Library List

  1. How To Protect Children from Sexual Abuse (10/16/2017) - You can purchase the book online soon from Smashwords in multiple eBook formats. eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley
  2. Lover, Husband, Father, Monster – Book 3, The Aftermath (9/20/2017) - By Elsie Johnstone & Graeme Johnstone This is the third book in the trilogy – Lover Husband Father Monster, Her
  3. Journeys Beyond the Front Door (9/20/2017) - By James Hastings Two childhood friends reunite after nearly a decade to journey to the eastern lands of Bangladesh to
  4. The Playmakers (9/20/2017) - By Graeme Johnstone It is the longest-running deception in the English language and the most successful. Four hundred years of
  5. The Point (9/20/2017) - By Aline Strong eBook formatting and cover variation design by Shelley Glasow at
  6. The Patrons (9/20/2017) - By Daniella Brodsky Editorial Reviews of Daniella Brodsky’s novels: “This is so much fun!” - #1 New York Times Bestseller
  7. The Forgetful Toothfairy (9/20/2017) - By Jeannette Melton When the tooth fairy forgets to visit the children of Greenly Land, the town’s people come up
  8. In the Shadow of Giants (9/20/2017) - By John Haack Close to mandatory retirement age, John and his wife Maxine felt that there still was room left
  9. Chloe’s Guardian (9/20/2017) - By Cheri Gilliard Chloe is in turmoil while trying to find her way through a world filled with unexpected disappointment
  10. Flounder Bytes (9/20/2017) - By Ronald Tracy Wow! There is a lot of information in a simple, easy to read format packed into this
  11. Phoebe’s Journey (9/20/2017) - By Kathryn Collett One of the best-loved books in the Bible holds a mystery. While working in Corinth, the Apostle
  12. Healthy Work: Putting the Good Back Into Work (9/20/2017) - By Scott Godwin, MS Work is not what it used to be. It's not valued, respected, or enjoyed. This is
  13. The Chandelier Incident and Other Family Nonsense (9/20/2017) - By K. L. M. Eton Any woman or man who has ever been a part of a family since birth,
  14. Our Little Town (9/20/2017) - By Elsie Johnstone ‘Our Little Town’ outlines the life, spirit and character of a Victorian fishing village through the voices
  15. Orphan (9/20/2017) - By T.R. Connolly Brazil! At once exciting and exotic; rich and poor; ambitious and laconic. Beckoning the world to come.
  16. Sheriff Clayt: Stories by James F Schnabel (9/20/2017) - By Gary A Schnabel Clayt is not a large man. He is the Sheriff of Wallowa County, Oregon in 1892.
  17. Heart of Bold (9/20/2017) - by Sophie Ward Koren Written off the cuff with one finger in the center of the cosmos, Heart of Bold
  18. Skase, Spain & Me (9/20/2017) - By Harold Antony 'Tony' Larkins Throughout the 1980s, Christopher Skase could do no wrong. The Australian businessman had the golden
  19. The Good Job, Barrister Tales (9/20/2017) - By J.W. Holliday eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  20. Jayla Matthews, Hector Ventez, And Jesus Jones In The Long Island Mystery (9/20/2017) - By Patricia Ann Johnson eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  21. Why Cheaters Cheat (9/20/2017) - By Tony George A study by The Journal of Marital and Family Therapy reports that 57% of men and 53%
  22. 5-Minute Meals (9/20/2017) - By Nicole Geurin MPH RD Short on time, but still want to eat well? 5-Minute Meals features over 25 mouthwatering
  23. Miss Moser’s Student (9/20/2017) - By Sara Hammond The story of Anne Blake continues from The Gardener's Daughter. Anne's father has died, and she has
  24. The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy, Box Set (9/20/2017) - By Claire Youmans This three-book omni edition contains the entire text of the first three books in the highly-rated The
  25. The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-boy, Book 3, Together (9/20/2017) - By Claire Youmans Azuki, the Toki-girl, and Shota, the Sparrow-boy, are home with their new-found uncle as their guardian. Azuki
  26. Dance of the Springs (9/20/2017) - By Nick Cascino Those of us who cherish the forbidden fruit are defined by the thrills we seek; the arousal
  27. The Grave Dancer (9/20/2017) - By Troy Creamer eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at  
  28. Joan (9/20/2017) - By Graeme Johnstone Joan Child led a remarkable life. A genuine trailblazer, she carved a path for young women across
  29. Treat Your Body Like a Temple (9/20/2017) - by Lottie D Perkins "Treat Your Body Like A Temple" will teach you how to optimize your health by tapping
  30. The E-Ticket (9/20/2017) - By Lawler Kang eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  31. The Highlander Howls, The Beginning (9/20/2017) - By M.L. Sackett The lives of the mcGreggor clan is still in great peril with the witch and her evil
  32. The 8th Octave (9/20/2017) - By Isaac Ward Koren Our planet is in great danger. Jack firmly believes that major disturbances in the Earth's resonant
  33. A Fera do Brasil (9/20/2017) - By T.R. Connolly Brasil! Ao mesmo tempo excitante e exótico; rico e pobre; ambicioso e lacônico. Convidando o mundo a
  34. Scars from the Forgotten Korean War (9/20/2017) - By Arnold Mountcastle de Wees The year is 1952 in Korea when there are only three survivors of a 56-man
  35. The Highlander Howls, The Vanishing (9/20/2017) - By M.L. Sackett On a warm spring day Robert and Lily took a walk to their favorite place. A bench
  36. The Great Camel Experiment of the Old West (9/20/2017) - By Sherry Alexander In the mid-1800s, the United States needed a better way to protect the great flood of immigrants,
  37. Eternity and the Ant (9/20/2017) - By Donald S. Pollack The idea for this story was conceived thirty years ago when a life teacher of sorts
  38. Free for the Taking (9/20/2017) - By George McLaird eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  39. The Gardener’s Daughter (9/20/2017) - By Sarah Hammond It is 1806, and just outside London, Charles Francis Greville, the son of the Earl of Warwick
  40. How To Create A Real Estate Money Machine And Retire With Income (9/20/2017) - By Michael Douville Executing the Strategy will Change your Life! This book is meant to motivate and provide a guide
