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By Claire Youmans (2014, 2019; American I Publishing) Her only choice is to run away. But if she can't return
By Claire Youmans (2015, 2019; American I Publishing) A bird-girl may fly between two worlds. But to protect her future,
By Claire Youmans (2016, 2019; American I Publishing) She loves to weave. Her brother dreams of sailing. But can two
By Claire Youmans (2017, 2019; American I Publishing) He was a warrior monk.  Now he's wearing a western business suit.
By Claire Youmans American I Publishing 2018, 2019​ She’s a strong-minded kunoichi, a master of ninjutsu. But can she win
By Claire Youmans American I Publishing 2019 Torn between dragon and human, two sisters must embrace friends and family to
By Claire Youmans This Sideways Story begins with the truce among humans, the dragons and the Umi-boze. Now, Shota's sailing
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By Elsie Johnstone & Graeme Johnstone This is the third book in the trilogy – Lover Husband Father Monster, Her
By James Hastings Two childhood friends reunite after nearly a decade to journey to the eastern lands of Bangladesh to
By Graeme Johnstone It is the longest-running deception in the English language and the most successful. Four hundred years of
By Aline Strong eBook formatting and cover variation design by Shelley Glasow at
By Daniella Brodsky Editorial Reviews of Daniella Brodsky’s novels: “This is so much fun!” - #1 New York Times Bestseller
By Jeannette Melton When the tooth fairy forgets to visit the children of Greenly Land, the town’s people come up
By John Haack Close to mandatory retirement age, John and his wife Maxine felt that there still was room left
By Cheri Gilliard Chloe is in turmoil while trying to find her way through a world filled with unexpected disappointment
By Ronald Tracy Wow! There is a lot of information in a simple, easy to read format packed into this
By Kathryn Collett One of the best-loved books in the Bible holds a mystery. While working in Corinth, the Apostle
By Scott Godwin, MS Work is not what it used to be. It's not valued, respected, or enjoyed. This is
By K. L. M. Eton Any woman or man who has ever been a part of a family since birth,
By Elsie Johnstone ‘Our Little Town’ outlines the life, spirit and character of a Victorian fishing village through the voices
By T.R. Connolly Brazil! At once exciting and exotic; rich and poor; ambitious and laconic. Beckoning the world to come.
By Gary A Schnabel Clayt is not a large man. He is the Sheriff of Wallowa County, Oregon in 1892.
by Sophie Ward Koren Written off the cuff with one finger in the center of the cosmos, Heart of Bold
By Harold Antony 'Tony' Larkins Throughout the 1980s, Christopher Skase could do no wrong. The Australian businessman had the golden
By J.W. Holliday eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
By Patricia Ann Johnson eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
By Tony George A study by The Journal of Marital and Family Therapy reports that 57% of men and 53%
By Nicole Geurin MPH RD Short on time, but still want to eat well? 5-Minute Meals features over 25 mouthwatering
By Sara Hammond The story of Anne Blake continues from The Gardener's Daughter. Anne's father has died, and she has
By Claire Youmans This three-book omni edition contains the entire text of the first three books in the highly-rated The
By Claire Youmans Azuki, the Toki-girl, and Shota, the Sparrow-boy, are home with their new-found uncle as their guardian. Azuki
By Nick Cascino Those of us who cherish the forbidden fruit are defined by the thrills we seek; the arousal
By Troy Creamer eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at  
By Graeme Johnstone Joan Child led a remarkable life. A genuine trailblazer, she carved a path for young women across
by Lottie D Perkins "Treat Your Body Like A Temple" will teach you how to optimize your health by tapping
By Lawler Kang eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
By M.L. Sackett The lives of the mcGreggor clan is still in great peril with the witch and her evil
By Isaac Ward Koren Our planet is in great danger. Jack firmly believes that major disturbances in the Earth's resonant
By Arnold Mountcastle de Wees The year is 1952 in Korea when there are only three survivors of a 56-man
By M.L. Sackett On a warm spring day Robert and Lily took a walk to their favorite place. A bench
By Sherry Alexander In the mid-1800s, the United States needed a better way to protect the great flood of immigrants,
By Donald S. Pollack The idea for this story was conceived thirty years ago when a life teacher of sorts
By George McLaird eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
