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By Richard Puz

Violence rages during the 1850s, as marauding men roam the lawless border of Missouri in the historical novel, Avenge. Bent on looting and killing, they raid Curtis Sommer’s farm, which sets the young man on a journey seeking justice while confronting brutal enemies and nature’s fury. One after another, the outlaws are brought to account.

Veeko, a cunning villain with missing fingers, is the last and most elusive. After he brutally takes the innocence of a young woman, the Sommer family is in turmoil, leading to startling twists of fortune an d an epic battle of wits between the farmer-turned-reaper and the outlaw.

Novelists Larry McMurtry and Louis L’Amour have used the American frontier as magnificent backdrops for their novels. In this tradition, the setting for Avenge spans across the untamed American frontier from Missouri to Texas to the pioneer trails crossing Nebraska Territory.

Extensive research has been conducted over the past twelve years, with historical events, locations, and individuals woven throughout this story. The novel joins others in the author’s Six Bulls series.

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By Michelle Nielsen

Creando a Matisse es la historia de cómo una madre, usando las leyes espirituales y cuánticas, manifestó la curación de su hijo de un severo retraso, daños neurológicos y problemas de vinculación. Se trata de un proceso simple y práctico que puedes usar para manifestar absolutamente cualquier visión de naturaleza material, emocional, espiritual o altruista, para ti mismo/a o para otros.

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By Michelle Nielsen

Manifesting Matisse is…

• The story of how one mother manifested her son’s healing from severe developmental delay, neurological damage and attachment issues, through the quantum-spiritual principles of reality creation (a.k.a. “The Law of Attraction”).

• A proven hands-on process you can apply to make the most of those same principles and manifest absolutely any vision for yourself or others: material, emotional, spiritual, or altruistic in nature.

• “Basic training” in the simple skills Master Manifestors like Oprah Winfrey, Jack Canfield, Tina Turner, and Nelson Mandela use to live their dreams and help others do the same!

It’s a step-by-step manifestation program that people around the world are calling “The User’s Guide to Reality Creation.”

Manifesting Matisse will have you thinking about (and using) your shelf of personal development resources in an exciting new way!

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The 2011-12 eLit Book Awards
Calling all eBook Publishers – Enter Today!
Second Annual eBook Awards Program!

The second annual eLit Awards are a global awards program committed to illuminating and honoring the very best of English language digital publishing entertainment. The 2011-12 eLit Awards were created as an industry wide, unaffiliated awards program open to all members of the electronic publishing industry. The contest is presented by Jenkins Group Inc., a Michigan-based book publishing and marketing services company that has operated the popular Independent Publisher Book Awards contest since 1996. The eLit Awards celebrate the ever growing market of electronic publishing in the wide variety of reader formats. Hail the revolutionary world of e-books and join the awards program that’s highlighting the best in electronic reading entertainment!

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Publishers and authors worldwide creating electronic books written in English and created for the global marketplace are eligible for entry in 64 different e-Lit categories. Titles published with a 2011 or 2011 copyright or that were released between January 1, 2011 and January 17, 2012.

How to Enter
Entry fees are designed to save you more money the earlier you enter.
Early-bird entry #1 – Now – August 31, 2011 – $60 per title, per category (Save $20)
Early-bird entry #2 – September 1, 2011 – November 30, 2011 – $70 per title, per category (Save $10)
Regular entry – December, 2011 – January 16, 2012 – $80 per title, per category

