By Grigor Fedan

The Brotherhood was one of several Gnostic organization in the Middle Ages that operated in secret to avoid persecution by the Church’s inquisition. It founded the Templar Order. Its main achievement was a clandestine war waged against the French king, Philip IV. “The Templars Two Kings and a Pope” is the novelized version; The Rose-Croix tells the facts behind the novel.

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By Douglas Green

If you’re looking to create that magical magazine-perfect hanging basket or container, award winning garden author Doug Green shows you exactly how in this ebook. Everything you need to know to create and maintain a plant masterpiece is in this ebook. Green has been designing and growing containers for over 30 years; first for fashionable customers in his nursery and now for his own gardens where he grows and trials a great many plants every year.

If you’re looking for design tips, he tells you the secrets to creating those amazing baskets you see in magazines that you can do yourself. The ebook also explains the things you need to do and more importantly how to get the most important things right in both the design and maintenance of the container so it will look good all summer long. Green not only tells you what to do, he tells you how to do it and what not to do to ensure your baskets and pots are lovely.

And when you can’t decide what to plant, his simple advice on the kinds of plants for containers will both give you new ideas as well as tell you the basics you need to understand for success in each kind of planting. From annuals to perennials to vegetables, this book gives you the information you need to create and maintain stunning beauty in your garden.

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By RJ Funston

What if your destiny is dream based? Your dreams become portholes, doorways to the past, present, and future. The entrance point is used to guide you to your soul mate. Each dream explicates and your body is able to react to the touch of the one you seek. Your senses are heightened as your bodies draw close and you feel the wetness of a kiss, a touch, and the beauty of love.

Their journey:

Northern Europe; 1025 AD
The journey begins in a time of Kings and Queens, of Knighthood, honor and chivalry, where life can end without notice with the swipe of a sword. Sara and King Robert’s beginning journey is a gravitational pull of two hearts and dreams of their future together. Their meeting sealing a fate neither quite understood at first but soon realized their love far exceeded just a chance meeting, for it was something far deeper.

England, 1666 AD
You wake—600 years in the future, your childhood devastated with the turmoil surrounding your world. 666, the sign of the devil himself, the evil so many fear in times when people were burned or tortured with the accusation of witchcraft. Elizabeth’s life is filled with dreams, dreams guided by Jake, her soul mate, the one she is destined to be with, but not during this journey. Elizabeth learns early on she must face a journey alone, and the time has come.

Gold Bar Washington; 1847 AD
800 years of dreams and the journey continues; John Marshall’s dreams are now a mirage of life, one he wishes to live; the woman he loves fading into the night, her memories distant as morning breaks. Marshall’s dreams are vivid; he can smell the fragrant of her hair, the softness of her skin next to his, her warmth that surrounds his manhood as their bodies become one.
The striking snake was a flash, but instantly Marshall felt the fangs embedded deep within his forearm, the deadly poison seeping into his blood, the pain first intense, but with his level of consciousness sinking the pain faded and his world starts to darken.

Tucson Arizona; 1874 AD
Their journey has lasted over 800 years, but still they have much to learn. Life is a saga, a continuing story of how we endure and overcome each chapter and we hold the knowledge that one day the trivial aspects we now face will end. We decide whether our journey is complete, the love we seek is now our soul mate, or if the story is incomplete, our lives destined for a sequel, one with a favorable outcome.
Two lives, two dreams, their world colliding once again, the heat rising, the stage set with a fate we all hope to foresee. Their lives were two opposites, one the healer of life, sworn to save those that she could, the other a taker of life, a soldier. Could two negatives become a positive, two hearts joined as one as their timeless journey continues.

Libby Montana; 1920 AD
What happens if an unforeseen event separates you and your soul mate? Each of you feels devastation and your hearts are filled with sorrow instead of love knowing there’s a possibility of no reunification. There is no healing process, just the feeling of loss. The person you love gone from your life.

Everett Washington; 1970 AD
Nine hundred years into their journey and a fluke accident brings the soul mates together. Josh lay in a drug induced coma and fighting for his life and Heather, his nurse, a person dedicated to saving lives.
When Heather arrives at work and sees Josh, there was far more then saving his life that causes her to focus her attention on Josh.

Colorado Springs, Colorado; 2005 AD
Jennifer and Troy are unaware of their millennium that quickly approaches, just two strangers traveling by train through the Great Rocky Mountains. A hint of recognition sparks conversation that leads too many dream-based tails and together they decipher their dreams and the past lives they shared. Together they learn of their journey, one filled with love, passion, honor, and then death.

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By Kim Kinrade

After Quebec votes for separation in a rigged election from Canada armed forces from the newly-established, “Republic of Quebec,” aided by a right-wing French government, conduct sabotage against Canadian bases.

Canadian Prime Minister Jason Carruthers, a former United Nations Major-General, haunted by the recent death of his wife, dons his old uniform to combat Gilles Beauchamp, the charismatic premier who will stop at nothing to make Quebec independent.

Embroiled in the conflict are Tim Bear, a Canadian First Nations fighter pilot and Suzanne Boucher, a Canadian armoured regiment captain who is torn between the two factions.

Carruther’s forces battle back, but it might be too late to save the nation from losing Quebec.

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By Marcy Sheiner

Rachel Max gets more than she bargained for when she leaves her small Vermont town for California seeking adventure, love, and meaningful work, in that order. After a brief attempt to live in LA with her two best friends, she ends up in San Francisco, working as an editor/reporter for an online sex journal. Making her way through a maze of sex parties, sex workers, and sex-positive radicals, Rachel discovers aspects of her own eroticism, not all of them welcome, and it’s a challenge for her to write about sex in the upbeat, lighthearted tone demanded by her publisher-boss. She struggles to handle the job, a new boyfriend, and the brave new world she’s discovered, facing the reality that an adventurous life is far more complicated than she’d anticipated.