  41. Out of the Darkness (9/20/2017) - By Linda Kay eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  42. A Quick Guide to the Cass Theory of Lesbian & Gay Identity Formation (9/20/2017) - By Vivienne Cass Ph.D. The Cass theory of lesbian and gay identity formation is well-known to those who work in
  43. The Grand Adventure (9/20/2017) - By James Peters eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  44. I Hear Your Interested in Becoming a Mystic (9/20/2017) - By George McLaird eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  45. The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-boy, Book 2, Chasing Dreams (9/20/2017) - By Claire Youmans When Azuki, the girl who turns into a Toki, and her brother, the Sparrow-Boy Shota, finally reach
  46. The Point (9/20/2017) - By Aline Strong DECEMBER 22 4 AM The ingredients for the last breakfast are ready. I spread the melted butter,
  47. Hey! It’s Me, Putty! (9/20/2017) - By Mary Lockey Emily Jane Putnam, aka Putty, an orphan, lives a peaceful life in a group home in the
  48. How to Grow Your Financial Services Business (9/20/2017) - By Christopher Hogan, ChFC, CLU eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  49. Joe Wilson: What He Didn’t Find in Africa (9/20/2017) - By Jon Krampner A crisp, concise (9000 words) account of Plamegate, the sequence of events set in motion when Ambassador
  50. The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-boy, Book 4, Uncle Yuta Has an Adventure (9/20/2017) - By Claire Youmans Coming Soon! eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at  
  51. 2211 Umbra (9/20/2017) - By Grigor Fedan 2211 Umbra is a look at the future based on the ancient wisdom of Eastern Philosophy. Regent
  52. Blind Luck in the Yukon (9/20/2017) - by Keith Stubblefield Brad is an NCAA champion swimmer at an east coast college. Brad is also blind and an
  53. Hogg’s Collection of Misery (9/20/2017) - By Stuart D Hogg eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  54. Captives in the Shadows (9/20/2017) - By Steven Green Human trafficking is a major contemporary problem. Economic injustice, cultural traditions, and conflicting laws create a complex
  55. The Adored (9/20/2017) - By T.R. Connolly The Adored is a story rich in character, in the style of Tolstoy. It weaves a tapestry
  56. My Letters Home from the Pacific War (9/20/2017) - By Lt.(jg) Bill Starr USNR These letters cover an unbelievable variety of war-time experiences, not shared by many servicemen, from
  57. Girls: A History of Growing Up Female in America (9/20/2017) - By Penny Colman "Girls: A History of Growing Up Female in America" chronicles the stirring stories of American girls -
  58. Between Two Fires: A Fire History of Contemporary America (9/20/2017) - By Toni Williams eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  59. Sophie Writes a Love Story (9/20/2017) - By Linda Kay Sophie Writes a Love Story is the second in a series of books created in the memory
  60. Block the Plate (9/20/2017) - By M.E. Gilbert When 14-year-old Pete Simmons transferred to posh Welton Middle School, he felt like an invisible kid from
  61. Total Female, Take Charge of Your Sexual Health (9/20/2017) - By Douglas Ginter & Jason Sachman One of America’ leading medical wellness writing teams announces the release of the book
  62. Whatever Happened to Everything (9/20/2017) - By M.E. Gilbert eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  63. Rudolph Valentino: The Untold Story (9/20/2017) - By Wayne Vincent Hatford eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at  
  64. A Downeast Sampler (9/20/2017) - By Dale Theriault An eclectic collection of poems from an irreverent Yankee Peddler who has spent over seventy-five years trying
  65. The Acheron Deception (9/20/2017) - By Patrick F Rooney A CIA agent recruits a Wall Street securities trader to help her track down a surreptitious
  66. Shining Light (9/20/2017) - eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  67. Torrey Pines Summer (9/20/2017) - by Alice Michael Evans What is the most extraordinary summer a child could ever imagine? Would it include going with
  68. Annie’s Love (9/20/2017) - By Linda Kay eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
  69. Come Home To Your Body (9/20/2017) - By Pam Free CONNECT TO YOUR BODY AND SPIRIT WITH MOVEMENT   The changes in the world are speeding up.
  70. The First German Shepherd Who Howled at the Moon (9/20/2017) - By Delaney Kraemer ADAM AND CAITHLIN'S GERMAN SHEPHERD, BAILEY, SUDDENLY GOES MISSING. BEFORE THEY KNOW IT, THE KIDS ARE THROWN
  71. Flavors From The Past: Memoirs and Recipes (9/20/2017) - By Linda Kay Wilma Weiland Diekhoff grew up on an 80 acre farm near Hartsburg, Illinois, which is the setting
  72. The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy (9/20/2017) - By Claire Youmans In a fantasy version of Meiji-era Japan, the country is in a constant state of change and
  73. Delaney Wears Braces (9/20/2017) - By Jean M. Kraemer, MA, LPC “Delaney Wears Braces” is a story to help children understand that individuals with disabilities
  74. Understanding The Roots Of Fascism (9/20/2017) - By Walter J. Krueckl This book can be seen as an educational aide, in order to study the phenomenon of
  75. Where’s My Purse (9/20/2017) - By T.A. Sorensen Diagnosis: Alzheimer’s disease. Now what? Each and every day millions of individuals are facing this exact situation
  76. The One Without The Body (The Magpie Murders) (Volume 4) (9/20/2017) - By Nina Jon PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A NOVELLA OF JUST UNDER 100 PAGES. These stories poke a bit of
  77. The Jew with the Iron Cross, A Record of Survival in WWII Russia (5/26/2014) - By Georg Rauch Based on 80 letters sent home from the Russian trenches, The Jew with the Iron Cross is
  78. Elephant Milk (5/26/2014) - By Diane Sherry Case Set in 1969 and 1970, a young Hollywood film actress runs away and joins a circus
  79. The Good Book Club (5/26/2014) - By Rick Dewhurst Scheming to inherit the powerful pulpit of a mega-church, a pastor hires P.I. Jane Sunday to verify
  80. The Down and Dirty Survival Guide for Newly Single Parents (5/26/2014) - By HM Hudson A short and sassy guide to navigating the first phases of your journey as a single parent.
