By Mark Coker, Smashwords

We asked members of the Smart Author Podcast launch team to share their thoughts on indie authorship.

Here’s what they shared. Their quotes run the spectrum from insightful, to heart warming, to hilarious to downright strange. Just like authors.

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What does indie authorship mean to you? Add your own thoughts below in the comments.

By Mark Coker, Smashwords


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Heads up. This Friday October 27 we’re kicking off the Smart Author Podcast!

Hosted by Mark Coker, The Smart Author Podcast guides writers step-by-step from the very basics of ebook publishing to more advanced topics. It’s a free masterclass in ebook publishing best practices.

Whether you’re new to publishing or you’re already a New York Times bestseller, the Smart Author Podcast will help you reach more readers. You’ll learn practical, no-nonsense advice on how to make your books more discoverable and more desirable to readers.

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These first four episodes launch this Friday:

1. 7 Trends Shaping the Future of Authorship
2. Introduction to Ebook Publishing
3. Bestseller Secrets
4. How to Sell More Ebooks with Preorders
And then these episodes release each week through November:

5. 11/3 – Working with Beta Readers
6. 11/10 – Marketing to Libraries
7. 11/17 – Smashwords Survey 2017
8. 11/24 – The Art of Delusion (How to keep writing despite inevitable challenges)
More episodes are planned for December.

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By Elsie Johnstone
& Graeme Johnstone

This is the third book in the trilogy – Lover Husband Father Monster, Her Story; Lover Husband Father Monster, His Story and now, Lover Husband Father Monster, The Aftermath.
In Books One and Two, the story is told in two voices – his and hers – of how Stuart Hoare’s abuse and control of Jennifer, his wife and mother of his three children for fifteen years, culminates in a tragic family disaster.
Stuart is a successful businessman, the family live in an upmarket Dublin suburb and the children attend good schools. Jennifer, previously a successful environmental lawyer, is an ‘at-home’ mother who is a slave to her family’s needs. Although unhappy in the marriage, Jennifer endures because all sense of self has been destroyed and she has nowhere to go.
On Facebook, she reunites with her English lover from university days, has an affair and eventually gathers the strength to confront her husband to declare that the marriage is over and that she is leaving to live in London, taking their young daughter Molly with her.
Stuart will not accept her decision, repudiating her right to her own destiny by seeking revenge in the most heinous way.
On the day of their departure a series of events finds him standing arms outstretched in a trancelike state on a motorway flyover while Molly lays injured below amid a pile-up of cars.
Initially it was thought to be an accident, but truth always outs and in ‘The Aftermath’, the real story unfolds as we travel alongside the major players and discover how their lives are changed forever.
What happened next?
Does Molly survive?
If he did do it, did he mean to do it?
Will the law extract a price or will he escape conviction?
Will Jennifer and her lover make a life together?
The story is told in many voices. What of other family members and friends, how will they cope?
The rock has been thrown into the pond and the ripples are immediate and immense, affecting and changing forever the lives of close family and friends. The case captures the attention of the whole of Ireland who are fascinated by how an apparently privileged and well to do family can be caught up in a situation where a father appears to commit the unspeakable crime.
This psychological thriller will keep you enthralled from the beginning to its dramatic conclusion.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords and/or Amazon at

eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at

By James Hastings

Two childhood friends reunite after nearly a decade to journey to the eastern lands of Bangladesh to attend a traditional wedding under times of severe political unrest. With local help, diverse transportation and the blessings of pure luck on their side the adventure continues into the mountainous regions of Nepals capital, down to the jungled foothills and lowlands. In search of spiritual enlightenment and solace through the veil of misanthropy and disillusionment, these reacquainted companions journey together learning more about themselves as well as their place with each other.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords and/or Amazon at

eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at

By Graeme Johnstone

It is the longest-running deception in the English language and the most successful. Four hundred years of duping the world.
A tale of deceit, corruption, love, passion. Of murder, fixing and bribery, centred on the writing of some of the greatest works known.
A tale of two remarkable men, the frenzied times they lived in, and the fixated people that surrounded them.
William Shakespeare.
Christopher Marlowe.
One is the real playwright.
The other is the stooge.
Which is which?
‘The Playmakers’ is the novel that answers the question. An absorbing tale of conspiracy, manipulation, romance and murder when two young men from vastly different backgrounds are flung together by their passion for the written word.
Shakespeare, the savvy, street-wise actor and producer, and Marlowe, the educated brilliant writer. Each has his own dark secrets, aspirations and singular approach to life and love, but they are bonded forever when caught in a web of political intrigue, corruption and ultimately brutal murder.
To escape torture in Elizabethan chambers of horror and save their lives, they are reluctantly cast as the main players in the greatest theatrical performance ever, acting out an extraordinary literary deceit that has lasted to this day.

