by Karen Williams

Have you ever thought of your faith as being on trial? Perhaps not! Help! The Devil is After My Faith, is a journey of how the enemy tempts us to get out of faith by using life’s disappointments as a catalyst to cause the People of God to become stagnant on the way to purpose. Faith is a precious commodity that the enemy is continually strategizing to rob us of its significance by way of hindering us from growing to the next level of faith. The trials and testings that we go through are the means by which the Devil uses to ensnare us to cause us to give up on our faith. Through reading and applying this biblical truth you will:

Discover that trials and testing are necessary to go onto the Next Level.
Recognize that the Devil wants you to give up on your faith.
Recognize that the Devil uses the disappointments of life to cause your faith to falter.
See that the enemy preys upon the believer to focus on the sin-consciousness or the act itself to get the believer outside of faith.

Faith is key to winning every trial that you will ever encounter during your Christian walk.

Help! The Devil is After My Faith, is a weaponry must have to defeat the enemy who is set against your destiny.

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