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Award Categories
1. Fine and Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Cinema/Theater/Photography)
2. Architecture
3. Popular Fiction
4. Literary Fiction
5. Short Story Fiction
6. Anthologies
7. Fantasy/Science Fiction
8. Historical Fiction
9. Horror
10. Multicultural Fiction
11. Mystery/Suspense/Thriller
12. Religious Fiction
13. Romance
14. Erotic Fiction
15. Erotic Non-Fiction
16. True Crime
17. Children’s Books (7 & Under)
18. Children’s Books (All ages)
19. Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction
20. Juvenile-Young Adult Non-Fiction
21. Essay/Creative Non-Fiction
22. Autobiography/Memoir
23. Biography
24. Aging/Death & Dying
25. Animals/Pets
26. Business/Career/Sales
27. Cookbooks
28. Current Events I (Political/Economic/Legal/Media)
29. Current Events II (Social Issues/Public Affairs/Ecological/Humanitarian)
30. Current Events III (Foreign Affairs/Military)
31. Education/Academic/Teaching
32. Environment/Ecology/Nature
33. Finance/Investment/Economics
34. Gay/Lesbian
35. Gift/Holiday/Specialty
36. Health/Medicine/Nutrition
37. Graphic Novel/Drawn Book – Humor/Cartoon
38. Graphic Novel/Drawn Book – Drama/Documentary
39. History
40. Home & Garden
41. How-To (Crafts/Hobby/Industrial Arts)
42. Humor
43. Inspirational/Spiritual
44. New Age/Mind-Body-Spirit
45. Parenting (Child Care/Family)
46. Poetry
47. Popular Culture
48. Psychology/Mental Health
49. Sports/Fitness/Recreation
50. Reference
51. Religion (Eastern/Western)
52. Science
53. Self Help
54. Sexuality/Relationships
55. Transportation (Automotive/Aviation/Railroad, etc.)
56. Travel – Essay
57. Travel – Guidebook
58. Women’s Issues
59. Writing/Publishing
60. Best Book Multi-media Produced
61. Best Book Website
62. Best Author Website
63. Best use of Audio/Aideo
64. Best Book Trailer

About the Awards
The contest is presented by Jenkins Group, a Michigan-based book publishing and marketing services company that has operated the popular Independent Publisher Book Awards contest since 1996.

Jerrold Jenkins, Founder and CEO of Jenkins Group, Inc. says, “The electronic book market is growing exponentially and the eLit Awards are here to recognize and honor the very best of this emerging format.  The faster we move, the faster we want our information and entertainment.  E-books are giving us the ability to add growing variety of books to every aspect of our life. We want to be here to watch it grow and celebrate the best the format has to offer.”

To learn more about the eLit Awards and see the 2010 winner’s list visit:
Learn more about Jenkins Group at

Questions? Call or email: Andrew Parvel
1.800.644.0133 x 1004

The eLit Awards are owned and operated by:
Jenkins Group 1129 Woodmere Ave. Suite B Traverse City , MI 49686 ~  231.933.0445

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By Joseph Valentinetti
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What do you find most difficult about writing?

Is there a certain type of character you like to write about?

Where do your ideas come from?

What surprising things did you learn while writing this book?

How has your upbringing influenced you writing?

Where do you live and how does that influence your writing?

Do you prefer fermented or distilled?

If you have a career outside of writing how does it fit into your life as a writer?

Do you have a special routine you go through before you begin writing?

Who will enjoy and benefit from reading this book?

List ten to twenty possible tags, if you want. It will help readers find this interview.

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by Mingo Kane
Published by Diversion Books

Tom Judah, a former Marine recently discharged from the military after serving three tours of combat in the killing zones of Iraq. Jessica Spire, a young woman trying to reinvent her life after fleeing a callus and loveless marriage.

Scars of the Prophet is a dynamic story of what happens when fate and destiny collide in an aggressive world of pawns and broken kings. Tom Judah wanted to fit back into society and forget the horrific necessities of a war his conscious was still fighting. Jessica Spire was looking to start a new life free of the dark and abusive shackles of a marriage she abandoned.

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Aug 21


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By John Simon

Want to look your best? Don’t let sloppy grooming keep you from getting the best jobs, the best table in a club, the best women…or anything else that you thought were just for “the other guy”!

“Calling Today’s Man!
Your Success in Business & In Love
Will Skyrocket To The Next Level
Thanks To A Brand New Strategy
For Looking and Feeling Like
A Million Dollar Man!”

A brand new Essential Guide On Men’s Grooming makes it fast, easy, and affordable

It’s no secret. Like it or not…how you look affects how you live. From how much money you make to how successful you are in social situations, a handsome, well-groomed appearance is critical to your success in every aspect of life.