  81. Rome the Second Time: 15 Itineraries That Don’t Go to the Coliseum (5/26/2014) - By Dianne Bennett and William Graebner Designed for the tourist seeking a fresh, authentic, Roman experience, this intimate, stimulating guide
  82. Modern Rome, 4 Great Walks for the Curious Traveler (5/26/2014) - By Dianne Bennett and William Graebner een the Coliseum and the Vatican? Tired of ancient history? Looking for a more
  83. Corrugated Roads (5/26/2014) - By Ginny Lowndes Corrugated Roads is about a young girl's funny and sometimes heartbreaking interpretation of the tragic and just
  84. SinJin (5/25/2014) - The Bryn and SinJin Series, Book 1 By HP Mallory Abandoned on the battlefield by the people she calls her
  85. The Underground City (5/25/2014) - The Lily Harper Series, Book 2 By HP Mallory Lily Harper narrowly survived her first mission as a Soul Retriever
  86. Better Off Dead (5/25/2014) - The Lily Harper Series, Book 1 By HP Mallory If there’s such a thing as luck, Lily Harper doesn’t have
  87. I Met Him In My Overalls (5/25/2014) - By Jean Coleman From composting carrot shavings, grass clippings, and horse manure to weeding pesky, prickly plants, I Met Him
  88. I Can’t Stop Roaming, Book 1: Born to Roam (5/25/2014) - By Arnold Mountcastle de Wees A four-book series about a boy's worldwide travel and adventures from age 15 to 84.
  89. I Can’t Stop Roaming, Book 2: Journey with the Love of My Life (5/25/2014) - By Arnold Mountcastle de Wees A four-book series about a boy's worldwide travel and adventures from age 15 to 84.
  90. I Can’t Stop Roaming, Book 3: In Pursuit of My Dreams (5/25/2014) - By Arnold Mountcastle de Wees A four-book series about a boy's worldwide travel and adventures from age 15 to 84.
  91. I Can’t Stop Roaming, Book 4: Worldwide Backpacker until Age 84 (5/25/2014) - By Arnold Mountcastle de Wees A four-book series about a boy's worldwide travel and adventures from age 15 to 84.
  92. Mytro (5/25/2014) - By John Biggs Imagine if, right now, clattering underneath your feet was a secret train system that could take you
  93. The Denizens of Night (5/25/2014) - By James Peters You can purchase the book online from Amazon or Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at eBook
  94. House of Tables (5/25/2014) - By Ileen McDuring House of Tables tells of orphan Cadie Walsh after she survives a girls' orphanage renowned for abuse
  95. The Young Lions (5/25/2014) - By Tony Maxwell An African Adventure Story “Hello Aunt Emma, I’m glad to be here too.” She was tall and
  96. Getting Along: Skills for life-long Love (5/25/2014) - By Christopher and Anne Ellinger We all want to get along…but how? The skills of getting along are among the
  97. The Food and Mood Book (5/25/2014) - By Jude Berger This book explores the link between food and mood due to food intolerance. Natural and man-made food
  98. Swimming with Maya, A Mother’s Story (5/25/2014) -   In a story that has been called "heartbreaking and heart-healing," Eleanor Vincent shares an inspiring true story of courage,
  99. Be There Now, Travel Stories from Around the World (5/25/2014) - By Mike O'Mary Travel writing at its most authentic--real people sharing real stories of awe and insight, fear and laughter,
  100. Our First Threesome (5/25/2014) - By Jade K. Scott Liz and her husband Aaron had been talking about having a threesome with another woman for
  101. DiSemblance (5/24/2014) - By Shanae Branham 2012 eLit Silver Medal Winner - Fantasy/Science FictionThe lines between reality and virtual reality blur and the
  102. High Risk Love (5/24/2014) - By Shannon Mayer Photographs. Images. Snapshots in time. This is how I experience my life. I’ve hidden behind my camera
  103. The Success Secrets of A Legend: How Bob Marley Went From Struggling Jamaican Musician To International Superstar (5/24/2014) - By Hervict Jacobs Celebrated and revered around the world as one of the greatest musical artists to ever grace the
  104. Jordan’s Brains: A Zombie Evolution (5/24/2014) - By J. Cornell Michel Jordan is a psychotic yet friendly zombie expert whose gender is never revealed. Having prepared for
  105. The Alchemy of Dreams, Volume Two (5/24/2014) - By Wesley Wyatt The Alchemy of Dreams - Volume Two is written for those who desire a deeper understanding of
  106. The Alchemy of Dreams, Volume One (5/24/2014) - By Wesley Wyatt For generations the sacredness of dreams has been affirmed throughout the world. In sacred text, by word
  107. The Bawl Game (5/10/2014) - By Frank Diekmann As he watches his team lose yet another game, Cincinnati Soapsuds owner Geoffrey W. Furst is fed
  108. The Vampires of Ange de La Morte (5/10/2014) - By BSM Stoneking Tori Lane is happy with every part of her life, especially being a secret vampire assassin. Not
  109. My Summer in Havana (5/10/2014) - By Lauren Burnhill In 1985, I received a grant from the Ford Foundation and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced
  110. A Never Event (5/10/2014) - By Evelyn McKnight In the small farming community of Fremont, Nebraska, townspeople eagerly welcomed an acclaimed doctor as the first
  111. Jealousy Unleashed (5/10/2014) - By R. Lorelei Dalia becomes the top headline of her all-the-rage reality television show, when a tragic event threatens to
  112. AnorSEXia (5/10/2014) - By R. Lorelei 50 Shades meets Greys Anatomy when A resident cardiologist falls in love with her mentor Bradley Hart
  113. My Crazy Heart (5/10/2014) - By Conrad Reeder Conrad Reeder contemplates a jump into the abyss. "I'd lost my home and Roger. Dying didn't seem
  114. The Future Prophecy (5/10/2014) - By Sara Simms Productions The dystopian city of Toronto has fallen to Bogtown Records. Revolutionary leader Savion Simms embarks on
  115. The Girl with the Golden Tower (5/10/2014) - By James Powers When their friend Rachael Cozy is exiled from Empire to the farthest border of the Wasteland, her
  116. The Well (5/5/2014) - By Rachel E. Rice The Well: Book 1 In the year 2070 in a California valley, the earth appears barren
  117. Churning Waters (5/5/2014) - By Meredith T Taylor Marguerite Westley discovers her family tree holds a secret link to the world of the Sironians
  118. What Every Parent and Teacher Need to Know (5/5/2014) - By Alice Michael Evans Finally a book that offers an honest, insider’s look into public education! Written by a National
  119. Defense Industry Careers (5/5/2014) - By Gregory L Pitt Thousands of jobs available! If you or someone you know is looking for employment then you
  120. Dungeons & Dreamers: A story of how computer games created a global community (5/2/2014) - By Brad King and Brad Boreland In 1974, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson published the tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons,
  121. The Soldier’s Mirror (5/2/2014) - By Jay Zendrowski A story of friendships forged in a time of crisis; of honour, and integrity. Set against the
  122. Submission to Black (5/2/2014) - By Rachel E. Rice When Alexander Bishop asked Maximilian Blackstone to leave her home, he shuttled his glances on her.
