal look at the life of a clergywoman in a profession that has long been a man’s proprietary domain.

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By Allie Light

Herbert Hall, at age 59, is a world-renowned scientist who is bereft by his wife’s early death. He’s a leading authority in trans-species research and heads important experiments in a government-supported laboratory in Los Angeles. With no warning his lab is shut down, and his partner takes a position with the military. Deepening the mystery, the animals in transition to human form are stolen. Herbert’s good-looking and intelligent dog, Cody, has begun acting strangely. He runs away, doesn’t respond to Herbert’s commands, and stands in front of the refrigerator for long periods of time. In the past Herbert has used his dog to talk out problems, including his plans for further research in a home laboratory. He soon realizes that Cody’s strange behavior is tied to his interest in the vials of human DNA stored in the refrigerator. “You’re not hungry.” The words weren’t a question. Herbert opened the  refrigerator. He studied Cody as he looked inside, the light glinting in his yellow eyes.

His muzzle relaxed, and he began a soft panting. Herbert moved to close the door, and Cody lifted his paw and placed it on the lower rack. He turned to Herbert as one human to another, conveying wordless anguish. ‘Oh, no!’ Herbert said.”
Without thinking through the consequences, he injects his dog with his own DNA. When Cody is changed into a human, he adds to his endearing dog qualities the knowledge, curiosity, and charm of a young man. His first words to Herbert are, “I’ve been watching you all my life, and because I had no language, I’ve memorized everything you’ve said.” He then tells him that he needs four days to learn human ways, “…unless you’re willing to teach me to dance. Add another day for that.”
Through falsehood and prevarication, Cody becomes known first as Herbert’s colleague, then a distant relative, and, finally, his son. He tells Herbert he wants to be called a xenotransplant: “Zenos is a lovely word meaning ‘stranger’. As much as I love you, Herbert, I will always be your stranger.”

Cody meets Fawn after her runaway dog hits the side of his car as he takes his driver’s test. She falls in love with him, awakening his desire for human contact.

Within the story, Cody chronicles his human and canine thoughts and feelings—”I am haunted by never having been a human child. When humans are born they are put into a nursery. I feel I have entered an empty nursery, a place where the children have vanished. How do I invent a childhood I never had?” Around his commentary is the larger narrative of suspense, betrayal, death, and a love that crosses species.

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By Greg Dean
Published by Trashy Novel Corp.

If you think you’re funny, and you want others to think so too, this is the book for you! Greg Dean examines the fundamentals of being funny and offers advice on a range of topics, including:

writing creative joke material

rehearsing and performing routines

coping with stage fright…

If you think you’re funny, and you want others to think so too, this is the book for you! Greg Dean examines the fundamentals of being funny and offers advice on a range of topics, including:

writing creative joke material

rehearsing and performing routines

coping with stage fright

dealing with emcees who think they’re funnier than you are

getting experience

and lots more.

Essential for the aspiring comic or the working comedian interested in updating his or her comedy routine, Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy is the most comprehensive and useful book ever written on the art of the stand-up comedian.

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By David Snook

Growing up Snook is the humorous memoir of surviving a large family of 11 children. The book deals with the trials and tribulations of poverty, with enduring friendships, and it is written with a wicked sense of humor that was honed by the need to stand out in a crowded living room.
The book begins with the author’s very first memory and ends with the realization that his childhood has come to a completion. Along the way, readers are treated to Halloween candy swaps, dangerous trips on a Big Wheel, and tales of slippery stairs.

In an era of finger-pointing, the author offers up a refreshing perspective which lays the blame of his misfortune right at his own feet. It is an honest look at one boy’s life and how he made his way through childhood.

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By Spencer Ratcliff

When life was simple, when money was scarce, when friendship was everything and love was young.
Parents were too busy rebuilding after Hitler’s war and fathers were still counting their missing limbs, lost mates and lucky stars.

For the children of the village gang, their disciplined world of exams and chores and hard-earned pocket money is softened by the sweet-smelling playground of open fields, haystacks and ancient caves.
For them, wealth comes in the shape of kookaburras and cockatoos; of blue gum and dogwood trees, of pets, gobstoppers and gang adventures. Treasured above all else are the qualities of mateship and loyalty
It is a world where gangs are good…… with kids just being kids and having fun.
Then … Johnny goes missing.

The young Voices from the Vale cry out in shock and grief, with gang members conducting their own investigation – each allotted tasks and certain village grotesques upon whom to spy.
In the midst of it all, Sally is devastated to discover her parents plan to move to a distant country town. Supported by her friends, she runs away with boyfriend Mike to their favourite hide-out in a deserted, tumble-down convict-built hostelry.

When we walk down Gang Gang Lane we can really feel the pain,
We can still hear Johnny’s voice from yesterday.
We all loved him very deep and while we know he’s gone to sleep,
We can’t believe he won’t come out to play.

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By Bud McClure

Divine Daisy is the magical story of a dog whose special gift is awakened when she is kissed by a rabbit. It’s the story of a lonely boy who takes her home, the rabbits who she befriends and who share their secrets with her. It is a story of love, hope and truth told with heartbreaking honesty that does not gloss over the more difficult emotions of sadness and grief. The story is about our cosmic connection to something greater than ourselves – a world beyond logic and reason that resonates with how children see the world. Divine Daisy is an affirmation of the mystery of life and a book that will enchant children each time they read it.