Did you know…

How you look can impact your salary by up to 18% (Daniel Hamermesh, Professor of Economics, University of Texas)

People who are considered attractive/well-groomed are also considered more trustworthy and honest than people who are not (Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School)

Attractive/well-groomed will receive more attention in most facets of life. (Ingrid Olson, Professor of Psychology, Penn University)

And that’s just the beginning! There is a mountain of research that demonstrates the social and economic benefits to being attractive:

Attractive/well-groomed students get more attention and higher evaluations from their teachers

Attractive/well-groomed people are assumed to be more extroverted, popular, and happy.
Why even attractive/well-groomed criminals receive lighter sentences than less attractive defendants!

Looks matter… but not as much as good grooming!

And that’s why you can’t afford to be without…

The Men’s Grooming Handbook with Advice, Strategies and Checklists

All for less than the price of a haircut

The Men’s Grooming Handbook is divided into easy-to-read sections addressing the essential grooming topics every man needs to know about including:

Clothes That Make The Man – the secrets for looking your best from head to toe so that you’re the man men want to meet and women want to date!

Your Crowning Glory – everything you need to know about hair and hair care to give you the polished, professional appearance that will open doors everywhere

Personal Grooming – proven strategies for keeping your face and skin looking healthy and youthful for years to come

Very Personal Grooming – the “hush hush” truth about dealing with all kinds of “hairy problems”

A Well-Groomed Mouth– easy-to-follow instructions for achieving and maintaining a dazzling smile that always makes a great first impression

Nothing But the Good Stuff
The Men’s Grooming Handbook doesn’t waste your time with a lot of long-winded explanations or “cute” stories that other grooming books use to “bulk up” the number of pages…and the price. Instead, it takes a cut-to-the-chase approach that you’ll appreciate.

The Men’s Grooming Handbook gives you clear, concise step-by-step instructions so that your grooming routines are as easy as 1-2-3:

8-Step Morning Grooming Regimen so you can spend a minimum of time achieving maximum results

6-Step Shaving Ritual so you can stop torturing your face every morning

8 Ways To Keep Your Hair Looking Great with little or no effort

7 Tips For Choosing a Salon and Stylist so you’ll never again have to “wait for it to grow out”

5 Tips For Wardrobe Shopping Success so you can save time, money and effort and still come home with great looking clothes.

Follow these simple tips and people will perceive you as a man of good breeding and taste…the kind of guy everyone wants to get to know better.

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By Ronnie J. Smith

As I confronted the many faces of the Arctic and Antarctic, spanning that diversity sometimes in a matter of minutes, I often felt thrust into breathtaking polar panorama. My experience has led me to its natural and sleeping beauty; its challenging flight that no one completely masters; its frigid shrew of the sea with its ability to resist and repel any vessel; its incredible animal kingdom which needs the extremity of the polar region for sanctuary; the love, trials of the heart, humor, and loneliness ever-present that inspire and pervade the human condition; and the courageous people who have claimed their destiny exploring an amazing wilderness.

The last pure place on earth is under pressure from a civilization that doesn’t understand its fragility, its beauty, and is so removed that the same civilization will never know what was lost once it’s gone. My experience and work at both Poles was a gift to me. It was grueling effort at times, but gave my life rhapsody when understood in a planetary context. The hope is to raise an awareness for those who have never seen, and likely will never have the opportunity to see, the chaste beauty choreographing what only appears as a limitless polar domain; a domain vulnerable and rare.

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Aug 21

The Goblin

By Steven Marks

Sometimes a monster is truly a monster. When Amias Strong and his family take in Thrax, an injured ten-year-old goblin, they have no idea of the chaos to follow. In the pastoral village of Surreydale, the heart of the realm of the Eastern Elves, Thrax is forced to adapt or die. Amias’s wife Clare believes in the power of the Great Creator. She has faith that any creature treated with respect and love can be redeemed. There are those who say Thrax has no soul. If he does, it’s a dark one. Can murder be an act of compassion? Will Thrax ultimately prove to be savior or destroyer to the elves? Only time will tell.

Follow the story of Thrax and learn the true origin of the Goblin race in this first of a series.

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