  123. Yesterday Road (5/1/2014) - By Kevin Brennan In this “coming-of-old-age” tale, Jack Peckham finds himself on a journey into his distant past, helped along
  124. Present Better Than Steve Jobs (4/29/2014) - By Dan Lier Present BETTER than Steve Jobs is a straight-forward guide to increasing your public speaking and presentation skills.
  125. Five Days to a Healthy Life (4/28/2014) - By Barbara Maida Learn how to create a healthy lifestyle by following this 5 Day Program. You will learn how
  126. The Protector (A Detective Oliver Rousseau Novel) Kindle Edition (4/28/2014) - By Cynthia Townley The Protector is the third installment in the much anticipated exciting new series featuring Detective Oliver Rousseau
  127. Things to Know Before Starting an e-Commerce Business (4/28/2014) - By Atul Jain This is a handbook for all aspiring online entrepreneurs and will guide you to take the right
  128. The Healing Hour (4/28/2014) - By VC August Both patient and psychiatrist are in for the fight of their lives. This powerful, inspirational story tells
  129. Setting the Hook, a Diver’s Return to the Andrea Doria (4/28/2014) - By Peter Hunt Peter Hunt crewed on five Andrea Doria expeditions, the “Mount Everest of wreck diving,” in the early
  130. The Trek (4/28/2014) - By David Schachne The Trek: Adventure and Enlightenment on a Climb to the Summit of Kala Patthar, Above Mount Everest
  131. I Heard JFK’s Death Shots: A Reporter’s Look Back At President John F. Kennedy’s 1963 Assassination After 50 Years (4/28/2014) - By Joseph H. Carter Senior I Heard JFK's Death Shots: A Reporter's Look Back At President John F. Kennedy's 1963
  132. Surviving Amnesia – Mind Over Memory (4/28/2014) - By Adam Burns and Maureen Burns Imagine what it’s like to lose your memory. This is the true story of
  133. How To 3D Print Money (4/27/2014) - By Bill Decker Be smarter than you were before the invention of the Internet. 3D Printing is new, hot and
  134. Matika and the River Lion (4/27/2014) - By Latrice Simpkins Matika, a young daughter of an affluent and prominent military general, is abandoned by her mother and
  135. Dauntless (4/26/2014) - by Shannon Mayer As the line between monster and human blurs, Mara fights for Sebastian’s life. She is consumed by
  136. Bound (4/26/2014) - by Shannon Mayer Rumours and whispers of a cure have reached Mara’s ears and hope that has been denied for
  137. Seeking Sara Summers (4/26/2014) - by Susan Gabriel Sara Summers Stanton has raised three children and works as a high school teacher at the same
  138. Blue Hours (4/26/2014) - By Lillian Ann Slugoki “Is this the way the world ends?” Once passionate lovers, their relationship launched on the buoyant
  139. Sooty Tern (4/26/2014) - By Paul Edward Lessard When the final twist in the saga of an embattled Ryadzyyn Princedom leaves the royal family
  140. The Rockaway Boys and Maggie (4/26/2014) - By Don Kellin Rockaway Beach, NY, the few days between Labor Day, 1943 and the start of school back in
  141. Nevermore Trilogy (4/26/2014) - By Shannon Mayer The Nevermore Trilogy contains all of the following books as well as a bonus short story, Scattered!
  142. The Solvency Struggle (4/26/2014) - By Roberta Allen The challenges of staying solvent in later years can be fierce. The Solvency Struggle chronicles the yearlong
  143. Sundered: Book 1 (The Nevermore Trilogy) (4/26/2014) - By Shannon Mayer A miracle drug, Nevermore, spreads like wildfire throughout the world allowing people to eat what they want,
  144. Champions are Born Losers are Made PLUS Bonus Section: The Inner Secrets of Leadership (4/10/2014) - By John Di Lemme You were born a Champion, and your birth certificate gives you the absolutely right to live
  145. Ethan and Green at the Park (4/10/2014) - By Sabrina Tang Is a boy’s love for his dog enough? When the happy-go-lucky dog is singled out from the
  146. Reluctant Medium (4/10/2014) - By G G Collins The shaman told Rachel: "Allow the power to flow through you. Don't try to capture it.