The book is for people of all ages, big and small. It is a book that parents will want to read and discuss with younger children. It is a book that adults will find joy in reading themselves. Most of all it is a book to be shared with someone special. The watercolor illustrations are heartfelt and bring the story to life in a way that engages the imagination. In each image the artist has captured the essence of Divine Daisy. Like a holograph each illustration contains the whole story. Taken together story and image carry us into a transpersonal realm of universal harmony.

Transpersonal psychology is concerned with the study of peak, spiritual, and transpersonal experiences, those moments in our lives when we feel connected to something greater than ourselves. Those times are often characterized by a state of flow in which we experience an overall feeling that everything is as it should be. We are calmed in those moments and know at the deepest level of our being that we are part of a universal harmony that vibrates through each of us. Divine Daisy takes us into that flow and reinvigorates our sense of wonder at the mysteries of our life beyond the borderland of logic that captivates our imagination and speaks to our soul.

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By Jacki Lyon

The Marriage of Silence and Sin is the winner of the SILVER MEDAL for the 2011 Independent Publisher Book Awards for mystery/suspense/thriller. If you like Jodi Picoult or Stieg Larsson, the book will grab you and run. The plot-driven story takes an electric ride from the sleepy banks of the Ohio to Ciudad Juarez, unfolding a grisly mystery. Dicey Carmichael, a quirky British literature professor, is faced with the alleged suicide of a friend and former student. Convinced the death was a tragedy much more sinister, Dicey draws her best friend, Gale Knightly, an uptight, fast-track lawyer, into the lethal web to help uncover the horrific truth.

Desperate to find answers, Dicey and Gale turn to the artwork the young woman left behind. Her provocative and disturbing paintings give voice to the tortured past she could not confess in life. But was her past so dark that she preferred death over life?

What if the young artist knew that someone she loved was in danger? Perhaps then she would speak out—even if it meant forfeiting her life at the hands of a killer. As Dicey and Gale dig deeper into the mystery of the girl’s death, they find disturbing connections within their own lives. Will the best friends untangle the tragedy before death strikes again, but this time much closer to home?
Draped in wit and irony, The Marriage of Silence and Sin echoes the works of both Mary Shelley and Jane Austen. This riveting, cautionary tale explores the intermingling of human experiences, choice and fate in molding the human condition.

Early Reviews

“Many of the secrets revealed in The Marriage of Silence and Sin are dark indeed, yet Lyon never wallows in them nor uses them for gratuitous purposes. . . . The characters are vibrant, believable, and relevant to the contemporary world. . . . Lyon’s debut novel is well worth reading. She is a writer to watch for in the future.” –Janine Stinson, ForeWord Clarion Review.

Anne K. Mellor, Distinguished Professor of English, UCLA, read The Marriage of Silence and Sin with “great pleasure.”

“The characters were so well-defined. I thought it was brilliant the way you brought Shelley’s themes into the 21st century.” – Phyllis Hostmeyer, Chicago

“Spent the whole morning in bed reading your book! Could not put it down . . . LOVED IT!” — Julie Martina, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Your book is riveting! I’ve written that ‘I’ve finished . . . ‘ BUT, the story will remain with me for a long, long time! At the end . . . my heart rate/blood pressure was UP and RACING in the wee hours of the morning . . . . the story left me feeling every emotion humanly possible ! It made me sad, happy, laugh and scared to death!” — Mary Joe Karch, Cincinnati

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By Judith Lechner

This collection of poems, The Moon Sings Back, is a celebration of both the bright and dark moments of life. A poetic celebration of the joys of love and the charms of nature and friendship is easy to comprehend, but the celebration of dark events and feelings may seem peculiar. However, times of loss—of love, health, and of people important in one’s life, can be times of deepest learning and growth. My aim as a poet is to share my experiences and insights from both the darkness and the light in the hope that they will resonate with readers and remind us of the irony of the glitches in happiness and the gifts in adversity.

As a poet, I think in images, which are the inspirations for and foundations of my poems. I also strive for musicality, conciseness, and ironic (and sometimes sly) humor. I hope that readers will find this self-analysis of my poetry helpful and that my poems provide echoes of and insights into their own lives, as well as, of course—enjoyment.
My poetry has been published in Chronogram, Home Planet News, Henry, Literary Gazette and other publications and in several anthologies, including

Festschrift for Enid Dame. My poems and essays have been read on radio and interpreted with visual art at art galleries. I have been a featured reader at many venues in New York’s Hudson Valley, including the Woodstock Poetry Festival, and am host of a local poetry reading series.

Born, raised, and educated in New York City, I graduated from Queens College of the City University of New York and received an M.A. inEnglish and American Literature from Indiana University. I earned an M.S. in Reading Education at the State University of New York at Albany and have been a reading and English teacher. For several decades, I have been writing elementary and secondary school materials for educational publishers. I’m the author of 24 nonfiction books for youngsters that appear in school libraries. Since 1986, I have lived in the natural beauty and intense cultural life of the mid-Hudson Valley with its supportive and inspiring community of writers, artists, and musicians. I couldn’t have made a better choice.

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