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By Ken Daniels

Jim Bennett hears his mother, Martha, screaming for help. Scurrying into the shanty’s yard, he finds her frantically chopping at a wild sow that is attempting to drag his youngest sister, Era, into the dense vegetation. Martha injures her unborn child, and assistance is requested from Granny Rue, a midwife. Lilith Ketcher, visiting for the night, assists.

After an unfortunate encounter with a traveling preacher, Lilith continually seeks solace from the old midwife. Moved by Lilith’s plight, Granny Rue tears pages from the Bible, throwing them into the fire in front of her shanty. From within the vortex of flames, a presence is summoned.

Soon, Lilith and Granny Rue are enthralled with the blaze.

Lilith returns to Granny Rue’s shanty after the midwife’s untimely death and finds the fire burning. Inside the shanty, she experiences a disturbing occurrence. Hurriedly leaving, she spies the cover of Granny Rue’s Bible in the fire’s glowing embers. The flames lash out.

Lilith marries Zach Rewis but refuses to consummate the marriage. She provides for Zach–except for physical intimacy.

At Zach and Lilith’s home, a Sycamore tree deposits huge amounts of debris. Unable to burn the piled leaves and branches, she returns to Granny Rue’s to retrieve smoldering chunks from the fire.

Behind the home, the blaze comes to life. Zach returns to find his wife beside the tall flames. Lilith regains consciousness outside the yard’s fence, naked, lying on the bare ground.

Confused and bewildered, Lilith faces her father-in-law. She remains bound until the Sheriff arrives. Behind the house, Zach’s brothers add debris to the fire. The rapidly decomposing body is examined. The lawman interrogates Lilith near the blazing fire. She admits to killing her husband and damns the house.

A result of Frank Bennett’s drunken actions, his family moves into Zach and Lilith’s former home. Martha fuels the fire heating the wash pot. The sound of a crying infant fills the back yard. Martha’s mental stability suffers.

Numerous inhabitants of Alexanderville are profoundly affected by the many unfortunate events. Isolated, primitive, and struggling to survive, they are not aware of the chain of events that link the mishaps.

Running Through Palmettoes is a captivating and entertaining story. It depicts the residents of the South Georgia backwoods in a previously untold, flame-tinted light.

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By Melanie Pritchard

“In her honest work, The Day I Died, Melanie Pritchard tells the harrowing tale of her sudden death and miraculous healing through the remarkable accounts of those who witnessed it and those closest to her. With powerful insight, Melanie touches on the myriad of emotions and reactions to her miracle, which is approachable to anyone who has experienced tragedy or suffering. By defining her miraculous experience through faithful trust in Christ, the extraordinary reality of God’s mercy comes shining through.”

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By Wayne Hartford

When Rudolph Valentino was projected onto the silver screen, audiences rarely wondered what took place in between frames. They were too enamored with the action in front of their eyes. Now comes “Valentino Speaks” and a new image of the “Great Lover” that takes us into the spaces between life-times where what you will find is a brilliant display of thought.

This is a book that challenges its readers to examine their views on any number of issues. And, with the spirit of Rudolph Valentino as your guide, you do so with elegance and grace, with neither confrontation nor conceit. Indeed, Valentino’s observations on life propel you on a uniquely beautiful mind, heart, and soul expanding experience!

“Valentino Speaks” addresses 180 topics in a series of gem-like vignettes organized alphabetically by subject matter. They are all brief and very much to the point, ranging from the mundane to the esoteric to the spiritual and are presented with sparkling clarity. Each essay or rumination, however, is not intended to be the last word on the subject. Instead, see it as a jumping-off point for further consideration or discussion.

A veritable treasure trove of useful information, this project was penned by Wayne Hatford, acting as scribe. Also the author of “Letters from Janice: Correspondence with the Astral Plane,” Hatford is no stranger to the art of channeling, and the cadence, language, and style of speaking in this tome, so clearly reminiscent of Valentino’s voice in other writings, attest to his ability in that arena.

As to the purpose of this work, Valentino, himself, says…“we are always in need of a little fine-tuning. That is what this book promotes, if one wishes to avail oneself of it. A sharpening of the senses, an uptick in awareness, an even better understanding of the beauty of soul, those are the attributes of Valentino Speaks.”

This book provides both a fascinating read and an enjoyable journey in consciousness. Start at A and proceed through to Z, or use it as a meditation, picking a page or topic at random each day. Whatever your method, you are about to embark on a remarkable voyage, exploring this world… and the next…in stellar company. Welcome aboard and buon viaggio!

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Aug 01

Old Souls Inn

By Patricia Allwood

It’s the 1950s and young Rosa Farmer can’t understand why her father went to all the trouble to dig a bomb shelter in their yard and then permitted a bomb of gargantuan proportion to fall on their family. Old Souls Inn is a literary fiction story about forgiveness and redemption, prejudice and discrimination, saints and sinners—and what it takes to truly become an “old soul.”

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By J.C. Fiske

Life’s tough if you’re a boy named Gisbo. Besides having a name that means “dog” in a barbaric tongue and being forced to live all alone in a manure shack outside the city walls, Gisbo has also never soared on a flying sword, hugged a boon animal, or made a single friend.

When he isn’t washing the graffiti off his shack, Gisbo’s time is spent dodging insults from his spoiled classmates and fighting for his life against the city’s arrogant clash team.

But all of that is going to change. Gisbo is finally sixteen and ready to try out for Elekai’ training in hopes of becoming an Elekai’ warrior, his biggest dream. However, when the tryouts go terribly wrong, Gisbo is whisked away to a life he never dreamed possible and learns that sometimes, truth can be stranger than legend when you’re Renegade born.

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