  147. Shooter (Burnout) (4/10/2014) - By Dahlia West Chris “Shooter” Sullivan has returned to his home town of Rapid City, South Dakota to pick up
  148. The Ultimate Breakthrough (4/10/2014) - By Ken Unger Imagine a Book that Heals. We all have pain to heal. None of us escapes adolescence without
  149. Jethro: No Place Like Home (4/10/2014) - By Chris Hechtl Fresh from the liberation of Antigua, Firefly is recalled to face a potential attack on their home
  150. Racing Through Cornfields (4/10/2014) - By Lisa Loomis Mature content Growing up in a too small upstate New York town, Ryan Walker was bored. His
  151. A Horse Named Joe (4/10/2014) - By Lisa Loomis Roni Dugan, a wealthy investment banker from Wall Street, life continues to unravel two years after the
  152. Presidents’ Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best American Presidents Based on How Many Lived or Died Because of Their Actions (4/10/2014) - By Al Carrol Speak No Evil About Presidents. So say most textbooks, journalists, commentators, and even some historians. Not in
  153. Contempt of Court (4/10/2014) - By Ken Malovos This is a legal thriller/mystery. Mike Zorich is a successful Sacramento trial lawyer and he is in
  154. No Joy (4/5/2014) - By Ken Jensen For the first time in history, an enemy has smuggled a nuclear weapon across the porous Southwest
  155. The Last Green (4/1/2014) - By JG Clements Most people are Clears. But there are four other types that have lived amongst us undetected. And
  156. Layers (4/1/2014) - By TL Alexander Hi. My name is Alexia, and this is my story. I’m not your typical girl—so this isn’t
  157. Suicide Plunge (4/1/2014) - By Philip Arnold Billy Frank has just one goal in life; to restore his family honor by winning the most
  158. Lover, Husband, Father, Monster – Book 1, Her Story (4/1/2014) - By Elsie Johnstone Elsie and Graeme Johnstone’s powerful two-part story traces the fragmentation of a well-intentioned marriage through to its
  159. Lover, Husband, Father, Monster – Book 2, His Story (4/1/2014) - By Graeme Johnstone Elsie and Graeme Johnstone’s powerful two-part story traces the fragmentation of a well-intentioned marriage through to its
  160. Project Titans (4/1/2014) - By Esther Ruiz What if the world’s greatest conspiracy is that superheroes do exist? Three men and two women will
  161. Casanova Cowboy (3/5/2014) - By Lisa Loomis A contemporary romance novel. When Morgan Mallory steals her boyfriends car and crashes it into a telephone
  162. They Told Me I Couldn’t Be a Mommy (3/5/2014) - By Lisa Loomis Based on a true story of a disabled girl (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) who's only desire was
  163. Boy In A Band (3/5/2014) - By Lisa Loomis MATURE CONTENT language, sex, drugs, rock and roll. An novel set in 70-80's when sex, drugs, and
  164. Rainbow Over Narre Warren (3/5/2014) - By Elsie Johnstone And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one
  165. My Smart Puppy Guide: How to Train Your Dog to Come (3/5/2014) - By Sarah Wilson, M.A. Want your dog to come when you call? “My Smart Puppy Guide: How to Train Your
  166. This Time Around (2/27/2014) - By Ellie Grace Nora Montgomery left home and heartbreak behind in South Carolina when she moved to New York City
  167. Olivia’s Choice (2/27/2014) - By Taylor Grace When her boss asks her to complete a project that takes her back to the annax city,
  168. Lose Weight with Belviq: No More Hunger with the Newest FDA Approved Weight Loss Medication (2/26/2014) - By Richard Lipman M.D. Belviq is the first new prescription drug for weight loss in the pass 20 years. Belviq
  169. Relationship Know-How (2/26/2014) - By Janine L. Alexander Relationship counselor and psychotherapist Janine Alexander brings her knowledge and clinical experience together in this honest
  170. Making Losing Fun (2/26/2014) - By Vito Zuppardo Peter Franzella was excellent in bringing high-limit gamblers to Las Vegas. His success in producing over sixty
  171. Never Climbed His Mountain (2/10/2014) - By Julian Gladstone You won't bother glancing at a woman going into the a fitting room at the department store
  172. God’s Roadmap to Heaven: Connecting the Dots (2/10/2014) - By Carol Lynn Bowman God has a plan to get us into Heaven. His plan is in the Bible, His
  173. The Secrets of Darcy and Elizabeth (2/5/2014) - By Victoria Kincaid In this Pride and Prejudice variation, a despondent Darcy travels to Paris in the hopes of forgetting
  174. Pet Peeves: A Love Story (2/5/2014) - By John Williams When I first met Ruth, a British bombshell with a borderline-psychotic penchant for pets, I could not
  175. Out of the Light (2/5/2014) - By Neil Staley Boston, 1883. The deck of England’s finest luxury liner runs red with royal blood. A young Englishman,
  176. Myles Asked, “What Are GMOs?” (2/5/2014) - By Jennifer Dawn The Myles Asked series of books encourages kids to think about issues that affect our health and
  177. Myles Asked, “What Are Pesticides?” (2/5/2014) - By Jennifer Dawn The Myles Asked series of books encourages kids to think about issues that affect our health and
  178. Myles Asked, “How Does Alkalizing Keep Us Healthy?” (2/5/2014) - By Jennifer Dawn The Myles Asked series of books encourages kids to think about issues that affect our health and
  179. Fast Break (2/5/2014) - By ML Skinner Jess Harding has devoted her life to playing and coaching basketball and has been successful until she
  180. Self Empowerment Wealth Creation Strategies (2/5/2014) - By Gary A. Ferraro An invaluable, one-of-a-kind resource in the Wired for Wealth series that teaches you how to Transform
  181. Mark Twain’s Guide To Audacious Sarcasm, Volume 1 (2/3/2014) - By Lowell Smith Many have called Samuel Longhorne Clemens' cantankerous alter ego, Mark Twain, the greatest American humorist-philosopher of his
  182. 10 Lessons in Power Psychology – Using Power Psychology Techniques To Improve The Quality Of Your Life (2/3/2014) - By Michael Abruzzese, Phd Why Not Have A Better Life? Presented in an easy, encouraging style and using practical, everyday
  183. Finding Summer (2/3/2014) - By Rachel E. Rice When the handsome Jackson Van Hughes, a football star, millionaire playboy awakes from a coma, he
  184. Summer of Sharona (2/3/2014) - By Brian Humek It is the summer of 1979 and fifteen year old Ashley hates her life. She feels hopeless,
  185. Stress-Free Media: Harness the Global Power of the Internet (2/3/2014) - By Mandi Susman Stress-Free Media is a complete guide to Internet marketing for small business owners that teaches the secrets