By Sarah Hammond It is 1806, and just outside London, Charles Francis Greville, the son of the Earl of Warwick
By Michael Douville Executing the Strategy will Change your Life! This book is meant to motivate and provide a guide
By Linda Kay eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
By Vivienne Cass Ph.D. The Cass theory of lesbian and gay identity formation is well-known to those who work in
By James Peters eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
By George McLaird eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
By Claire Youmans When Azuki, the girl who turns into a Toki, and her brother, the Sparrow-Boy Shota, finally reach
By Aline Strong DECEMBER 22 4 AM The ingredients for the last breakfast are ready. I spread the melted butter,
By Mary Lockey Emily Jane Putnam, aka Putty, an orphan, lives a peaceful life in a group home in the
By Christopher Hogan, ChFC, CLU eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
By Jon Krampner A crisp, concise (9000 words) account of Plamegate, the sequence of events set in motion when Ambassador
By Claire Youmans Coming Soon! eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at  
By Grigor Fedan 2211 Umbra is a look at the future based on the ancient wisdom of Eastern Philosophy. Regent
by Keith Stubblefield Brad is an NCAA champion swimmer at an east coast college. Brad is also blind and an
By Stuart D Hogg eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
By Steven Green Human trafficking is a major contemporary problem. Economic injustice, cultural traditions, and conflicting laws create a complex
By T.R. Connolly The Adored is a story rich in character, in the style of Tolstoy. It weaves a tapestry
By Lt.(jg) Bill Starr USNR These letters cover an unbelievable variety of war-time experiences, not shared by many servicemen, from
By Toni Williams eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
By Linda Kay Sophie Writes a Love Story is the second in a series of books created in the memory
By Douglas Ginter & Jason Sachman One of America’ leading medical wellness writing teams announces the release of the book
By M.E. Gilbert eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at
By Wayne Vincent Hatford eBook formatting and cover design by Shelley Glasow at  
By Patrick F Rooney A CIA agent recruits a Wall Street securities trader to help her track down a surreptitious
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By Pam Free CONNECT TO YOUR BODY AND SPIRIT WITH MOVEMENT   The changes in the world are speeding up.
By Linda Kay Wilma Weiland Diekhoff grew up on an 80 acre farm near Hartsburg, Illinois, which is the setting
By Claire Youmans In a fantasy version of Meiji-era Japan, the country is in a constant state of change and
By Jean M. Kraemer, MA, LPC “Delaney Wears Braces” is a story to help children understand that individuals with disabilities
By Walter J. Krueckl This book can be seen as an educational aide, in order to study the phenomenon of
By T.A. Sorensen Diagnosis: Alzheimer’s disease. Now what? Each and every day millions of individuals are facing this exact situation
By Nina Jon PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A NOVELLA OF JUST UNDER 100 PAGES. These stories poke a bit of
By Dianne Bennett and William Graebner Designed for the tourist seeking a fresh, authentic, Roman experience, this intimate, stimulating guide
By Dianne Bennett and William Graebner een the Coliseum and the Vatican? Tired of ancient history? Looking for a more
By Arnold Mountcastle de Wees A four-book series about a boy's worldwide travel and adventures from age 15 to 84.
By Arnold Mountcastle de Wees A four-book series about a boy's worldwide travel and adventures from age 15 to 84.
By Arnold Mountcastle de Wees A four-book series about a boy's worldwide travel and adventures from age 15 to 84.
By Arnold Mountcastle de Wees A four-book series about a boy's worldwide travel and adventures from age 15 to 84.
By James Peters You can purchase the book online from Amazon or Smashwords in multiple eBook formats at eBook
By Jude Berger This book explores the link between food and mood due to food intolerance. Natural and man-made food
By Lauren Burnhill In 1985, I received a grant from the Ford Foundation and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced
By James Powers When their friend Rachael Cozy is exiled from Empire to the farthest border of the Wasteland, her
By Alice Michael Evans Finally a book that offers an honest, insider’s look into public education! Written by a National
By Gregory L Pitt Thousands of jobs available! If you or someone you know is looking for employment then you
By Dan Lier Present BETTER than Steve Jobs is a straight-forward guide to increasing your public speaking and presentation skills.