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Sep 20

The Point

By Aline Strong

eBook formatting and cover variation design by Shelley Glasow at

Sep 20

The Patrons

By Daniella Brodsky

Editorial Reviews of Daniella Brodsky’s novels:
“This is so much fun!” – #1 New York Times Bestseller Nora Roberts

“A super fun read with everything you could want . . .” – #1 New York Times Bestseller Meg Cabot

“You’ll get a kick out of Brodsky’s books.”-NY Post

“Readers will simply love Lane and her wild imagination.” -Booklist

“ . . . powerful stuff and also very funny.” – Sydney Morning Herald

“ . . . poignantly humorous and touching.” – Herald Sun

“ . . . you’ll be cheering her on as she loosens her tight grip on the past and embraces a life on her own two feet.” – Women’s Weekly

It’s a simple exchange; but it changes everything. “This is my card,” he said. “You call me whenever you need to.” A saucy romp through the nation’s capital is the most entertaining way yet to take the topic of starving artistry to a practical, raw level. Maybe in the old days they had it right: if you want to make pure, quality art, what you need is a patron.

Two nights ago, in the wake of her father’s fatal diagnosis, Joanie Price told her husband she was leaving him in a Connecticut PC Richards, drove without a plan to DC, and didn’t tell a soul. Her husband proceeded to empty the bank accounts.
“Have you thought of how many men would enjoy your company in this town?”

And so it begins. Compulsively readable, it’s wickedly enjoyable to see ourselves in Joanie’s shoes, and as we do, her erotic experiment hurtles us through a story of self-discovery that’s transformative, witty and enduring.

Daniella Brodsky is the author of six novels published by Penguin, Random House, and Simon & Schuster, most recently, VIVIAN RISING and most famously DIARY OF A WORKING GIRL, which was adapted for the screen by Disney, starring Hilary Duff. She has also had a long career as a journalist and made a name for herself with THE GIRL’S GUIDE TO NEW YORK nightlife, back when she didn’t need a babysitter and a disco nap to stay out past seven. Daniella has taught fiction craft at the ANU and at her Captain Cook Studio. A native New Yorker and enthusiastic Australian, Daniella lives in North Queensland, where she teaches creative writing at James Cook University. Daniella was a Varuna fellowship recipient, and shortlisted for the Katharine Susannah Prichard

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords and/or Amazon at

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By Jeannette Melton

When the tooth fairy forgets to visit the children of Greenly Land, the town’s people come up with a plan to remind the tooth fairy to visit.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at

Cover design and eBook formatting by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.

By John Haack

Close to mandatory retirement age, John and his wife Maxine felt that there still was room left for adventure in their lives. On a whim, and with no considered thought to the effects of their decision, they purchased a rundown olive grove and vineyard in Argentina, facing the Andean peaks. Travel was very much on their minds and this turned out to be their adventure, sometimes one too large to handle, let alone fail. They moved out to Argentina from their home in Spain, and soon learnt that the task ahead required a serious upgrade of the property.
“In the Shadow of Giants” relates the experiences they lived through during the years that the adventure lasted. Here John describes the day to day events that coloured their lives, both on the property and on the travels and treks they made to the outer limits of the continent.
Located in Mendoza, a western province neighbouring Chile, the farm was in the foothills of the Andes, looking directly up to the peak of the Aconcagua- the highest mountain in America- and on the edges of the desert of Cuyo. Here John and Max arrived one miserable, wintry day in August with their two dogs, ready to take up the challenge of transforming this rundown farm into a profitable Garden of Eden. All of this, despite their combined ignorance of the real matter at hand: they had no knowledge regarding Agriculture or farming.
John takes us through the initial stages of settling in to the foreign, primitive society they had joined. We read about the personalities and beliefs of their newly discovered employees and suppliers as John and Max quickly realized they were forced to construct a home on the property with limited resources.
Local lore placed the blame for poor weather on the three giant peaks of the Andes, which looked down on the town and punished or rewarded the populace via the weather conditions. If in good grace with the giant gods, the farmers were rewarded with placid conditions, boding well for the harvest. However, retaliation for sins unknown could be swift and fearsome. During their time in Mendoza they learned to overcome some arctic cold winters followed by long ultra hot summers. John relates the pleasures and agony of hot zonda wind, or storms bringing hail in the neighbourhood, generally days before the harvest. They also survived a couple of important earthquakes, which threatened all the housing and the vines.
There is constantly an upbeat feel to the experience in John´s descriptions, not always agreeable, but always challenging and ultimately successful in all its facets. Employees became friends, and newly developed friends became, as they would claim, family. Appreciated and trusted. They considered themselves fortunate, as old friends and real family travelled across the globe to keep them company for a few days and enjoy the efforts as they developed. Not least was that they were able to find time to see the region. The book includes details of a backpacking trek through Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, including tales of banditry, a run-in with police and visits to some of the oldest civilizations on the continent. We also read about an 8000 kilometer trip in their aging Isuzu van through the wonderland which are the lakes of the middle Andes and the glaciers of Perito Moreno to the end of the world, as Tierra del Fuego is known; and another across to the east of Argentina, along the wetlands of Corrientes to the fabulous Iguazu waterfalls.
After eight years John and Max reached the conclusion that it was time to round off the adventure. The farm was thriving, and travel aspirations were largely completed, so all that was left was maintenance and repetition. They sold the property amid tears and promises to meet again, and are now back in their home in the south of Spain, with an open eye and a large antenna, searching for a new experience.

You can purchase the book online from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at

Cover design and eBook formatting by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.