  186. The Black Hills (2/3/2014) - By ML Skinner When sparks fly between Sydny Greer and Tate Garrision will Sydny return to her home and her
  187. The Syrian Saber (2/3/2014) - By Jack Gresham In the solitude of his mind at the end of Book Two, Mohammed faced two doors which
  188. Cape Tribulation (2/3/2014) - By Jack Gresham The first three years in world affairs in Book Three are history. It is in this book,
  189. Menage 3B, Baby Makes Four (2/3/2014) - By Steven Green In this sequel to "Menage3," Barbara, Ashley, and Jack face new challenges: parenting, suburban living, and the
  190. Jeffrey (2/3/2014) - By Jennifer Robins A college student ill with pneumonia, high fever and unconscious experiences his first out of body travel
  191. The Well of Time (2/3/2014) - By Tom Henighan A medieval Viking settlement in America is haunted by ghoulish bog creatures from a violent past that
  192. Death by Circumstance (A Trucker’s Mystery) (2/3/2014) - By S. Patrick Prate Someone has placed a mysterious package on Randi's truck. People are are being murdered trying to
  193. The Lighthouse (1/5/2014) - By Stuart D. Hogg Trapped on a deserted island, it's not long before things get desperate. The once day to
  194. Broken In the Break (1/5/2014) - By Salim Tobi Zubair Broken in the break tells the coming-of-age story of an average high schooler who embarks on
  195. The Blue Light Special (1/5/2014) - By ML Skinner Drugs, sex and rock and roll in 1985 Florida! Will Alex find what she is looking for
  196. Afraid of the Dark (1/3/2014) - By Chris Hechtl When a rogue comet exploded mankind was awed by the fireworks in space. But the awe turned
  197. Dolphin Healings (1/2/2014) - By Jill Gurr A 10-year-old girl fighting cancer is inspired to live through her love for a dolphin. She becomes
  198. Altered Light (1/2/2014) - By John Anthony “I have come from the ice because you are The One. I have come because it’s time
  199. Mind Slaves of the Rosikrucian Collectorum – Part 1- Mayhem on the Astral Highway Illustrated (1/2/2014) - By Pierre S. Freeman Little did Michael Bloomfield know that rejection from NYU’s Drama Department would lead him to a
  200. The Cold Rider (1/2/2014) - By Sam J. Pisciotta The Cold Rider takes the reader on a journey with young Tom Craigavon from the Creek
  201. Sanctuary in the Atchafalaya (1/2/2014) - By Vicki Williams Luca Quai excelled at three things: seduction, sleight of hand and assassination. Rarely did Luca meet anyone,
  202. Dirty Numbers (1/2/2014) - By Kim Cayer Phone sex - a most lucrative business! A creative non-fiction novel, with actual dialogue from real men,
  203. A Very Corporate Affair, Book 1 (1/2/2014) - By D A Latham The first of a trilogy following the story of Elle Reynolds, a focused and disciplined young
  204. Total Male (1/2/2014) - By Mark Weis MD One of America’ leading medical wellness writing teams announces the release of the book that may
  205. Toil and Trouble (1/2/2014) - The Jolie Wilkins, Book 2 By HP Mallory After defending herself against fairy magic, Jolie Wilkins wakes to find the
  206. Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble (1/2/2014) - The Jolie Wilkins, Book 1 By HP Mallory A self-deprecating witch with the unique ability to reanimate the dead. A
  207. For Whom the Spell Tolls (1/2/2014) - The Dulcie O'Neil Series, Book 5 By HP Mallory A broken relationship, tarnished with lies and deceit, A father who
  208. Malice In Wonderland (1/2/2014) - The Dulcie O'Neil Series, Book 5 By HP Mallory A broken relationship, tarnished with lies and deceit, A father who
  209. Wuthering Frights (1/2/2014) - The Dulcie O'Neil Series, Book 4 By HP Mallory A father she never knew existed, An impossible decision that had
  210. Great Hexpectations (1/2/2014) - The Dulcie O'Neil Series, Book 3 By HP Mallory A misunderstanding turned deadly. A fairy in law enforcement who won't
  211. A Tale of Two Goblins (1/2/2014) - The Dulcie Oneil Series, Book 2 By HP Mallory A Dreamstalker— a creature that stalks and kills its victims in
  212. To Kill a Warlock (1/2/2014) - The Dulcie Oneil Series, Book 1 By HP Mallory From New York Times Bestselling Author, HP Mallory, Comes...To Kill A
  213. L.A. Summer: “Friends Til’ the Blood End” (1/2/2014) - By Susan Mallory-Johnson Sixteen year old Mikki Mitchell is dying to escape the small town of Boone, Texas. Out of
  214. Fed Up with Food Intolerance: A Personal Story (1/2/2014) - By Sue Dengate The personal story behind Sue Dengate’s Fed Up books, telling how deeply her extended family were affected
  215. Silk (1/2/2014) - By Bernard Jacobs An American family establishes a textile business in Shanghai in the year 1933. Japan has amassed its
  216. Long Live Earth (1/2/2014) - By Meighan Morrison Join Long Live Earth (first published by Scholastic in 1993) in celebrating it's 20th Anniversary! Pre-schoolers, kindergarteners
  217. Show Me the Love! All Kinds of Love for All Kinds of Stories – Volume One (1/2/2014) - By Pamela Jayne Smith Show Me the Love! offers content creators of all genres, styles, and media a rich resource,
  218. What to Do While You Count to 10 (1/2/2014) - By David Earle When anger is used correctly, it usually has positive results! As difficult as this concept seems to
  219. Darling Dilly (1/2/2014) - By Ellie Cort They say the pleasure of love lasts a moment and the pain of love lasts forever. The
  220. Ezra and Hadassah: A Portrait of American Royalty (1/2/2014) - By Heather Young Ezra and Hadassah: A Portrait of American Royalty is a memoir of a family torn apart due
  221. Who Moved the Ball (1/2/2014) - By Andrew Thomas Ball For 2000 years the Crucifixion and Raising of Christ remains as a colossus upon all Christians,
  222. Cinderella Girl (1/2/2014) - By Ava Smith Ten year old Briony Duke and her parents own a prestigious girls’ school in the country. This
  223. Renegade Reborn (1/2/2014) - By J.C. Fiske The Rupture they called it, when Gisbo Falcon, considered one of the greatest Renegades of them all,
  224. Conspiracy of Credit (1/2/2014) - By Corey Smith Conspiracy of Credit is a must read. Containing the most raw and comprehensive information you will ever
  225. Wellspring: How to Write Your Memoirs (12/1/2013) - By Cathie Andrews “Wellspring-How To Write Your Memoirs” gives basic direction from setting up a place to write, committing to
  226. Contentiously Contending (12/1/2013) - By Anton Bosch Are You Contending for the Faith in a Wrong Way? Contentiously Contending is given as a clarion
  227. A Tree In the Desert (12/1/2013) - By Jack Gresham It is not until Book Two, A Tree in the Desert, that Mohammed makes his first choice.