By Barbara Maida Learn how to create a healthy lifestyle by following this 5 Day Program. You will learn how
By David Schachne The Trek: Adventure and Enlightenment on a Climb to the Summit of Kala Patthar, Above Mount Everest
By Joseph H. Carter Senior I Heard JFK's Death Shots: A Reporter's Look Back At President John F. Kennedy's 1963
By Don Kellin Rockaway Beach, NY, the few days between Labor Day, 1943 and the start of school back in
By Roberta Allen The challenges of staying solvent in later years can be fierce. The Solvency Struggle chronicles the yearlong
By Elsie Johnstone Elsie and Graeme Johnstone’s powerful two-part story traces the fragmentation of a well-intentioned marriage through to its
By Graeme Johnstone Elsie and Graeme Johnstone’s powerful two-part story traces the fragmentation of a well-intentioned marriage through to its
By Esther Ruiz What if the world’s greatest conspiracy is that superheroes do exist? Three men and two women will
By Sarah Wilson, M.A. Want your dog to come when you call? “My Smart Puppy Guide: How to Train Your
By Janine L. Alexander Relationship counselor and psychotherapist Janine Alexander brings her knowledge and clinical experience together in this honest
By Mark Weis MD One of America’ leading medical wellness writing teams announces the release of the book that may
By Michael Harvey After 20 years of addiction, including adrenalin addiction, living the life of a modern day pirate, with
By Theo Shapiro Children of the Tide is a short anthology of stories about different creatures of the sea. In
By Tim Toterhi God and a nuclear fuel broker meet in a sports bar to discuss women, work, and other
By Ervin Ackman Michael Sekora, a brilliant physicist and intelligence officer under Ronald Reagan, created and directed Reagan’s Project Socrates
By Ronald Recardo and Tim Toterhi Any undergrad business major can intuitively point to the need for strategic planning. Organizations
By Lawrence W Lazarus MD Getting the best medical care possible for yourself and those you love can be challenging,
By Aline Strong A GENTLER, KINDER FINANCIAL SOLUTION ‘Live Well Within Your Means: Women, Money and God’ guarantees women money
By Edward Pangloss This novel is a work of fiction inspired by a true story. It is about a ten-year
By Tim Toterhi We’ve all been there – missed the boat, missed the point, missed the chance at that something
By Virginia Geddes This screenplay is a fictionalized drama of the involvement of the young Britain Bob Morton in the
By Jean M. Kraemer, MA, LPC Written by a grief counselor with over 20 years of experience, Grief: Let’s Talk
By T.L. Blankenburg An adventure novel wrapped around a coming-of-age story. Young Will Warren seeks adventure and struggles to find
by Elsie Johnstone The word ‘angel’ comes from Sanskrit and Greek words meaning ‘messenger.’ All cultures, in all periods have
By Darcy S. Clarke With an evolutionary view of species success in the context of the world’s ‘madness,’ psychotherapist and
By Christopher Sean Stepping Out is a collection of inspirational essays written in the tradition of Oswald Chambers. The goal
By Jon G. Waters Volume 1, Inspiration to Get You through Anything Life Might Throw Your Way 🙂 30 inspirational
By Robert Bowers, Phd This book tells us how to stop wasting our anger. We are to use our anger,
By Robert Magill Provocative collection of status quo challenges to just about everything we take for granted including our history,
By Logan Ward From Publishers Weekly Manhattan freelance writer Ward and his wife, Heather, faced a steep learning curve when
By Moni Hayne Have a garden insect problem? Need effective organic insect control solutions? If you are looking for pictures
By Stefhen Bryan 'Only Begotten' is the story of a young, ambitious, successful, Jamaican architect in search of his father,
By Edward Barr People of every age and description find themselves in acidents of one kind or another. A cripple
By Andrew Stern, EA This book has a modest goal. It is not meant to be the be all end
By Edward Di Lorenzo You know in your heart that you can write better than what's out there – and
By Bohdan S. Kosovych This collection of poems by Bohdan S. Kosovych was written from the time of his college
By Marguerite Hammond Don't pay lots of money to representatives who advertise on TV but do not deliver on the
By C. David Louis A full thirteen generations has passed since the infamous "Salem Witch Hunts" of the 1690's had
By Brooke Robinson Fun Time is a bed time story about bed time stories. Meet Jordie, a young boy who
By Logan Ward Logan Ward and his wife, Heather, were prototypical New Yorkers circa 2000: their lives steeped in ambition,
By Edward Barr Someone is killing women in Pittsburgh and Detective Lou Detore must find him. In the meantime, Detore
By Edward H. Barr This book gives readers seven simple steps to making their business presentations effective and memorable. Written
By Mickey Saraille The true story of best friends who kayak around the Big Island of Hawaii in 16 days.