  228. Bank of Terror (12/1/2013) - By Jack Gresham How can one walk away from a culture ingrained with a single objective over hundreds of years
  229. The Way to Route 66 Is To Pass 65 (12/1/2013) - By Alyson Hawksworth Alyson Hawksworth is a young writer who believes that her life thus far has been both ordinary
  230. Two-Faced Woman (Gabriel’s World) (12/1/2013) - By A.R. Fiano Gabriel Ross, still suffering mental trauma from previous events, takes on two new clients with unique problems,
  231. No Limits, Mastering the Mental Edge (12/1/2013) - By Mike Basevic This is the long awaited book where Coach Mike Basevic uses experiences in his own life along
  232. Targeting Success: Develop the Right Business Attitude to Be Successful in the Workplace (3 Off the Tee) (12/1/2013) - By Lorii Myers Whether or not you have ever played a round of golf, 3 Off the Tee: Targeting Success,
  233. Make it Happen: A Healthy, Competitive Approach to Achieving Personal Success (3 Off the Tee) (12/1/2013) - By Lorii Myers 3 Off the Tee: Make it Happen A Healthy, Competitive Approach to Achieving Personal Success by Lorii
  234. No Excuses: The Fit Mind-Fit Body Strategy Book (3 Off the Tee) (12/1/2013) - By Lorii Myers In life, as in golf, approach every day as if it’s a new round. By using strategic
  235. Resilience of a Dream Catcher: A Spiritual Memoir (12/1/2013) - By Pascal Baute Starting as a “lost boy” who ran away from home three times by the time he was
  236. Why Am I Here? (12/1/2013) - By Richie Achukwu You don’t need anybody’s permission to succeed. In fact, you will have to take your success: you
  237. Taming the Roaming Beast (12/1/2013) - By Nnaife Edward Ikeomu As published by Daily Sun, Thursday 29 August, 2013, page 4; a man from Khutsong extension
  238. Badge (12/1/2013) - By Art Edwards AGING ROCK GUITARIST BADGE drank and screwed his way out of his best chance at life. For
  239. Proclamation (12/1/2013) - By Vee Hoffman Book 4 in the Acclamation series, Proclamation takes readers throughout the fallout following the revelation of Michael
  240. Eat Yourself Fit and Healthy (12/1/2013) - By Dr Marta Wagner Staying in shape and being healthy are two of the most important goals for most people.
  241. Adventures with Ancient Crystal Skulls (12/1/2013) - By Jill Gurr "Adventures with the Ancient Crystal Skulls" is an inspirational memoir by Joky ("YOH kee") van Dieten. She
  242. Thoughts on Achieving a Lasting and Honorable Peace in the Middle East (12/1/2013) - By Jozef Bicerano The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been raging for a century. Its antagonists are two Semitic peoples, Jews and
  243. Lemurian Median: Rachel Blackstone Paranormal Mysteries (12/1/2013) - By GG Collins Rachel thought: "Oh brother, she really was ill-equipped for this, but too late for remedial space alien
  244. Tastes Like Cherry (12/1/2013) - By Renee Cronin Sherry “Cherry” Milton has had six months to get over Anya Prye, her ex-fiancé. Six months to
  245. Marbles (12/1/2013) - By Bob Biederman Frontiers of Mortality, the singular memoir by Robert Biederman, is a collection of 21 unforgettable and extravagantly
  246. Have I Got a Story for You (12/1/2013) - By Alex Askaroff We all love stories don't we. In Have I Got A Story For You, Alex keeps carries
  247. Back from the Brink (12/1/2013) - By Michael Harvey After 20 years of addiction, including adrenalin addiction, living the life of a modern day pirate, with
  248. The Secret to Blended Families Marriage and Parenting Success (12/1/2013) - By Daren Carstens Are you part of a blended family? Have you been struggling to make everyone in your home
  249. Practicing These Principles in All My Affairs: How the Fellowship and Program of Alcoholics Anonymous Delivered Me From Depression (11/1/2013) - By Kathleen H. I suffered from depression and anxiety for over twenty years. Medication and therapy had failed me. I
  250. AMORC’s First Temple Degree Initiation Illustrated The Full Version With Commentary Part 1 (11/1/2013) - By Pierre S. Freeman As the Neophytes began their journey in AMORC’s First Temple Degree Ritual, author Pierre S. Freeman
  251. AMORC’S First Temple Degree Initiation ILLUSTRATED The Abridged Version With Commentary (11/1/2013) - By Pierre S. Freeman As the Neophytes began their journey in AMORC’s First Temple Degree Ritual, author Pierre S. Freeman
  252. Children of the Tide (11/1/2013) - By Theo Shapiro Children of the Tide is a short anthology of stories about different creatures of the sea. In
  253. Buying Recreational Real Estate in British Columbia (11/1/2013) - By Ronald Svisdahl Your Gotoguy in BC “Buying Recreational Real Estate in BC” is a guide which includes everything you
  254. GIG Presents Faith (11/1/2013) - By M. W. Kilgore Reverend Paul Saluart was a man on a mission, trying to think of ways to bring
  255. How to Flirt with Girls: The Secrets to Successful Flirting (11/1/2013) - By A.P. Parker Do you wonder why some guys always get the best girls? Do you wonder HOW they do
  256. Trained To Kill – A Detective Oliver Rousseau Novel (11/1/2013) - By Cynthia Townley In this debut novel, seasoned Detectives Oliver Rousseau and Jack Deveraux of the New Orleans PD are
  257. Lunches with Larry (11/1/2013) - By Tim Toterhi God and a nuclear fuel broker meet in a sports bar to discuss women, work, and other
  258. Lantamyra A Tapestry of Fantasy (11/1/2013) - By Susan Waterwyk LANTAMYRA is a journey of discovery to an enchanting world of natural beauty, terra-formed by ancient beings
  259. My Sixth Sense Worth (11/1/2013) - By Linda Haney The introduction to this collection tells a bit about my passion for caring for humanity and how
  260. Menace on Monkey Mountain (11/1/2013) - By Pete Floros and Joan Ableman This is the second novel in the series of the Sheriff Bull Toros mysteries.
  261. Space to See Reality: A New Model for Professional Coaches (10/1/2013) - By Carole Griggs, Phd The idea that there is a “self”—separate and special and in charge of running “my” life—is
  262. Artisan Bread Swiss Style (10/1/2013) - By Felix Aidoo, Sr. It is an eBook that teaches bakers to know how to handle basic Bakery and home
  263. In This Present Moment: Quality Time Ideas for Busy Parents (10/1/2013) - By Eleanor Formaggio Quality time. Two words that make a parent cringe or get excited and perhaps even evoke a
  264. The Rafter (10/1/2013) - By Kevin Cooley A distraught police detective grief-stricken over the rape of his daughter investigates the suicide hanging of a
  265. 1928 (10/1/2013) - By C.S. Alexander In 1910, Harry White’s father unexpectedly died, leaving him in charge of the crumbling family farm in
  266. Wishes from Hope (10/1/2013) - By Adam Boeler WISHES FROM HOPE are untold stories about the infinite amount of magic that exists in our world
  267. Wise Men and Other Stories (10/1/2013) - By Mike O'Mary "Wise Men and Other Stories: Lessons from the Holidays on Santa, God, Heaven, Death and More Fun
  268. Borders Crossing (10/1/2013) - By Archie J. Borders The United States as we know it is over. This is the story of one family’s
  269. Brazilian Elevator Tales (10/1/2013) - By Virginia Geddes This collection of 14 short stories called "Brazilian Elevator Tales" extend a humorous treatment to the daily
  270. Zen and the Secret of Playing Golf with Your Ears (10/1/2013) - By Lowell Smith ou will share the author's unexpected discovery of a unique technique for allowing your subconscious mind to
  271. Daughters of Absence (10/1/2013) - By Mindy Weisel A collection of essays by daughters of Holocaust survivors. Despite the unique pressures of being the daughters
  272. Villa Lipari: An American Love Story (10/1/2013) - By Rob Kircher Villa Lipari is an intensely intertwined American love story that pries open normalcy and exposes a most
  273. President Reagan’s Program to Secure U.S. Leadership Indefinitely: Project Socrates (10/1/2013) - By Ervin Ackman Michael Sekora, a brilliant physicist and intelligence officer under Ronald Reagan, created and directed Reagan’s Project Socrates
  274. A Pie for a Pig (10/1/2013) - By Susan Pace-Koch This delightful picture book is about 12 Fabulous Pigs and the 12 Delicious Pies they love! They
  275. The Reaper Witch (Heart of the Staff) (10/1/2013) - By Carol Marrs Phipps Niarg has fallen to the dark sorceresses Demonica and Queen Spitemorta. The dragons have fled from
  276. Betty’s Child (10/1/2013) - By Donald Dempsey In the tradition of Frank McCourt and "Angela's Ashes,: Don Dempsey uses "Betty's Child" to tell the
  277. Burned Bridges (The Crossing Mystery Series) (10/1/2013) - By Marguerite Ashton Newly sober and dating the man of her dreams, Traci Collins is ready to enjoy the good
  278. The Orb (Warriors Quest Trilogy) (10/1/2013) - By Athena Kalas Would you kill in order to protect those you love? Do you have what it takes to
  279. Fast Cycle Strategic Planning: An Advanced Playbook (10/1/2013) - By Ronald Recardo and Tim Toterhi Any undergrad business major can intuitively point to the need for strategic planning. Organizations
  280. Getting the Health Care You Deserve in America’s Broken Health Care System (10/1/2013) - By Lawrence W Lazarus MD Getting the best medical care possible for yourself and those you love can be challenging,
  281. Live Well Within Your Means: Women, Money and God (10/1/2013) - By Aline Strong A GENTLER, KINDER FINANCIAL SOLUTION ‘Live Well Within Your Means: Women, Money and God’ guarantees women money
  282. When Life Was Unfair… How One Man Survived… And Learned How To Cope (9/29/2013) - By Roberto J. Samores “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities;
  283. The Arab Sword (9/29/2013) - By Edward Pangloss This novel is a work of fiction inspired by a true story. It is about a ten-year
  284. Two Minutes Too Late (9/29/2013) - By Tim Toterhi We’ve all been there – missed the boat, missed the point, missed the chance at that something
  285. Jolt Your Career From Here to There: 8 Breakthrough Strategies for Career-Change Success (9/29/2013) - By Sunny Lurie, Phd. 8 Proven Strategies to Open the Door to a Vibrant New Career! Sunny K. Lurie: "It's
  286. My Beautiful Suicide (9/29/2013) - By Atty Eve “Suicide is selfish. It tells the world that you are weak. It tells the world your family
  287. The Angela Suite (9/29/2013) - By Anthony C Green Terrence Black is a thirty eight year old recovering alcoholic and music obsessive who has never
  288. The Crest: Mentor Chronicles, Book 1 (9/29/2013) - By Steve Gerali When four college friends return to Mason University to begin their sophomore year, they never expected that
  289. Million $ Class (9/29/2013) - By Jim Pointguard In the novel, Jim Pointguard's sixth period class is small, but between the obnoxiously loud (and unforgettable)
  290. When Two Worlds Collide (9/29/2013) - By Mike Mudgett Life is a journey and through this journey, people evolve and change. Whether the changes are positive
  291. One With All of Thee: Growing Your Sacred Connection (Volume 1) (9/29/2013) - By Celine Koropchak With the grace and simplicity of Rumi and the practical spiritual approach of Ruiz’s “The Four Agreements,”
  292. Bye Bye Birtie (9/29/2013) - By Rick Dewhurst Bye Bye Bertie is the story of P.I. Joe LaFlam's struggle to be free from the fear
  293. My Fear Lady (9/29/2013) - By Rick Dewhurst Gumshoe Joe LaFlam is wallowing in an existential crisis when the stunning Sissy Smith slinks into his
  294. Just Plain Yummy, Un-Common Sense In The Kitchen (8/28/2013) - By Jim Kamen This book targets the person that wants to learn how to cook. But, it is also for
  295. Dr Lipman’s Miami Diet Plan (8/28/2013) - By Dr. Richard Lipman Richard Lipman, M.D., an endocrinologist and weight loss specialist has successfully treated overweight and obese patients
  296. Time Out for a Better Marriage: The Husband Guide Volume I (8/28/2013) - By Ford Baker Finally, a book about improving relationships that makes sense to guys! A how-to manual written based on
  297. What Makes a Court Supreme (8/28/2013) - By Daniel J OHern Former Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court Daniel O'Hern provides an insider's view about the
  298. The Protector: The Outerworld Key (Volume 1) (8/28/2013) - By Mark Mathews Legends tell of how the great god Gon instructed his seven children to each create a race
  299. Insights for Singles: Steps to Find Everlasting Love (8/28/2013) - By Pamela Cummins "Insights for Singles: Steps to Find Everlasting Love" delivers insights to help readers reach their highest potential,
  300. Viva Cuba Libre (8/28/2013) - By Virginia Geddes This screenplay is a fictionalized drama of the involvement of the young Britain Bob Morton in the