By Anthony Gifford This book is not for entertainment purposes but is intended to engage and perhaps enrage the currently
By King Thai Over the course of 22 months in state prison and county jail, King Thai documented his experience
By Paul Rivas Wish you could lose weight without counting calories, excessive exercise, or giving up favorite foods? Dr. Paul
By A.D. Darcy When Alicia went on vacation from her dull corporate job, she certainly wasn't looking to find romance.
By C.R.L. Porcelli Glory Pax-Avis knows that strangers are dangerous. Strangers believe shape-shifters are witches. But there are no strangers
By Edward H. Barr You and I live in a flat world and a global economy. As a result, we
By Nicola Peterson Quinn lifted her hand and knocked on the Chairman’s door, when she heard a deep voice she
By Kathryn Collett At Your Service: Shortcuts To Success As A Personal Concierge is a how-to book for budding entrepreneurs
By Gloria Baker Cover design and eBook formatting by Shelley Glasow Schadowsky.
By Elsie Johnstone In 1902, Christopher and Ethel Johnstone left the city with their young family to open a country
By John Bittleston We all know that communication lies at the centre of the human race. It is what has
By Wendy Marie Wendy Marie went from not knowing anything about buying a car to working in the automobile industry
By Sandi Perry Haven’t we all experienced a moment when we’ve said something we wish we could take back? What
By Clint Trafton “The Random American” is a contemporary book that will warm the hearts of the thousands of “Occupy
By Erna Porter Best-selling novelist and journalist for a major Chicago newspaper, Cheyenne Quartermain's purpose for being in Israel is
By Greg Blok You’re commanding a tall ship on the ocean, with the greatest naval captain in the fleet hot
By Ellen E. Johnson After their father, the Earl of Pennington, dies and their older brother inherits the title and
By Wayne Hartford What if you were as savvy as you could possibly be in matters of aging and, therefore,
By Louis Ebner The Art of Expectations is a new perspective on forecasting markets. Includes how to construct and track
By Oksanna Crawley "The crack of a hockey puck in the stillness of a cold, Canadian night heralds the beginning
By Tony Erol This book will teach you how to find a location for a pizza shop, how to open
by Charles Bernard Carolan A true story about a smallish man and some big camels.A tale of friendship and trust
by Karen Williams Have you ever thought of your faith as being on trial? Perhaps not! Help! The Devil is
by Joseph Haiflich The Earth never stood a chance. For forty-two minutes planet Earth fought off its destruction as best
by Jeffrey Weber I would like to thank and complement Mr. Robert Lichello, author of How to Make $1,000,000 in
by Heather Colman Happiness is only a decision away. Once you have made the choice to be Happy and improve
by Penny Diloreto "Oh daddy, can I keep him?...Please! Powerful persuaders our little ones and Dad is seldom a match
by Doug Green In this ebook on Successful Lavender Growing, award winning garden author Doug Green tells you how to
By Mark Chidley This short, easy to read guide will benefit those who want to understand hoarding better and those
By John Simon Want to look your best? Don’t let sloppy grooming keep you from getting the best jobs, the
By Patricia Allwood It’s the 1950s and young Rosa Farmer can’t understand why her father went to all the trouble
By Douglas Green Everything you need to know to start and be successful at perennial gardening. This book (all 99
By Richard Tornello Illustrated by Jannine Breddy Gloria The Chipmunk includes a series of engaging full color illustrations complemented by
Stephen W. Kane, P.h.d. This casebook is designed for students in masters’ or doctoral programs in mental health programs and
By Chris Johnstone Kelvin has found a place where he belongs; in the ocean. He excels in his vocation as
By Edward Brandwein The work is an illustrated guide for collectors of Russian watches. The books consists of a series